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Should I Go To Urgent Care For Ear Infection

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Let Amory Urgent Care Treat Your Ear Infection Quickly


Once you have a physician treat your ear infection, itll start clearing up immediately. Theres no reason to wait it out and risk the infection worsening.

If you have any of the warning signs discussed above, get to your physician right away.

Amory Urgent Care provides fast, high-quality medical care seven days a week. Contact us today schedule an appointment.

Diagnosing & Treating Earaches And Ear Infections

During your visit, your provider will consider a number of different factors in diagnosing the source of your earache.

Treatment options for earaches and ear infections include:

  • Antibiotics Middle ear infections and infections thought to be bacterial are often treated with antibiotics. Oral antibiotics may be used, or medicated ear drops may be applied directly to the infection site depending upon the circumstances.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications Anti-inflammatory drugs may be used both for pain management and to bring down inflammation.
  • Wax removal If a buildup of earwax has occurred, your doctor may choose to use wax-softening drops or flush-out the area via a process known as ear lavage. Wax may also be removed via suction.
  • By Amory Urgent Care

    Have you developed an ear infection and plan on waiting until it goes away by itself? Unfortunately, its not always that easy.

    The most common cause of ear infections is a blockage of the estuation tube, which controls pressure in the middle ear. Trapped bacteria results in an infection.

    Although its possible for this to clear up on its own, if you ignore the problem, the infection could spread. Thats why were going over some signs that its time to visit Amory Urgent Care.

    What Is An Ear Infection

    Acute otitis media is a middle ear infection typically caused by a virus or bacteria. It is often the result of other conditions such as an upper respiratory infection or allergies that result in the swelling of the Eustachian tubes. When there is a subsequent buildup of fluid in the middle ear or the surrounding tissues of the mastoid bone, there is also an increased risk of ear infection.

    The Role of Eustachian TubesThe Eustachian tubes go from each middle ear to high in the back of your throat, where they can open and close to regulate air pressure and drain fluid in the ears.

    Children are more susceptible to ear infections because their Eustachian tubes are narrower and more horizontal, making it more difficult for the tubes to drain.

    Acute otitis media with effusion can also occur when the Eustachian tubes become clogged.

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    How To Choose The Right Urgent Care Clinic

    There are a lot of choices in thePhoenix area for health care and medical services. When you need care fast, howdo you know which local urgent care is best for you and your family? Thisdecision is based on several factors including location and services provided.Here are some key qualities to look for in an urgent care medical center:

    • LocalUrgent Care: Most find it convenient to visit an urgent care clinic closeto their home or work.
    • HoursOpen: Find a local urgent care with extended hours so that you can utilize medicalservices during early mornings, evenings, and even weekends as needed. Someurgent care clinics are also open on holidays.
    • AcceptedInsurance: Utilize an urgent care medical center that accepts your currenthealth insurance. This will help minimize your out-of-pocket health relatedexpenses as well as streamline the medical billing process.
    • ChildrensUrgent Care: If you are seeking urgent care services for children, call orview the urgent cares website to ensure they are a pediatric urgent care andcan treat common children illnesses.
    • Walk-InClinic: It may be important to you to utilize a walk in urgent care. A walk-inclinic means that an appointment is not needed and as such, the clinic usually strivesto keep wait times low. Some urgent care centers also have online check-incapabilities that further reduce wait times.

    To learn more about urgent care and the medical servicesthey provide, go to

    Acute Sinusitis Versus Chronic Sinusitis

    Should I Go To Urgent Care For An Ear Infection

    When dealing with a sinus infection, its important to know if youre suffering from an acute sinus infection or a chronic one.

    • Acute Sinus Infection Symptoms

    Acute sinusitis is described as an abrupt development of cold-like symptoms and facial pain that persists for up to 4 weeks. Sub-acute sinusitis is the same, except that the inflammation can last up to 8 weeks.

    The primary symptoms are facial pain and pressure, thick nasal discharge, congestion, cough and loss of smell and/or taste. Secondary symptoms can include fever, fatigue, toothaches and bad breath.

    You may be diagnosed with acute sinusitis if you have at least two of these sinus infection symptoms.

    • Chronic Sinus Infection Symptoms

    Chronic sinusitis is characterized as a sinus infection that lasts longer than 8 weeks without relenting. People with this condition may experience the following symptoms for this length of time: facial congestion or a feeling of fullness in the head, nasal blockage, fever, discolored nasal discharge and pus in the nasal cavity.

    Additional symptoms may include: headaches, fatigue, bad breath and toothaches.

    You may be diagnosed with chronic sinusitis if you have at least two of these symptoms that last longer than 8 weeks.

    There is also such a thing as recurrent sinusitis, which means the individual suffers from several sinus infections within a single year. Patients diagnosed with recurrent sinusitis experience the same symptoms as those with other types of the condition.

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    How Do I Know If My Body Is Fighting A Cold

    Because you have a virus, however, you have a compromised immune system. A fever, explains Nunamaker, is your body?s way of defending your immune system?.The most common symptoms to look out for during this stage of a cold are:sore throat. cough. congestion or runny nose. fatigue. aches. chills or low-grade fever.

    Ear Aches & Infections

    Denver Urgent Care Treatment For Ear Aches.Is it Cold or Ear Infection?

    • Loss of appetite

    AFC Urgent Care Denver Cherry CreekWalk-In Ear Pain TreatmentOur AFC Urgent Care Denver Location Is

    • Walk-in friendly
    • In-network for most Colorado insurers
    • Open extended hours
    • Staffed by doctors and nurses

    AFC Urgent Care Denver Leetsdale:

    850 S Monaco Pkwy, Suite 10Denver, CO 80224

    AFC Urgent Care Denver Speer:

    777 E Speer Blvd.

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    Regular Toothbrushing Reduced Pneumonia Rates

    Researchers found that when patients brushed their teeth twice/day, there was a 92% reduction in hospital-acquired pneumonia cases .

    The researchers note that although this seems like a very simple mandate to implement, there are some barriers in hospitals, including:

    • Hospital staff often feel that toothbrushing and other oral care is not an essential task but is an optional daily care activity for a patients comfort.
    • The quality of toothbrushes and other oral care supplies at hospitals is often poorly designed or in limited supply.

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    What Causes Ear Infections

    URGENT CARE for double ear infection!

    Ear infections are the most common infections of the middle ear. They come with pain, a sensation that the ear is clogged up and can even affect our hearing.

    They are usually caused by bacteria in the middle ear, but they can also be viral. More often this happens because of another illness that causes one of your Eustachian tubes to swell or become blocked.

    This results in a build-up of fluid in the spaces of the middle ear. The pain is the result of this build-up of fluid and the accompanying inflammation increasing pressure on your eardrum.

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    Cold Vs Sinus Infection

    One of the most frequent complaints that patients have during the winter months is the common cold. Runny nose, stuffy head, headache, coughing, and fatigue seem to plague everyone at some point between September and April. But how do you know if your cold is more than a cold? And when should you seek treatment for those cold symptoms?

    Well break it down for you and share the symptoms and common treatments, as well as let you know when you should go to your local walk-in or urgent care clinic. Keep this handy guide close by to help you navigate the cold season.

    The Common Cold

    Referred to as rhinitis in the medical world, the common cold is something just about everyone deals with at some point. Colds are viral, meaning treatments like antibiotics will not work. So what do you do if you have a cold? Treat the symptoms.

    These are the most common symptoms of a cold:

    Treating a Cold

    When you have a cold, you need to treat the symptoms and take steps to make yourself more comfortable. Most doctors recommend overt-the-counter medications:

    Some healthcare providers recommend using a nasal irrigation system like a neti pot or saline rinse. This can be effective at helping your body rid itself of the excess mucus that comes along with colds.

    When you have a cold, you should also increase your fluid intake and get plenty of rest. Warm, clear fluids can help thin mucus secretions and be soothing for sore throats and head congestion.

    Sinus Infections

    When Should You Go To The Doctor For An Ear Infection

    By Getwell Urgent Care

    I used to suffer from ear infections perhaps every two months as a kid, and if theres one thing I dont want to experience again, its an ear infection.

    Whilst they are numerous remedies to help ease sore throats, colds, and coughs, ear infections are a different matter.

    Five out of six children will have had at least one by their third birthday, but when should you do to the doctor for an ear infection?

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    What Are The Symptoms Of Ear Infection

    Common ear infection symptoms in children can include:

    • Ear pain, especially when lying down
    • Fussiness, irritability or more crying than usual
    • Rubbing or tugging at an ear
    • Difficulty sleeping
    • Loss of appetite due to pain or discomfort when swallowing
    • Trouble hearing or responding to sounds
    • Drainage of fluid from the ear

    Signs of ear infection in adults include:

    • Drainage of fluid from the ear
    • Trouble hearing

    Why Cant I Take Antibiotics For A Viral Ear Infection

    When To See A Doctor For Ear Drainage

    Antibiotics only work for bacterial infections. If you take an antibiotic when you have a viral ear infection, you could be doing your body more harm than good. Antibiotics will attack the good bacteria in your body if taken incorrectly and can promote antibiotic-resistant properties in your bacteria. Therefore, only taking antibiotics prescribed to you and following instructions carefully is especially important.

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    Diagnosing And Treatment Of Eye Irritation And Infections

    Diagnosis of eye infection and irritation requires physical examination by a treating provider, who will look for the presence of bacterial/viral infection or foreign bodies that have affected one or both eyes. Depending upon the findings, antibiotics and/or drops may be prescribed as treatment. Hot compresses may also be used to reduce inflammation and promote comfort.

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    How Can Urgent Care Help

    When you arrive at the urgent treatment facility, a doctor will examine you or your child. Typically they will use an instrument called an otoscope to shine light into the ears. The throat and nose will commonly be examined as well. These examinations look for the build-up of fluid behind the ear, or a fullness of the eardrum, which signals the presence of an ear infection. Depending on the severity of the infection, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics. If the infection is severe, the doctor may provide a referral to a specialist.

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    When To Seek Care For Ear Paincorona Ca

    Ear pain by itself is generally not concerning. It will usually go away by itself after a few days. However, if specific symptoms accompany it, individuals should seek medical treatment. Ear pain with other symptoms may be a sign of a more serious condition that requires medical attention. For example, an earache, along with a sore throat, could be an indication of strep throat or tonsillitis.

    Medicross Clinic and Urgent Care can see patients who believe they are suffering from mild, moderate, or severe ear pain. If you are located near Corona, you can walk-in without an appointment and be seen at any time of day.

    You Experience Added Symptoms

    ASMR Doctor | Urgent Care Ear Infection/Ear Exam

    If you experience any of these symptoms with your ear infection, youll want to visit a doctor as soon as you can.

    • Its hard to move parts of your face like normal
    • Swelling under or behind the ear
    • Knots forming around the ear
    • Changes in personality
    • Discharge draining from the ear

    These symptoms may mean your ear infection is much worse than normal cases. If your child has any of these symptoms, its even more important to get them to a doctor quickly.

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    How Can Fully Vaccinated People Become Infected With Coronavirus

    Someone can become infected with COVID-19 just before or right after they get the vaccination, because it takes roughly two weeks before the vaccine is most effective. However, even after the immunity builds up, theres still a chance they can become infected, according to the WHO, since the vaccines arent silver bullets against disease .

    With millions of unvaccinated people around the world, new variants will emerge, Rock says. For example, the delta variant can pose a threat to people who are fully vaccinated especially those who have high-risk medical conditions .

    Dr. Anthony Fauci said that more COVID-19 testing needs to be done on fully vaccinated people to better understand the breakthrough cases.

    Ear Infection Treatment: Schedule An Appointment Or Walk In


    Common symptoms of ear infections include ear pain in one or both ears, trouble sleeping due to ear pain when lying down, trouble hearing sounds or noises, loss of balance or feeling unstable, and last but not least symptoms of fever, especially in children.


    • Ear exam often using an otoscope, or ear camera, to see inside the ear
    • Sound tests to check hearing
    • Checking other areas that cause pain or other symptoms.


    Evaluation is important to diagnosis ear infection and rules out other causes of ear pain. Portland Urgent Care is an ideal location to evaluate and treat ear conditions. Treatment will differ based on the patient and unique case.

    ‘Staff was extremely friendly and accommodating.’

    “I made a same-day appointment to investigate some ear pain I was having. I am visually impaired and the staff was extremely friendly and accommodating”

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    Urgent Care Centers Can Diagnose Otitis

    You may think of an ear infection as being a common part of childhood and may not take them very seriously, but these infections, also known as otitis, can affect both children and adults. Urgent care doctors can help especially after hours or when it is difficult to see your pediatrician or internist to help you feel better soon.

    How Can You Tell If You Have An Ear Infection

    Should I Take My Child To Urgent Care For Ear Infection

    Adults or older children may be able to identify a sharp or ongoing pain in their ear, pressure in the affected ear, a sensation of being underwater or a decrease in hearing. Occasionally fluid can drain from the ear or you can have a low grade fever or feel tired. For parents or guardians of younger patients, you may notice your child suddenly becoming more irritable, has developed a fever, or is constantly tugging at the affected ear. A change in balance can also signify an infection.

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    Where To Turn For Ear Infection Treatment In St Johns Mi

    Ear infections are among the most common ailments for children, but knowing that probably wont provide you with much comfort when your child is experiencing a severe earache and fever. Ouch Urgent Care offers a much better source of comfort for families in the St. Johns, Michigan, area. Our caring and highly skilled medical practitioners can provide you with a speedy diagnosis and reliable ear infection treatment that will get you and your child back to feeling normal again as soon as possible. Ear infections are among the many non-life-threatening conditions we treat faster and more affordably than the emergency room at our walk-in clinic, and were open daily, including weekends, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. We treat patients of all ages, including infants, and we also offer convenient virtual visits to patients who have a video-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

    Ear Infection/earache Diagnosis And Treatment

    If you have an earache, your first step should be to schedule a visit with a provider for an exam of your ear. At GoHealth Urgent Care you can walk in or save your spot online at any of our conveniently located centers, 365 days a year. Though Virtual Visits are also available, most earaches require an in-person evaluation.

    During the exam, the provider will usually look into your ear with a lighted instrument to confirm the diagnosis. Ear infection treatment depends on the underlying cause. You may need antibiotics, decongestants or pain relievers.

    It is essential not to rely only on at-home earache treatments, which may make the pain worse. Avoid inserting anything into the ears, like cotton swabs, to prevent exacerbating the issue. Upon provider consultation, youll receive proper guidance and treatment to remedy your pain.

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    What Should I Look For When Choosing An Ent

    Choosing the right ENT doctor for you or your child is important. Besides getting along with an ENT specialist, you want to choose a doctor with board certification from the American Board of Otolaryngology . To be board certified, the doctor must have completed four years of college, four years of medical school and at least five years of specialty training. Then they need to pass the ABO examination.

    Find out how much experience and expertise an ENT has for your particular issue. It helps if your ENT is involved with medical groups and associations. That means theyre staying on top of the latest research and techniques in the otolaryngology field. Its a plus if an ENT has an audiologist on staff to give hearing tests. Audiologists are also trained in fitting and adjusting hearing aids.

    Do you or your child have an ear, nose or throat issue? Visit to find a primary care doctor or an ENT near you. Were here to provide compassionate care while treating your condition.

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