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Osha Hipaa And Infection Control Training

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HIPAA Requirement Training and Updates

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Debbie sticking with me thru my OSHA review. Although we both were disappointed in the final outcome, she was a tremendous support to me. I enjoyed working with her because I know I was more than just a customer. Thank you again for the support of your company.

T. Laws

Amc Provides A Total Compliance Solution With Our Healthcare And Dental Healthcare Bundles

  • Infection Control Training for Healthcare Providers
  • OSHA Training for Healthcare Providers
  • COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Providers
  • HIPAA Training for Healthcare Providers
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace for Healthcare Providers
  • Healthcare Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  • Violence in the Workplace for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare Courses By Hipaa Exams Now Available On 360training

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 360training has officially stepped into providing regulatory and compliance training for Healthcare after acquiring HIPAA Exams in April of 2022. It has launched 46 HIPAA, Nursing, and Infection Control courses as part of its new Healthcare Vertical. Their up-to-date, comprehensive catalog of IACET-approved courses safeguard patient privacy, meeting HIPAA, OSHA, and CDC standards.

Hospitals looking to stay HIPAA compliant can find training suited for various medical and healthcare-adjacent services.

Hospitals looking to stay HIPAA compliant can find training suited for various medical and healthcare-adjacent services, with courses on HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules that will reduce exposure to violations.

In addition to courses for healthcare workers, 360training’s healthcare vertical has courses for business associates and administrators, sales professionals, and general staff members. Businesses that provide healthcare safety training ensure occupational safety, prevent infectious transmissions, and protect the overall health of employees.

About HIPAA Exams

About 360training

Since 1997,, Inc. has delivered over 11 million training plans across multiple brands, including HIPAA Exams, Meditec, AgentCampus, VanEd, TIPS, OSHAcampus,, and Learn2Serve. Please visit or their social media accounts on ,, and to learn more.

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What Does Hipaaexams Offer

HIPAAEXAMS offers a wide range of high-quality online courses for healthcare and medical regulatory compliance including policy and administrative training, bloodborne pathogen training, operating room protocols, as well as many other programs. Learn and become HIPAA training certified on laws, including HIPAA Privacy, HIPAA Security, Enforcement of HIPAA violations and 2021/2022 updates which are part of the ONC 21st Cures Act Final Rule and the CMS Final Rule. Our online courses are designed to guide you through the latest HIPAA standards and regulations. Whether you are a practitioner, an administrator, a staff member, or work with any healthcare or medical equipment, there is a course for you. Complete your HIPAA compliance training today!

Occupational Safety And Health Administration

Dental OSHA &  HIPAA Training

Healthcare workers are occupationally exposed to a variety of infectious diseases during the performance of their duties. The delivery of healthcare services requires a broad range of workers, such as physicians, nurses, technicians, clinical laboratory workers, first responders, building maintenance, security and administrative personnel, social workers, food service, housekeeping, and mortuary personnel. Moreover, these workers can be found in a variety of workplace settings, including hospitals, nursing care facilities, outpatient clinics , ambulatory care centers, and emergency response settings. The diversity among HCWs and their workplaces makes occupational exposure to infectious diseases especially challenging. For example, not all workers in the same healthcare facility, not all individuals with the same job title, and not all healthcare facilities will be at equal risk of occupational exposure to infectious agents.

CDC Guidelines

Below is an abbreviated list of CDC resources available to assist HCWs in assessing and reducing their risks for occupational exposure to infectious diseases.

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Hipaa Training And Certification For Individuals

Our Individual Training is for a single individual looking to obtain their HIPAA Awareness training certification to satisfy the training requirement under HIPAA and to provide to an employer/organization as proof of training before they can allow you access to their patients’ health information.

If you are an organization looking to train your employees, please go to the HIPAA for Organizations –> Employee Training section.

To take our individual training courses, simply start by selecting a version from the “Choose Your Version” boxes below. The version will depend on the type of organization you work for or will be working for.

  • Online 24×7 self paced HIPAA training
  • Only $29.99 for an individual
  • Get your HIPAA certification in about an hour and a half
  • Receive your HIPAA certificate immediately upon completion
  • Unlimited final exam retakes
  • 2 Year nationally recognized certificate
  • Includes HITECH and Omnibus Rule
  • Simple and easy to understand training
  • Up to 90 days to take and review the training
  • English and Spanish versions
  • 30 day money back guarantee

HIPAA Certification + Wallet Card

Print your HIPAA certification and wallet card immediately online upon successful completion of the HIPAA training courses

Choose Your Version

Online Healthcare Compliance Solutions

Our commitment to providing best-in-class service has prompted us to develop several powerful tools to help you achieve compliance. This includes OSHA and HIPAA Compliance, Bloodborne Pathogen Protocols, HR products, and much more! Our web-based program is fast, easy, and secure. Click below to view online compliance training or our online OSHA compliance assessment.

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Welcome To American Medical Compliance

American Medical Compliance is a healthcare compliance leader specializing in Infection Control, OSHA, HIPAA, HR management, and soft skills solutions. Now is a crucial time to revisit your compliance platform to ensure your staff and patients safety. Our easily accessible, mobile friendly course library is current with the latest guidance from government agencies, including the CDC, OSHA, WHO and others.

Healthcare compliance doesnt have to be a time-consuming, complicated burden on staff. Enjoy our engaging, interactive modules with the latest learning management software in the industry.

Avoid fines and litigation and create the safest possible work environment

Check Out These Classes Scroll Down To Sign Up

Free Blood Borne Pathogens Training per OSHA Requiremens

Lets be honest. We all know I have the worst, most boring topics on Earth, but my classes are easy, fun and fastmainly because I know the subjects are super boring! Heres my goal: I want every person who takes my class to say, Wow. That sucks MUCH less than I thought it would! I am an approved PACE Program Provider through the Academy of General Dentistry, so I can offer CE credit in any state that accepts it ! I will report all credit to CE Broker and/or the AGDupon request.

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The Importance Of Using An Iacet Accredited Provider

In a nutshell, accreditations are essential to ensuring verified information, legitimacy, and a minimum standard of excellence. Given the IACET’s rigorous tests, standards of quality and review process, there is an added layer of competence associated with accreditation. It implies that the training provider in question has undergone and withstood a thorough process of examinations and scrutiny. Unaccredited training providers are notorious for providing inaccurate and false information. And it makes sense, doesn’t it? Why would a company that doesn’t have to undergo any screening process bother with fact-checking information? This highlights the importance of Using an IACET Accredited Training Provider.

Osha & Hipaa Training Courses


Get a discount when you purchase both of our OSHA and HIPAA Online Training courses together!

Our OSHA and HIPAA Online Training courses are specifically designed for a quick and simple solution to help ensure your team stays on the right path for OSHA and HIPAA compliance. When you purchase this discounted package, you will receive both the OSHA and the HIPAA courses so that you can train your team at your convenience. Continuing education credits are available for these courses.

The TMC OSHA Compliance Training course is designed to prepare employers and employees with the necessary tools to ensure the safe workplace environment that is required by law. Training provides a detailed review of the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, addresses GHS labeling requirements, and other important safety topics such as handwashing, respiratory hygiene, and fire prevention. Learn more about this 60-minute course with our full OSHA course description.

The TMC HIPAA Compliance Training course covers key concepts included in the Privacy and Security rules regarding protected patient health information. This course details the impact of a patient health information breach and provides practical strategies for ensuring the protection of information among all computer systems and individuals with access to protected health information. Learn more about this 60-minute course with our full HIPAA course description

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The Latest Tmc Newsletter

Youre here because you know that compliance matters. Were here to deliver the news you need to remain in compliance. Our monthly newsletter, The Advisor, covers important topics and updates in the world of medical and dental OSHA & HIPAA compliance. Sign up below to get all this information delivered right to your inbox.

What Is Involved In Becoming Hipaa Compliant

Compliance Training Partners

There are 3 parts to HIPAA compliance for an organization:

  • 1. Providing a HIPAA Awareness Training to all employees of the organization that have access to PHI
  • 2. Implementing formal documents and controls for the organization to protect and safeguard PHI
  • 3. Training of a compliance officer

Part 1 is handled through our organizational training which allows you to roll out training to your employees as a self paced online training that they can each take at their own schedule. Our system trains, tests, and generates a 2 year certificate for compliance record keeping.

HIPAA Certification + Wallet Card

Each employee receives their own HIPAA certificate and wallet card immediately online upon successful completion of the training

Parts 2 and 3 are handled by our compliance documentation kits. At the same time your designated compliance officer is implementing the required documents, we are also training them through a “hands on learn by doing” approach. The theory behind our method is if your compliance officer built it, they will be able to maintain it going forward.

To learn more about our organizational compliance offerings, simply start by selecting a version from the “Choose Your Version” boxes below. The version will depend on the type of organization you are trying to get HIPAA compliant.

Choose Your Version

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Osha And Hipaa Training For Healthcare Professionals

We offer OSHA, HIPAA, CPR and BLS training and certification for medical, dental and other healthcare professionals. In addition, we provide site visits and OSHA and HIPAA site assessments for medical and dental offices.

OSHA Compliance Training Course

Upon successful completion, you will receive an Annual Training Certificate and 2 CEUs

Topics covered include:

  • General Safety (Fire and Emergency Plans, Workplace Violence, etc.
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control
  • Hazard Communications, including the Globally Harmonized system
  • Tuberculosis Infection Control
  • Infectious Waste ManagementCourse Fee $149.99/person $129/person

Class Time: Approximately 60 minutes

HIPAA Compliance Training Course

Upon successful completion, you will receive an Annual Training Certificate and 2 CEUs

Topics covered include:

  • Employee Security Training GuidelinesCourse Fee $149.99/person $129/person

Class Time: Approximately 90 minutes


  • We are committed to excellent customer service
  • All training classes are instructed by American Heart Association certified instructors
  • Automatic renewal notices
  • Each Student will receive an AHA CPR card at the end of class and it will remain valid for 2 years






What Is Hipaa Compliance

What does HIPAA compliance mean, exactly? It means your business has policies to adhere to the five main rules of HIPAA: privacy, security, transactions, identifiers and enforcement. Everyone in your organization must understand and follow these rules. The privacy rule protects individuals’ medical records. The security rule protects electronic PHI from an administrative, technical and physical standpoint. HIPAA rules regarding transactions state that certain codes must be used for PHI-related transactions.

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Hipaa Compliance For Organizations

HIPAA compliance for an organization revolves around protecting the privacy and security of Protected Health Information that the organization has or will have access to. PHI is any information that can be connected to an individual’s health condition.

Organizations looking to comply with the HIPAA regulations first have to determine which regulations they have to comply with. There are two distinct and separate regulations under HIPAA:

HIPAA Privacy

safeguards for keeping protected health information safe from a people, administrative, and contractual standpoint

HIPAA Security

safeguards for keeping protected health information specifically in electronic form safe from disasters, hackers, and electronic theft.

All organizations are required to comply with the HIPAA Privacy regulations, since Privacy involves safeguards from a people standpoint, but only those who store or transmit protected health information electronically are required to comply with the HIPAA Security regulations which is meant to protect electronic data.

Once you know which regulations you need to comply with, then it is just a matter of knowing what you need to do to comply.

Amc Infection Control Training Course Provides The Latest Interim Guidance From The Cdc Atsdr Hhs And Who

OSHA Training for Dental Professionals

AMC offers Infection Control training for Hospitals, Urgent Care Facilities, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Medical Clinics and Dental practices.

Workplace safety and health regulations require employers to protect workers exposed to airborne infectious diseases such as the coronavirus.

OSHA & CalOSHA have posted guidance to help employers comply with these safety requirements and to provide workers information on how to protect themselves.

AMC recommends that healthcare professionals undergo proper annual training to meet ATD requirements.

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Osha Compliance Tools And Resources

Utilize our interactive compliance tools and resources, such as our Safety Plan Builder featuring OSHA Safety Plans and our user-friendly Digital Safety Data Sheets Library. Use these tools to create an up-to-date documentation portfolio that you can present during an OSHA inspection for your facility. We offer step-by-step guidance to help develop an exposure control plan, an injury and illness prevention plan, a Hazard Communication Program, an Emergency Preparedness Program and additional online resources for Recordkeeping and Reporting.

Access our newest module, Preventing Violence in the Healthcare Workplace, providing an overview of how OSHA regulates violence in the workplace and practical strategies for developing an effective violence prevention plan.

What Is Hipaa Certification

There is no such thing as HIPAA certification for an organization or provider. There are guidelines for protected healthcare information , and there are certification programs that may include some or all of the guidelines as set forth in the HIPAA Act as required by HHS and enforced by OCR. HIPAA Exams offers a complete HIPAA training course and HIPAA certification of completion that allows your organization to stay in compliance with HIPAA mandated guidelines including HIPAA Privacy Rule, HIPAA Security Rule, HIPAA HITECH, and HIPAA Omnibus rule which is required to comply with federal regulations.

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Infection Control Training For Healthcare Providers

Infection control refers to policies and procedures used to minimize the potential risk of spreading infections in healthcare facilities. As a healthcare worker, you are at a much higher risk of exposure and potential infection. Implementing the proper protocol and sterilization practices, and utilizing the correct personal protective equipment can help lessen the likelihood of contracting infections.

It is of utmost importance to train your staff on proper infection control practices to reduce the occurrence of infectious diseases. Infection control programs aim at preventable disease and infectious agent risk mitigation. Protect your staff, patients, and practice by signing up for your annual infection disease and blood-borne pathogen training.

Online Osha And Hipaa Compliance Trainings And Resources

Pin by Total Medical Compliance on Current Events from TMC!

Access an assortment of online trainings related to OSHA and HIPAA compliance, medical waste disposal and Department of Transportation. Additionally, we offer compliance resources such as our proprietary HIPAA policy guides, OSHA Safety builder guides and access to our Safety Data Sheet Library. All available via our Customer Portal.

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Helping Entities Implement Privacy And Security Protections

The HIPAA Rules are flexible and scalable to accommodate the enormous range in types and sizes of entities that must comply with them. This means that there is no single standardized program that could appropriately train employees of all entities.

HealthIT.govs Guide to Privacy and Security of Electronic Health Information provides a beginners overview of what the HIPAA Rules require, and the page has links to security training games, risk assessment tools, and other aids.

State Attorneys General Training materials provide a more comprehensive overview of HIPAA compliance:

CMSs HIPAA Basics for Providers: HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules provides an overview of the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules, and the vital role that health care professionals play in protecting the privacy and security of patient information.

What Is Hipaa Training

HIPAA training is a required component of HIPAA compliance. All those who work within or support the healthcare industry are required to take annual HIPAA training. To put it simply, if your job duties require access to Personal Health Information , including but not limited to a persons name, phone number, address, social security number, medical records, medical treatments, etc, you are required to complete a yearly HIPAA training.

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What Is Hipaa

HIPAA is The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act enacted in 1996. It requires the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to develop regulations protecting the privacy and security of certain health information. HIPAA sets standards for recording, transmitting, and protecting this information as well as enforcing the rules and setting penalties for violations. HIPAA has grown from the original law released in 1996 to include:

  • 2020/2021 HIPAA Updates – ONC and CMS Final Rules

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