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Jock Itch Or Yeast Infection

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How Soon After Treatment Will I Feel Better

Jock Itch (Tinea Cruris) | Causes, Risk Factors, Signs & Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

With proper diagnosis and treatment, your jock itch should go away in one to eight weeks. And, be sure to follow your healthcare providers instructions.

Its also important to finish your full course of medicine. During the early healing stages, itchiness and irritation will fade. Even if your symptoms go away, you may still have jock itch. If you dont finish your full course of medicine, your jock itch can come back and be harder to treat.

When Should I Contact My Doctor About Jock Itch

If your symptoms dont improve after 2 weeks of home treatments, you should make an appointment to see your doctor. You may have developed a secondary infection that needs prompt treatment.

If you dont already have a dermatologist, you can browse doctors in your area through the Healthline FindCare tool.

When To See A Doctor

Although jock itch is not a serious problem, a doctor should look at any persistent skin rash that develops, in order to rule out other serious conditions. A person with jock itch should also see a doctor if over-the-counter treatments do not work, or if the rash worsens.

Jock itch is fairly easy to treat. Most cases respond to the over-the-counter treatments that are available. These treatments include antifungal creams, sprays, and lotions.

If the over-the-counter remedies do not work, a doctor may prescribe high-strength antifungal cream or antifungal pills.

Other treatments for jock itch involve managing the uncomfortable itching.

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What Causes Jock Itch

To put it bluntly, your crotch can be a breeding ground for the fungus that causes jock itch, especially after a sweaty workout. “If you don’t have time for a shower immediately after you work out, the sweat and bacteria our pores naturally emit down there have nowhere to go. It creates a tempestuous environment for tinea ,” Dr. Radusky says.

If you have diabetes, you also may be more at risk. “Diabetes increases your risk of jock itch in two ways: the excess sugar emitted in your sweat is a fantastic food for fungus, and your immune system is not as strong in general, making you more at risk for common skin infections,” he advises.

How Long Do Penile Yeast Infections Last

Yeast Infection

This depends on how advanced the yeast infection is, how fast you treat it, and how well it responds to medication. If you treat the infection with over-the-counter meds, youll usually apply these for one to three weeks.2 Ideally, this will be enough to make the yeast infection go away for good. If that doesnt do the trick, youll need to see your doctor for next steps and an updated timeline. Youll most likely need to take a single dose of oral antifungal medication, or, if symptoms are severe, two single doses, three days apart, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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Ringworm Of The Scalp

Ringworm of the scalp, or tinea capitis, is a more intensive fungal infection than ringworm that appears on other areas of the skin. The fungi that cause this ringworm not only invade the skin of the scalp but also hair follicles. It can cause the involved hair to fall out, leaving a bald spot with a ringworm-type rash in the center.

Tinea capitis does not respond well to topical creams. It has to be treated with oral antifungal medications.

This photo contains content that some people may find graphic or disturbing.

Reproduced with permission from ©DermNet NZ 2022

Home Remedies For Jock Itch

In most cases, you can treat jock itch using several at-home products. You can try the following remedies to get rid of the infection:

  • Apply an over-the-counter antifungal cream, powder, or spray to the affected area.
  • Wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and warm water.
  • Dry the affected area thoroughly after bathing and exercise.
  • Change clothes and undergarments every day.
  • Wear loose cotton clothing.
  • Treat any other fungal infections, such as athletes foot.

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Causes And Risk Factors Of Jock Itch

However, these fungi multiply quickly when exposed to moisture over an extended period of time .

The fungus that causes jock itch is highly contagious. You can get it through close personal contact with an infected person or through skin-to-skin contact. The fungus can also be spread through contact with the unwashed clothing of an infected person.

The infection often spreads from the feet to the groin because the fungus can travel on your hands or on a towel. You can also spread the infection by pulling up your underwear or pants if the waistband gets contaminated with the fungus from your feet.

  • Being a teen or young adult
  • Wearing tight underwear

How Long Do Male Yeast Infections Last

How to get rid of jock itch? – Dr. Aruna Prasad

Mild cases of jock itch or other male yeast infections may go away quite quickly with a course of antifungal medication. However, some cases may take weeks or months to clear up.

It is important to continue using the antifungal ointment or any other treatment for the duration that your doctor or pharmacist recommends. This will help ensure that the infection fully clears up.

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What Should You Expect From Penile Yeast Infection Treatment

While the symptoms of a penile yeast infection can be alarming because the area is so sensitive, treatment is surprisingly simple most of the time. Once you have an official diagnosis, you can usually start at your drugstore. Yeast infections are highly treatable, Dr. Malik explains. Usually they respond well to antifungal ointments or creams you can get over the counter, such as Lotrimin.

However, some persistent yeast infections arent easily wiped out by OTC treatments. In this case, a doctor may prescribe oral antifungal medications to help fight the infection. They also could prescribe stronger topical medications or recommend combining antifungal medications with steroidsan effective anti-inflammatory medicationto reduce irritation.2

If that doesnt work, you may need to reassess your options with your doctor or consider getting a second opinion. If youre not responding, its important to see a urologist to rule out other conditions that might look like a yeast infection, Dr. Malik says. This can include issues like sexually transmitted infections , chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, and, rarely, penile cancer. If your symptoms arent resolved with treatment, its best to see a doctor to rule this out.

Preventing Recurring Fungal Groin Infection

  • Wash your groin daily then dry thoroughly. Drying is perhaps the most important point. It is easy to put on underwear when your groin is not quite dry. The damp groin is then an ideal site for fungal germs to multiply.
  • Change underwear daily. Fungi may multiply in flakes of skin in unwashed underwear.
  • Check for athlete’s foot and treat it if you have it. Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection of the toes. In a typical case of athlete’s foot, the skin between the toes is itchy and flaky – especially between the outer two toes. The fungi from athlete’s foot may spread to the groin. The same creams are used to treat athlete’s foot and fungal groin infection .
  • Do not share towels with people in communal changing rooms. Wash towels frequently.
  • Keep your own towel when you have a fungal skin infection to reduce the chance of passing on the fungus to others.

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What Is The Treatment For Fungal Groin Infection

You can buy an antifungal cream from pharmacies, or obtain one on prescription. There are various types and brands – for example, terbinafine, clotrimazole, econazole, ketoconazole and miconazole. These modern creams are good at clearing fungal skin infections.

  • Apply the cream to the surrounding 4-6 cm of normal skin in addition to the rash.
  • Apply for as long as advised. This varies between the different creams, so read the instructions carefully.
  • For skin that is particularly inflamed, your doctor may prescribe an antifungal cream combined with a mild steroid cream. This would normally be used for no more than seven days. You may need to continue with an antifungal cream alone for a time afterwards. The steroid reduces inflammation and may ease itch and redness quickly. However, the steroid does not kill the fungus and so a steroid cream alone should not be used.

An antifungal medicine taken by mouth is sometimes prescribed if the infection is widespread or severe – for example, terbinafine, griseofulvin, or itraconazole tablets.

Deterrence And Patient Education

Candida albicans method, will jock itch cream work on yeast infection ...

Patient education should focus on non-pharmacologic measures to treat and prevent recurrences of tinea cruris. Loose-fitting, non-restrictive garments should be encouraged, and clothing should not be donned until the underlying skin is completely dried. Because autoinfection originating from tinea pedis may occur, patients should avoid walking barefoot, and protective footwear should be used in public facilities. Identification and treatment of potentially infected contacts, whether human or animal, should be undertaken. Self-treatment with over-the-counter antifungals and steroids should be discouraged as this may result in resistant or chronic infections and can hinder a clinician’s ability to make an accurate and timely diagnosis.

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How Can You Prevent It

You can help prevent jock itch by keeping your groin, inner thighs, and buttocks clean and dry. Dry off well after you exercise and shower. Try these other steps to prevent jock itch:

  • Wash your workout clothes, underwear, socks, and towels after each use.
  • Wear shower shoes when you use public showers and locker rooms.
  • If you have athlete’s foot, you should treat it. During treatment, put your socks on before you put on your underwear. This will prevent the spread of the fungus from your feet to your groin.
  • If you keep getting athlete’s foot, dry your feet last when you towel off after a shower or bath. This can help prevent spreading infection from your feet to your groin.

Are There Any Home Remedies For Jock Itch

In addition to rubbing alcohol, a few home remedies may help prevent or treat jock itch.

Some essential oils can prevent or stop the growth of bacteria. These include tea tree, bitter orange, peppermint and eucalyptus oils. However, they may not completely get rid of a fungal infection.

Garlic contains a compound called ajoene. Ajoene can prevent or stop the growth of bacteria. But, like essential oils, it may not completely get rid of a fungal infection.

If youre allergic to essential oils or garlic, dont use them to treat your jock itch.

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Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection

While yeast infections are common and usually not serious, their symptoms can be uncomfortable and disruptive to your daily life. According to the American Urological Association , the three most common yeast infections are vaginal yeast infections, tinea cruris , and penile inflammation. Diaper rash in infants and toddlers is often caused by the same fungi.

According to the AAFP, symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection include:

  • A thick, white discharge resembling cottage cheese
  • Experiencing pain during sexual intercourse
  • Itching, burning, or swelling of the vulva

How Can I Reduce My Risk

Know more about Fungal Infections, Jock itch, Tinea Cruris, Tinea Corporis

There are many ways to reduce your risk of getting jock itch:

  • Thoroughly wash your groin with antibacterial soap.
  • Dry your groin after swimming or bathing.
  • Apply talcum powder or antifungal powder to your groin to absorb moisture.
  • Wear loose underwear and pants that allow the area to breathe.
  • Wear cotton underwear to absorb moisture or underwear made out of synthetic materials to wick away moisture.
  • Wash your clothes after use, especially the clothes you wear while working out.
  • Dont share towels or clothes with others.

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Causes Of Jock Itch In Women

Jock itch is caused by a fungus called tinea, from the same family of fungi responsible for ring worm and athletes foot. What causes this fungal infection of the groin in females? Tinea likes to live in hot, moist environments. Thats why it spreads easily in places like locker rooms and public showers and can readily be passed by sharing contaminated towels or gym clothes. Wearing tight clothes, especially underwear, exercise clothes and bathing suits also encourages its growth.

How Is It Diagnosed

Jock itch is annoying, but it usually is not serious. If you have had jock itch in the past, you may recognize the symptoms. Your doctor can tell if you have jock itch after asking questions about your symptoms and past health and by looking at your rash. Your doctor may scrape a little of the rash on a glass slide so that he or she can look at it under a microscope.

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Male Yeast Infection Treatmentand Jock Itch

Male yeast infection treatment can be difficult to find. Some men will resort to using Monistat cream, which is over the counter and many females use. The best way to eliminate a fungus problem is with fungal drugs and the anti Candida diet.

This page is designed to give comprehensive information about male yeast infection treatment and symptoms of the male yeast infection and natural ways to treat it. If all other conditions/diseases have been successfully ruled out by a doctor, Candidamay be the culprit. At that point, it would make good sense to seek counsel in the various different treatments used by other men that have proven beneficial for a male yeast infection cure.

Male Candida can become a problem for men just as it can for women. It’s best to try and catch the problem early on before symptoms worsen because it’s makes it harder to cure.

When dealing with Candida, diet has a lot to do with the success of male yeast infection treatment. Both men and women comment that staying on a Candida free diet not only eliminates most of the problems associated with yeast infections but also heals other ailing parts of the body and takes care of digestive issues. But, before going on a Candida diet, other steps should be taken first in order to receive the best results.


A man’s symptoms can include:

Redness of the foreskin




Male Yeast Infection Treatment

What If These Treatments Dont Work

Light burning sensation in groin skin fold

Head to the dermatologist, especially if the redness is spreading or you notice painful, cracked skin, says Dr. Rodney, who often gives patients a prescription antifungal wash that is left on for 10 minutes then rinsed off. I recommend it because the moisture in the groin area is a main reason that fungal organisms thrive there. As the wash is rinsed off after 10 minutes, it does not add moisture to the area . I also prefer it to the drying powders, because the wash is able to get into all the tiny crevices and hard-to-reach areas,” she says.

The other reason to see a doctor? To make sure what you think is jock itch isnt actually something else. The rashes of psoriasis, certain bacterial infections, and yeast look similar, and the treatments are quite different,” Dr. Radusky says.

Another option: “Terbinafine, the active ingredient in athlete’s foot medication, can also be safely and effectively used in the genital area,” says Dr. Rodney.

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Can Women Get Jock Itch Symptoms Causes Treatment And Prevention

From yeast infections to bacterial vaginosis, there are many conditions that can cause an itchy groin area in females. If youre experiencing a rash, dry flaky skin in the pubic area and female itching, you might be wondering can women Read More

From yeast infections to bacterial vaginosis, there are many conditions that can cause an itchy groin area in females. If youre experiencing a rash, dry flaky skin in the pubic area and female itching, you might be wondering can women get jock itch? While this condition is most common in men, jock itch in women does occur. Heres how to know if jock itch is the cause of your discomfort and how your doctor can help.

How Does Jock Itch Spread

Jock itch commonly spreads through skin-to-skin contact or contact with an infected surface. You can get jock itch through sexual contact with an infected person. You can also get jock itch by sharing towels or clothing with an infected person.

In some cases, you can get jock itch if you have athletes foot . You can spread the fungus by touching your groin after touching your infected foot. You can also spread the fungus from your feet to your groin through your clothing. When getting dressed, its a good idea to put on your socks before your underwear to prevent spreading the fungus from your feet to your groin.

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Treating A Fungal Infection

The good news is that most fungal infections can be easily treated with over-the-counter medication. See your pharmacist for advice on the right type of medication to take, or book an appointment with your GP. Women who are pregnant should speak with their GP before taking medication for thrush.

Follow our tips below for preventing fungal infections this summer, and get some information on treating them if you do get infected.

How Can I Prevent A Penile Yeast Infection

Differentiating fungal infection & melanoma – Dr. Madhu SM

And since certain health conditions can increase your risk for a penile yeast infection, taking steps to manage your condition, such as keeping your blood sugar levels in check in the case of diabetes, is crucial for your overall health .

With that said, penile yeast infections can just happen sometimes. Thankfully, there are lots of effective medication options, some of which you can even get at your local pharmacy. Because complications can be even more of a pain to deal with, getting on top of treatment as quickly as possible is the best way to get your life back to baseline.

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