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Online Prescription For Sinus Infection

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When Do We Need Antibiotics For Sinus Infection

Sinusitis Surgery

Antibiotics are not needed for many sinus infections, but your doctor can decide if you need an antibiotic. You doctor may recommend antibiotics if:

  • You have symptoms of a bacterial infection and you have not gotten better after 10 days, even with home treatment.
  • You have severe symptoms such as severe headache or facial pain, or you have other problems, such as pus forming in your sinus cavities.
  • You have had sinusitis for 12 weeks or longer .
  • You have a fever longer than 3-4 days.
  • Your symptoms get worse after initially improving.
  • Most sinus infections usually get better on their own without antibiotics. When antibiotics arent needed, they wont help you, and their side effects could still cause harm. Side effects can range from minor issues, like a rash, to very serious health problems, such as antibiotic-resistant infections and C. diff infection, which causes diarrhea that can lead to severe colon damage and death.

    What Is An Online Prescription

    An online prescription is the easiest way to get a script. You can have an instant script sent to your phone by SMS or to your nominated email address. These are electronic prescriptions which are a form of secure QR Code. Once you receive your online prescription you can walk into any pharmacy and have it scanned and dispensed. Even easier, upload your online prescription on the Medmate website choose your local pharmacy and have your medication express delivered.

    How Does It Work

    The physicians at SmartDocMD will write a prescription for your sinus infection if needed, or provide over the counter symptom relief suggestions such as using a neti pot.

    If youve never used telemedicine before, you may wonder how it works. If you dread going to the doctor because of the administrative complications, telemedicine may be one of the best inventions that youve discovered. Imagine receiving professional medical guidance for symptom relief of common ailments, all from the comfort of your own home. This is reality with SmartDocMD.

    The first step to using SmartDocMD is to determine if using telemedicine is the best course of action. If you have a common medical ailment such as a sinus infection, yeast infection, urinary tract infection, pink-eye, or eye allergies, then you may qualify to receive quality, online healthcare through SmartDocMD.

    A big note about online healthcare is that it should only be used when medical ailments are non-emergent and can safely be treated without an in-person evaluation. Many medical symptoms should be assessed by a doctor in person, as their varying degrees of severity can be critical to treat within time.

    Start your care today by completing your online patient interview. SmartDocAl will guide you through our easy to understand portal, making your experience smooth and seamless. You will then receive a free individual health screening that is specific to your problem, as well as suggestions for finding treatment.

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    Diagnosing & Treating A Sinus Infection Online

    Sinus infections are one of the most commonly treated conditions by TelaCare physicians. Sinus infections are often mistaken for the common cold, but they are different conditions. While the two conditions are similar, the most likely symptoms for a sinus infection might include:

    • Thick, yellow, foul-smelling discharge from your nose
    • Pressure or pain around the eyes or cheeks
    • Cold like symptoms that won’t go away or get worse

    Many people think antibiotics are the number one treatment for sinus infections, but this is usually not the case. According to guidelines released by the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 90 to 98 percent of sinus infections aren’t caused by bacteria, meaning antibiotics will not work. Antibiotics are typically used to treat infections or diseases caused by bacteria. If your case of sinusitis is viral, antibiotics will be ineffective. In fact, antibiotics can be harmful to you if used inappropriately. Doctors can help determine if you have sinusitis, the type of sinusitis, if treatment is needed, or if a referral to a specialist is required.

    Once a diagnosis has been made, your doctor will go over the risks and benefits of the various treatment plans. Depending on the cause and severity of the infection, your treatment plan may include:

    • Home treatment options to help promote nasal drainage and ease symptoms i.e. salt water rinses
    • A recommendation of over the counter medications including:
    • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories i.e. Ibuprofen

    When To Use Antibiotics For Sinusitis

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    No doubt, antibiotic medications are formulated for killing bacteria, but they are not effective against virus, fungi, and allergens. With a sinusitis case, bacteria are one of the probable causes, and there are also high chances of allergies, fungal or viral infections. For those with viral and fungal attacks, there is no point in adopting antibacterial therapy. Unfortunately, some patients afflicted with sinusitis self administer antibiotics without knowing the actual cause. Also, it is a common practice to prescribe antibiotics for sinusitis. And the outcome is, persistent symptoms and increased risk of bacterial resistance to the antibiotic medication.

    Proper diagnosis of sinus infection is thus a necessity before starting antibacterial treatment for sinusitis. It is proceeded by culturing the mucus from affected sinuses and examining it for presence of microorganisms. In addition, imaging studies of the paranasal sinuses are performed to identify any abnormal changes in them. Once it is confirmed that bacteria cause the problem, the physician may recommend antibacterial formulation for sinus infection. The antibiotics either stop further multiplication of bacteria or kill them. In either of the cases, taking medication and strengthening the immune system quicken the recovery period.

  • Bad breath usually is due to bacterial infections
  • Nasal drainage usually is clear or whitish-colored in people with noninfectious sinusitis.
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    How Is Sinusitis Treated

    In most cases, symptoms of sinusitis disappear without a particular treatment. You can help your recovery by taking pain killers such as paracetamol to relieve any pain and reduce your temperature, and by using decongestants in the form of nasal sprays or drops to unblock the nose and aid breathing. Cleaning your nose by flushing it with salt water and breathing in steam may also ease congestion, while warm compresses on your face may also help the pain and enable mucus to drain from the sinuses. Rest and keeping hydrated by drinking fluids are also beneficial.

    Symptoms lingering after a week or worsening may be treated with corticosteroid sprays and drops that reduce inflammation within the sinuses, and antibiotics may be taken to clear up bacterial infections. Antihistamines may alleviate allergy symptoms. On occasion, some people require surgery to remove any blockage such as a polyp and widen the channels to improve drainage from the sinuses to the nose.

    What Can I Expect

    • Our online assessment will help determine if you are a good candidate for treatment
    • You may be prescribed an antibiotic and/or other medications
    • Sometimes, based on your symptoms, it may be recommended that antibiotics be used in a delayed fashion, if needed.
    • Just answer a few questions to get started with your online visit

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    How Often Are Sinus Infection Medications Used

    At least 35 million Americans contract sinusitis each year and are all too familiar with the discomfort associated with sinus infections that require medication.

    If you have a sinus infection and want to know how to get rid of it, or if youre lucky enough not to have one and want to prevent one from happening, there are several measures you can take.

    If youre seeking out sinus infection medication, its important to know the symptoms, causes, and solutions to your discomfort.

    What Factors Contribute To The Development Of A Sinus Infection

    How to Use the VA Naloxone Nasal Spray

    An infection of the sinuses is caused either by bacteria or by a virus. The treatment plan will differ depending on which organism is responsible for your infection. Your doctor can assist you in determining the cause of the illness and prescribing the most appropriate course of treatment.

    Can antibiotics be purchased over the counter to treat a sinus infection?

    Antibiotics are not available over-the-counter in the United States instead, you must obtain a prescription from your doctor. On the other hand, you can speak with a doctor at K Health for less than the cost of a copay, and they can prescribe you the medication you need.

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    Will My Sinus Infection Clear Up On Its Own

    Topics in this Post

    The first few weeks of the common cold aren’ fun, but the acute sinusitis that can develop afterwards doesn’t help either. Unfortunately, sinus congestion and the common cold go hand in hand. Acute sinusitis frequently is caused by the common cold, but also can be caused by allergies and bacterial and fungal infections.

    Talk To A Doctor Without The Waiting Room

    If you are exhibiting sinus infection symptoms in the state of California or Ohio, SmartDocMD is here to provide medical advice and treatment. Skip the waiting room and seek an online doctor for sinus infection. If youre able to receive treatment without leaving your home or office, why not utilize telemedicine?

    Start your online patient interview process and receive better quality of medical care in a fraction of standard treatment time. Well even send a prescription to a local pharmacy if your treatment requires it. Discover the new age of medicine with SmartDocMD.

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    How Is Sinusitis Diagnosed

    Symptoms of sinusitis mimic a cold in the early stages and diagnosis can be difficult. However, sinusitis tends to persist long after cold symptoms have resolved and symptoms can last for three weeks or more. Sinus infections are also more likely to cause symptoms such as facial or tooth pain, green nasal discharge, and fever.

    Your doctor will ask you about your symptoms and any history of illness leading up to this episode of sinusitis. The doctor will also perform a simple office examination and look into your ears, nose and throat, and take your temperature.

    Other examinations or procedures may be undertaken to rule out other conditions or if the diagnosis is uncertain.

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    When To See Your Doctor

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    You need to seek medical help if:

    • You have symptoms that last two weeks or longer, or a cold that gets worse after the first week.
    • Your headache is not relieved by standard medication.
    • Fever is present.
    • You have symptoms after finishing your antibiotics.
    • Your vision has changed during the infection.

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    What Are Complications Of Sinus Infection Or Sinusitis

    While serious complications do not occur frequently, it is possible for a sinus infection to cause a direct extension of infection into the brain through a sinus wall, creating a life-threatening emergency .

    In addition, other adjacent structures can become infected and develop problems, such as osteomyelitis of bones in the skull and infection around the eye . Rarely, these infections may cause death. The most susceptible individuals to complications are patients with suppressed immune systems, diabetes, and relatively rarely from multiple trauma injuries that may occur in natural disasters.

    Ayr Saline Nasal Gel With Soothing Aloe

    For buyers looking for something that doesnt have too much of a menthol scent, Ayr Saline Nasal Gel with Soothing Aloe is the best over the counter medicine for a sinus infection. This natural product incorporates a high concentration of aloe, which works well to soothe irritated nasal tissues to help relieve discomfort.

    What many users love about Ayr Saline Nasal Gel with Soothing Aloe is that its long-lasting and easy to use. A single application around the nasal cavity and nostrils can provide lasting relief for up to 6 hours, making it the ideal solution for those who do not want to keep applying throughout the day. It is also ideal for use before bedtime, working well to keep the sinuses clear while you snooze.

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    Smartdocmd Provides A New Perspective On Medicine

    The benefits of telemedicine are numerous, and SmartDocMD has one that is unique to the organization. When you choose SmartDocMD as your provider of telemedicine, the cost of your treatment will help someone in need. For every visit, we donate time and money to providing healthcare to those who lack access.

    Suffering From Sinus Infections Read Our Latest Blog Post To Learn How Teladoc Can Help

    See a Doctor Online Now Use MemorialDOCNow for These Medical Concerns

    Allergy, cold, and flu season tend to converge at springtime. Sometimes what starts as a simple cold or reaction to seasonal allergies can turn into a sinus infection if not treated quickly. Find out ways to tell if have a sinus infection, how Teladoc can help you treat it, and what you can do to prevent one in the future.

    When youre healthy, the natural fluid in your nasal passages, or sinuses, simply drains away. But with a sinus infection, which doctors call acute sinusitis or acute rhinosinusitis, the cavities around your sinuses swell and block the passages, so the fluid becomes trapped in your sinuses. Heres the good news: You can start the healing process faster and reduce your sick time by reaching out to Teladoc for help with diagnosis and treatment as soon as symptoms appear.

    If your diagnosis is a cold, flu, or seasonal allergies, here are some steps you can take to keep your illness from developing into a sinus infection:

    With Teladoc, recovery is closer than your corner store no matter the reason or season!

    Need to access your account or request a visit?

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    Best Medicines For Sinus Pressure 2020

    If you are experiencing increased sinus pressure, it is possible that youre feeling significant pain around different areas of your face: this is most likely caused by an accumulation of mucus, which results in a congested sinus. Not only is it painful, but it also makes it difficult for you to go about your daily routine.

    Fortunately, there isnt a need for us to simply soldier through the discomfort because of the sheer number of different treatments available for sinus pressure. However, it is not uncommon for people to accidentally delay relief as a cause of purchasing the wrong products when in the drugstore.

    Prevent the expensive episode of trial and error and make sure to buy the best medicine for sinus pressure that works by checking out this buying guide.

    Ocean Saline Nasal Spray

    When it comes to simplicity and safety, Ocean Saline Nasal Spray is a hard one to beat. This product incorporates very few components and uses salt as its major active ingredient. It draws out the mucus and dislodges accumulated phlegm to clear out the airways.

    Ocean Saline Nasal Spray is highly effective, giving instant relief for both adults and children who use the solution. The only issue some users have with the product is that relief duration may vary, especially depending on the extent of congestion.

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    Challenges To Implementation: The Patient Who Wants A Pill

    Some patients may be accustomed to receiving an antibiotic prescription for their sinus infections and may resist conservative management. It may be difficult to convince them that antibiotics wont make a difference when they attribute past resolution of symptoms to antibiotics.

    Take enough time to educate your patients on the natural course of illness, the positive benefits of nasal saline, and the reasons not to use unnecessary antibiotics this effort will save you time in future visits.10 A just in case you dont get better prescription to be filled only if the patient is not improving in the next few days is about 50% effective in reducing antibiotic usage for upper respiratory infections.11

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    Symptoms > 1 Week Are Not A Reason To Prescribe

    Iliadin Baby Nose Drops 5ml

    One very important new finding in this meta-analysis that should change practice is that the duration of illness did not predict a positive response to antibiotics.

    Current national recommendations are to use an antibiotic for patients with a duration of illness longer than 1 week, as these patients are presumably more likely to have a bacterial infection.- However, that recommendation had been based on expert opinion, not on data from clinical trials. A longer duration of symptoms should not be a reason to prescribe an antibiotic for sinusitis symptoms.

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    Related Resources For Sinus Infections

    * Prescription savings vary by prescription and by pharmacy, and may reach up to 80% off cash price.

    Pharmacy names, logos, brands, and other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

    This article is not medical advice. It is intended for general informational purposes and is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your physician or dial 911.

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    When To See A Doctor

    If you have a simple sinus infection, sometimes at-home treatment with over-the-counter medications such as a decongestant. Physicians generally advise not to use an over-the-counter decongestant for more than 3 days, however, as it can make you more congested. Warm compresses and saline nose drops may also help.

    However, sinus infections generally require seeing a doctor. You dont want your sinus infection to get more serious, and the discomfort that accompanies such infections is best treated by a medical professional.

    You should make an appointment with your doctor if any of the above symptoms last more than ten days or keep coming back over a short period of time. Also, contact your doctor immediately if you have a high fever , a severe headache or facial swelling, problems with your vision, or a very stiff neck.

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