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Homeopathic Remedy For Bladder Infection

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The Lowdown On Natural Treatments

Top Natural Remedies for a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)


D-mannose is a supplement made from a glucose-like sugar that you can find online or in health food stores. D-mannose is most helpful at preventing E. coli from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract, says Rice. D-mannose in recurrent urinary tract infections. . If taken with a lot of water, this can effectively flush out the bacteria that is causing the infection.

Rice often tells patients to take 500 milligrams every two to three hours when experiencing symptoms however, the best dose is individual. You can find more guidelines here, and when in doubt, a good rule of thumb is to follow the manufacturers guidelines. Be sure to drink lots of water throughout the day to help the D-mannose remove the bacteria. Again, if the symptoms persist more than 24 hours or get worse, get yourself to the doctor.

D-mannose isnt recommended for those with diabetes, and if youre taking other medications, you need to talk to a doctor before starting this treatment. Diarrhea is a common side effect.

Althaea officinalis, otherwise known as Marshmallow, is an anti-inflammatory herb widely available in powdered, supplement, and tea form. Althaea officinalis is a demulcent herb that can soothe and coat the lining of the urinary tract to help decrease inflammation, says Rice. Make a strong tea and sip throughout the day.


Just add water

Things To Keep In Mind While Taking Homoeopathic Treatment For Uti

  • Make sure you take your medicines on time and only the prescribed amount
  • Don’t overdo it and assume it will work faster
  • You should not eat for 30 minutes before and after taking medicines
  • Avoid brushing your teeth or using mouthwash right after you take a medicine
  • Do not drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks, especially if you have a UTI
  • If you forget your morning dosage, do not double the dosage later or take it at any other time

Bladder Infections And Cystitis

Choose a remedy: No one has all the bladder and urinary pain symptoms so choose based on the most prominent ones. If symptoms change, take a remedy that matches your new symptoms.

Dosage: At onset of bladder infection or urinary symptoms, take 30C every 30 minutes* or 30C, 12X, or 6C every two to four hours** depending on severity of symptoms. Or, see the Dosage Chart.

  • Do not take more than 3 doses of the same remedy if there is no improvement.
  • When symptoms improve, extend the time between doses until no longer needed.
  • If symptoms change or improvement stalls, try a different remedy, or see a professional homeopath or health care provider.


  • If a self-selected remedy however well indicated doesnt help, you need to seek medical expertise. A doctor will provide a diagnosis and/or a professional homeopath can evaluate your symptoms in the context of your whole person.
  • If you have recurrent bladder infections/cystitis, consult a professional homeopath to help get to the root of the problem.
  • Bladder symptoms accompanied by fever, chills, back pain, decrease in the amount of urine, swelling in any body part, blood in urine, and in children require help from a medical professional.


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Apis Mellifica For Severe Burning While Passing Urine

Apis Mellifica is the next important medicine for urinary tract infection. The person requiring Apis Mellifica will complain of burning or stinging pain while passing urine, especially last drops of urine cause intense burning. There is also bladder tenesmus . In some cases, blood appears in urine.

When and How to use Apis Mellifica?

It can be used when there is burning, stinging sensation during urination mainly when passing last drops of urine. It can be taken in low 30C potency that can only be repeated twice in a day. It is also used in 200C but in order to do so, one should carefully look for the symptoms and not repeat it frequently.

Sarsaparilla: For Urinary Tract Infection With Pain At The Closure Of Urination

Natural Remedies for a Bladder Infection (UTI)


Sarsaparilla is a very popular homeopathic healing agent suitable for cases where there is a characteristic symptom of violent pain at the closure of urination.

The urinary stream is weak. the urine may flow drop by drop. There is a pain in the lower abdominal region.

It is indicated for patients who have renal stones or kidney stones. There is a feeling of fullness in the bladder as if the bladder is not completely voided.

The patient complains of pain and difficulty while passing urine.

Potency and dosage:

Sarsaparilla 1M can be taken as four pills or drops once a week till improvement occurs. Sarsaparilla 200CH can be taken as four pills or drops once daily till improvement occurs.

Sarsaparilla in 30CH can be taken as four pills or drops twice daily till improvement occurs.

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Urinary Tract Infection Explained

Urinary tract infection, commonly abbreviated as UTI, is your urinary tract infection. It happens due to a bacteria called E.coli present in the gastrointestinal tract. Women lie at a higher risk of developing UTI mainly because of:

  • The shorter length of the urethra .
  • Extended urine-holding capacity in women as compared to men.

These three factors provide microbes with a favourable environment. They reproduce rapidly and cause pains, blood, pus, or smelly urine.

Factors like a new or frequent change of sexual partners, pregnancy, diabetes, over-usage of OCPs, and antibiotics can also contribute to this infection.

So which holistic approach can we apply to counter the same? Let us have a look at the homeopathic remedy for UTI.

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Aconite: For Hot And Painful Urine


You can use Aconite for the treatment of recent or acute urinary tract infections. The quantity is urine is minimal.

The urine is hot and painful. The lower abdomen is aching, and it causes physical and mental restlessness.

Burning in the urethra is present. You may notice blood in your urine. There is a feeling of anxiety always at the beginning of urination.

This remedy can be helpful for people suffering from prostatic problems.

Potency and Dosage:

You can use Aconite in 1M potency once daily till improvement occurs. You can use Aconite in 200chh potency twice daily till improvement occurs.

In children, you can use this remedy in 30ch potency thrice daily till improvement occurs.

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Colibacillinum For Escherichia Coli Positive Uti

For urinary tract infection that tests positive for Escherichia coli bacteria, Colibacillinum is the best medicine. The symptoms to use it include an urge to pass urine frequently, scanty urination and pain while passing urine. The urine may smell. Blood in urine is noted in certain cases.

When and How to use Colibacillinum?

This remedy is specific for cases of urinary tract infections with Escherichia coli Positive culture report with symptoms of painful, frequent urination.

It is advisable to use it in lower potency 30C only once a day. If there is no improvement, it is strongly recommended to consult a homeopathic physician.

NoteThe above-listed medicines can be taken for 1-2 weeks. If the symptoms still persist, it is best to consult a homeopath before taking it further or using high potencies .

Homeopathic Remedies For Treating Cystitis

Top Remedies for a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection: Updated)

Homeopathic Treatment For Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis

An inflammation of the urinary bladder, cystitis causes difficulty in passing urine owing to which it can completely throw life out of gear for an affected person.Homeopathy can help alleviate a cystitis patients misery as it is a non-intrusive and safe remedy. Since homeopathy uses the bodys own defenses to combat infection, this line of treatment is natural and also toxin-free compared to other cures as its medicines are sourced from naturally occurring products.

Signs and symptoms:

The common symptoms of cystitis are painful urination, a constant urge to pass urine due to an inability to control the bladder, and increased frequency of urination. In some cases, the condition manifests itself with fever accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Some patients complain of pain in the lower back. In most of the cases, an inflammation of the urethra along with the bladder is observed. Urethra is the path that connects the bladder to the exterior of the body. The disease is then termed as the Lower urinary tract infection .


Homeopathic medicine Staphysgaria, when Constant urge is The main Symptom In Cystitis

Cantharis Homeopathic Medicine when Burning is the key symptom in Cystitis

Apis Melllifica Homeopathic remedy for Interstitial Cystitis When There is Difficulty In Passing Urine

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Pulsatilla: For Frequent Urge To Urinate With Burning Pains


Pulsatilla is helpful in the urinary tract infection which is accompanied by spasmodic pains in the lower abdomen.

The pain remains constant before and after urination. Sometimes, the urine is passed involuntarily.

Sensitive, mild and delicate ladies who suffer from urinary tract infections can be benefited from this remedy. Citrus juices and cold beverages worsen the symptoms.

Potency and dosage:

Pulsatilla 1M can be taken as four pills or drops once a week till improvement occurs. Pulsatilla 200CH can be taken as four pills or drops once daily till improvement occurs.

Pulsatilla in 30CH can be taken as four pills or drops twice daily till improvement occurs.

For Further Information Or To Book A Consultation

If you would to improve your health and find long-term relief from your urinary tract infections in a natural way, please feel free to get in touch with any questions or to book a consultation.

Eileen Scullion, Registered Homeopath with the Irish Society of Homeopaths

Tel: 086-0891037 International: 00353 860891037 Email:


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Cantharis: For Frequent Desire To Urinate


Cantharis is the topmost remedy used for treating urinary tract infections.

The patient complaints of an intolerable constant urge to urinate at very short intervals.

The urine is hot and there is a burning sensation while passing the urine. It can be followed by pain and itching.

The patient may notice blood in the urine. There is a characteristic symptom of cantharis that the urine flows drop by drop.

It produces burning and pain in the urethra. The patient becomes restless. Sexual intercourse worsens the symptoms.

Potency and dosage:

Cantharis 1M can be taken as four pills or drops once a week till improvement occurs. Cantharis 200CH can be taken as four pills or drops once daily till improvement occurs.

Cantharis in 30CH can be taken as four pills or drops twice daily till improvement occurs.

Treatment And Management Of Cystitis And Utis

Herbal Remedies for Bladder Infection

Treatment is generally cause-based depending on whether your pet has Bacterial Cystitis or infection due to some other concurrent infection occurring in the body. Usually, in Diabetes, there is UTI, and the treatment involves the management of Diabetes itself, and then the UTI resolves itself. Lets focus primarily on the treatment protocol of Cystitis and bacterial UTI.

  • NSAIDs or Anti-inflammatory Drugs.
  • Your Vet may suggest anti-inflammatory drugs such as NSAID or Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs such as meloxicam to alleviate the pain and give temporary relief to your pet.

    With appropriate diagnosis and figuring out the bacteria which is causing the inflammatory condition, antibiotics are then chosen based on the bacteria type.

    If your pet is anorectic , fluid therapy is offered to ensure that your pet is well hydrated and is getting prompt treatment for the same along with medicines such as Vitamin B complex, etc.

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    Complementary And Alternative Therapies

    Some complementary and alternative therapies may be helpful for UTIs, but they may not be right for every person. Natural medicines and supplements may interact with prescription medications. Work with a knowledgeable health care provider, and always tell all of your providers about the herbs and supplements you are taking.

    Drink Plenty Of Fluids

    Dehydration is linked to an increased risk of UTIs.

    This is because regular urination can help flush bacteria from the urinary tract to prevent infection. When youre dehydrated, you arent urinating as often, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria.

    A examined nursing home residents and administered a drinking schedule to participants to increase their fluid intake. Following the schedule decreased UTIs requiring antibiotics by 56%.

    In a 2020 randomized control trial , 140 premenopausal participants prone to UTIs took part in a 12-month study to test if a higher fluid intake would decrease their risk of recurrent cystitis and, in turn, their risk of developing a UTI. Researchers found that an increase in fluid intake led to a decrease in UTI frequency.

    To stay hydrated and meet your fluid needs, its best to drink water throughout the day and always when youre thirsty.

    Benefits of drinking more fluids for UTI

    Drinking plenty of liquids can decrease your risk of UTIs by making you pee more, which helps remove bacteria from your urinary tract.

    evidence suggests that increasing your intake of vitamin C could protect against UTIs.

    Vitamin C is thought to work by increasing the acidity of urine, killing off the bacteria that cause infection.

    An older 2007 study of UTIs in pregnant women looked at the effects of taking 100 milligrams of vitamin C every day.

    Fruits and vegetables are especially high in vitamin C and are a good way to increase your intake.

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    When To Expect Some Results

    That impatient bladder of yours might influence your overall patience towards medicines too. It is a myth that homeopathy will take ages to work on your system and cure it. The fact is that homeopathic medicines aim at providing relief within minutes to hours. They tend to treat an individual within a week or two, depending upon the UTIs severity.

    Homeopathy for urine infection is slightly different from how antibiotics function. This holistic approach towards treating UTI activates your secondary healing response and can work effectively to address the problems root cause.

    Consult your doctor if your prescribed dosages are not providing you with any relief within 1-2 weeks.

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    Homeopathic Remedies For Urine Infection

    Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)| Urine infection| Home Remedies| Natural Remedies| Explained

    Urinary tract infection or UTI is one of the very common infections of the urinary tract. The infection tends to recur quite frequently in some individuals. Homeopathic remedies for urine infection have a major role in curing the infection and also in stopping their recurrence. Moreover, homeopathic medicines are very safe and they do not have any side effects. Homeopathic medicine for e-coli infection are effective in treating the infection. Once treated with homeopathic medicines recurrence of Urinary Tract Infection greatly reduces and eventually stops.?

    The top five homeopathic remedies for treating UTI are:

    1. Cantharis is the most effective homeopathic remedy for a urine infection. Cantharis has been a very helpful homeopathic medicine in treating cases of UTIs in people who have recently had an attack of streptococcal infections. This medicine can also be used in treating cases where there is a recurrence.

    2. Merc Cor is another good homeopathic Remedy for acute cases of UTIs. This medicine can be thought of in cases where the patient is unable to pass urine or has to put in a lot of effort for the same. This medicine can also be expected to give good results in recurrent UTIs in advanced stages of pregnancy. ?

    4. Clemetis Erecta is very effective for urine infections in Patients who have suffered from sexually transmitted diseases.

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    Preventive Measures In Urinary Tract Infection

    Some useful steps to reduce your risk of Urinary tract infections

    Stay hydrated, drink plenty of liquids. Drinking enough water helps to dilute yoururine and hence ensures that you will urinate more frequently allowing the bacteria to be flushed from your urinary tract.

    Urinate frequently, do not hold urine when you need to urinate. Holding urine when you need to evacuate can help the bacteria present that may develop into infectiions.

    Emtpty your bladder soon after intercourse and drink enough water to flush out the bacterias.

    Avoid using scented feminine products and use of douches, diaphragms which can cause irritation and infections which contribute to bacterial growths leading to urinary tract infections.

    Wear comfortable cotton undergarments as other fabrics can trap moisture creating a potential breeding for bacteria. Avoid tight clothing.

    Whats The Food Or Diet For Uti

    There are many diets there are very many diets but diets generally have limited effect. Sugar, butter or margarine, Fried or fast food, additives, preservatives, dyes, artificial colors, artificial flavorings, and artificial sweeteners. There are common foods to remove from the diet during UTI but removing them will only have a minimum effect the aim is to heal UTI not to balance with diet plans. Its best to heal instead of painful prevention. A patient should eat foods and drinks high in antioxidants, cranberries, blueberries, oranges, dark chocolate, unsweetened probiotic yogurt, tomatoes, broccoli, and spinach. This is the best food to prevent UTI.

    So you can try any food with homeopathic remedies. There is no specific diet for homeopathic remedies. You can be on any diet homeopathic doesnt exclude anything but its just important to understand the limits of diets and why diet has its limits. It doesnt have diets tried to manage the problem but with an accurate homeopathic remedy, you can eventually get off the diet because its only limited it doesnt go deep enough diet doesnt go deep enough to create the changes that heal disease. You can only manage the problem with a diet, not a good idea. I mean if someone has pains or if a patient really reacts to dairy and you have less reaction by removing dairy or wheat then you remove it.

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