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Sinus Infection And Weight Loss

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What To Do For Chronic Sinusitis

Hand Acupressure Points Before Bed Gets You to Sleep Fast & Deeply | Dr. Mandell

If youre suffering from chronic sinusitis or you are getting frequent sinus infections you should see your doctor, says Dr. Sindwani.

Your doctor will swab your nose to collect mucus. Culturing it in a laboratory will reveal which type of bacteria is causing the infection so the right antibiotic can be prescribed.

Treat early sinus infection symptoms with rest, hydration and over-the-counter sprays and decongestants. But dont look for an antibiotic unless your illness extends beyond a week, he says. Then check in with your doctor for a prescription and let him or her know if your condition worsens.

When Antibiotics Are In Order

The main reason to prescribe antibiotics is for patient comfort, Dr. Sindwani says. The medical field used to be more convinced than it is today than untreated sinusitis would inevitably become a chronic issue, he says.

We dont think that way as much, he says. We dont know that an untreated acute sinusitis, if left untreated, will grumble along and cause people to have a chronic sinus infection.

Some people think thats two separate things, with chronic sinusitis more likely due to underlying issues like allergies or immune problems.

How Does A Deviated Septum Impair My Weight Control

It may sound unrealistic, but when youre dealing with a deviated septum, your symptoms from it could cause irregular patterns in small parts of your life that disrupt your overall comfort and impair your attempts at balancing out your weight.

Things like a change in sleeping patterns due to having a difficult time breathing through one side of your nasal passages can lead to heavier snoring, which can cause an interruption in your sleep schedule by waking you up more frequently. This can also limit your bodys ability to take in much-needed oxygen and lower your O2 levels from the 90%-100% range they need to be in.

Due to the lack of sleep, you may experience things like:

  • Your metabolism slowing down
  • A decrease in energy levels and an increase in the desire to eat more snacks with carbs and calories more frequently to try to make up for that lack of energy.
  • Lack of motivation caused by exhaustion
  • Low or depressive moods that decrease your mental capacity and desire to handle situations
  • An overall feeling of crumminess

However, seeking out treatment for your deviated septum can drastically change these negative experiences you may be going through. You can correct the deviation and find a strong foundation in losing weight with your regained energy.

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Untreated Sinus Infection Risks


Sinus infections often start to improve on their own after about 10 days. If your symptoms last longer without improving or if they worsen, a doctor may need to treat the underlying cause of the infection.

If a sinus infection affects a sinus cavity close to the brain, it can spread to the brain if left untreated. Though rare, an infection can also pass into the eye socket and cause vision changes or blindness. These types of infections are more common in kids.

While uncommon, a serious fungal sinus infection left untreated may pass into the bones.

Make an appointment with a doctor if you have severe symptoms, or if the following symptoms last longer than 10 days or keep coming back:

Because the cause of your sinus infection can affect your treatment options, its important to see a doctor for a diagnosis. The Healthline FindCare tool can provide options in your area if youre looking for a doctor.

If you believe you have chronic or recurring sinusitis, consider asking for a referral to an otolaryngologist, also known as an ear, nose, and throat specialist. You may need imaging and other tests to determine the cause of your symptoms.

An ENT specialist can take a culture of nose drainage to better understand the cause of an infection. The ENT specialist can also examine the sinuses more closely and look for any problem in the structure of the nasal passages that could lead to chronic sinus problems.

Conditions causing your chronic infections may include:

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Fungus Effects On Weight Management Liver Damage And Sinus Infections

Fungus Effects On Weight Management, Liver Damage, and Sinus Infections

You’ve probably heard that fungus is not something you want, but it does have a use in the body. It’s actually essential for our digestive system because in our intestine, they help break down carbohydrates and provide an important layer of defense for our immune system.


If antibiotics and other chemicals damage the fungus and other probiotics, that layer of protection goes away. Fungus that was once helpful can now reach into your body, getting into your blood and lodging themselves into places they don’t belong.

And that causes problems.

Why Fungus Contributes To Weight Gain

These little fungi in our digestive system primarily break down carbs, so when they go around the rest of your body, that’s what they seek out: carbs. They rob our bodies of energy building blocks. Because the brain requires a full 30 to 40% of our energy production, the fungus is literally robbing the brain of energy.

And your brain knows this. It knows it needs these carbs the fungus ate, so it seeks out the donuts, the cakes, the cookies… You crave the bad, carb-loaded food. And this lousy food gives you a spike in insulin, which contributes to diabetes and dementia.

But, it also means that your system has to flush out the extra calcium. And it does this by storing it in your joints , filtering through your kidneys , and wrapping it up in plaque .

Got A Sinus Infection? It May Be Fungus

How Can You Prevent A Sinus Infection

There are some steps you can take to prevent sinus infections, including:

  • washing your hands regularly and thoroughly
  • keeping your distance from people who have a cold or another respiratory illness
  • using an air humidifier and cleaning it regularly
  • avoiding smoking and staying away from secondhand smoke
  • staying up-to-date on all recommended vaccines, especially for respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19, the flu, and pneumonia

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How Your Sense Of Smell Works

Taste and smell disorders are the cause of many thousands of individuals in the U.S. to see a doctor every year. Fortunately, for most individuals, anosmia is only a temporary problem caused by a seriously stuffy nose from a cold. After the cold goes away, their sense of smell comes back.

However, for some individuals, including many seniors, anosmia is persistent and it could indicate a more serious health condition.

Like your sense of taste, your sense of smell is a part of your chemical senses . You have the ability to smell due to olfactory sensory neurons . Each olfactory neuron has an odor receptor. Substances around you release microscopic molecules whether the substances are pine trees or coffee brewing. These microscopic molecules stimulate the odor receptors.

Once the molecules are detected by the neurons, the neurons send messages to your brain, identifying the smell. The environment has more smells in it than you have receptors, and one molecule can stimulate a group of receptors which creates a unique representation in your brain. Your brain registers these representations as a specific smell.

There are two pathways in which smells reach your olfactory sensory neurons.

  • Through your nostrils
  • Through a channel connecting your nose with the roof of your throat.
  • Other Sinus Conditions And Neck Pain

    2 Dashes of Cinnamon Clears Sinus Congestion & Dissolves Mucus | Dr. Mandell

    Anecdotally, some people with seasonal allergies also report having neck pain. This could be due to tight or tense muscles that result when you sneeze or cough.

    Another possible explanation is that the congestion in your sphenoid sinuses causes pressure in the back of your head and neck.

    The common cold or flu are other illnesses that may occur with neck pain.

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    What Does A Deviated Septum Have To Do With Weight Loss And How I Feel

    Youve more than likely heard that every part of your body has its role time and time again. The statement is something that we all hear and all know, but what you may not realize is that something like a deviated septum can impact more than your breathing or how often you get migraines. A deviated septum or any can have an impact on weight gain and weight loss.

    Whether you were born with a deviated septum or you were injured at some point, understanding how it impacts your daily life can directly change how you experience various normal situations.

    What Are The Causes Of A Sinus Infection

    The ACAAI explains that viral or bacterial infections can cause sinus infections. Fungal infections from mold can also be the cause.

    There are four main areas of the sinuses:

    • behind your forehead and eyebrows
    • on the sides of your nose
    • behind your nose, right in front of your brain

    The sinuses are hollow, air filled cavities lined with a thin mucus layer and small hairs that trap invaders such as dust and germs and move them down to the back of the throat or out of the nose. A sinus infection can develop whenever this process is interrupted through mucus buildup or swelling.

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    We absolutely love the way we eat, and we especially enjoying trying out various ethnic dishes, especially Indian and Ethiopian. Im very blessed to have met so many amazing people on this journey, including the other instructors at PCRM and especially, the wonderful people at MamaSezz! Its been fantastic to be able to offer a healthy alternative to my coaching clients and students in my classes, as well as meetup members, who dont like to or dont have time to cook.

    Does Sinus Causes Weight Loss 3 Yrs

    Fasting: To Fight Your Sinus Mucus

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    What Is Chronic Sinusitis

    Chronic sinusitis is a long-lasting sinus inflammation and infection. It can linger over a period of time, typically longer than 12 weeks. The sinuses are four paired cavities in the head. These spaces are connected by narrow channels. The four spaces are named for the bones they are near: ethmoidal, sphenoidal, frontal and maxillary. The sinuses make thin mucus that drains out of the channels of the nose. This drainage works as a filtration system, keeping the nose clean and free of bacteria.

    The sinuses can become infected when they are blocked and filled with fluid. This is called sinusitis. There are several kinds of sinusitis: acute, subacute, chronic and recurrent. Unlike chronic sinusitis,acute sinusitis typically lasts only a few days, but can last up to four weeks, before going away with minimal or no treatment. Chronic sinusitis may require different types of treatment. Surgery is sometimes needed in severe cases of chronic sinusitis that do not respond to other methods.

    Chronic sinusitis is different than recurrent sinusitis because chronic sinusitis symptoms never really go away for long periods of time. In recurrent sinusitis, you have 4 or more bouts of sinusitis in one year, but you also have symptom-free periods in between.

    You Can Lessen Your Chances Of Sinusitis

    Prevention for a sinus infection often starts with preventing the cold that might lead to it: Wash your hands, avoid people who are sick, and keep your body in good shape by eating healthy.

    You can also help keep sinuses moist by using a humidifier and drinking plenty of fluids. In addition, control allergies and avoid smoking and secondhand smoke.

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    How Is Chronic Sinusitis Treated

    Chronic sinusitis is not usually caused by a bacterial infection, but it can be. If your healthcare provider really thinks that you have a bacterial infection, they might give you a prescription for something like amoxicillin. Antibiotics only help for bacterial infections. Other ways to treat non-bacterial chronic sinusitis include:

    • Avoiding triggers .
    • Using intranasal corticosteroid sprays and leukotriene antagonists or antifungal medication to get rid of a fungus.
    • Treating the underlying condition, such as allergies, asthma, and/or immune deficiency conditions, with medications such as topical antihistamine, or steroid, sprays or antihistamine pills.
    • Having surgery . Fungal balls are clumps of fungal infection that block sinuses.
    • Having a procedure called balloon sinus ostial dilation, which inserts a balloon into a sinus cavity to open it further and make more room.

    A More In Depth Explanation Of Sinusitis

    Healing Miracles of Black Seed Oil with Dr. Mandell (Live Chat Stream)

    Acute sinusitis causes the cavities around your nasal passages to become inflamed and swollen. This interferes with drainage and causes mucus to build up.

    With acute sinusitis, it might be difficult to breathe through your nose. The area around your eyes and face might feel swollen, and you might have throbbing facial pain or a headache.

    Acute sinusitis is mostly caused by the common cold. Unless a bacterial infection develops, most cases resolve within a week to 10 days.

    In most cases, home remedies are all that’s needed to treat acute sinusitis. However, persistent sinusitis can lead to serious infections and other complications. Sinusitis that lasts more than 12 weeks despite medical treatment is called chronic sinusitis.

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    Sinusitis Can Be Chronic

    An acute sinus infection is the type that follows a cold and lasts for less than four weeks. It is often caused by a bacterial infection.

    Chronic sinusitis, on the other hand, lasts for more than 12 weeks, despite medical treatment. People with allergic rhinitis or asthma may be more prone to chronic sinusitis, which also can be due to infection, allergies, a fungus or, in rare cases, an immune system deficiency.

    Nasal polyps or structural problems in the nasal passages can also lead to a chronic sinusitis.

    Throat Irritation And Cough

    As discharge from your sinuses drains down the back of your throat, it can cause irritation, especially over a long period of time. This can lead to a persistent and annoying cough, which can be worse when lying down to sleep or first thing in the morning after getting up from bed.

    It can also make sleeping difficult. Sleeping upright or with your head elevated can help reduce the frequency and intensity of your coughing.

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    Disadvantages Of An Untreated Deviated Septum

    There are many hindrances a deviated septum can cause, most of which can go untreated. However, these disadvantages can lead to more than an annoyance if left untreated and the blockage or displacement is severe enough. More issues and symptoms you may face are as follows:

    • Crusting or bleeding
    • Difficulty breathing on one or both sides of your nose
    • Constant discomfort or pain within your face

    After a while, dealing with these symptoms can feel draining, a little overwhelming, and decrease your overall quality of life. From impairing your daily schedule to experiencing unexpected weight gain, as a result, dealing with unwanted symptoms can be stressful.

    So, how does the way we breathe impact how much we weigh, and can you use something like repairing a deviated septum to lose weight? The simple answer is yes. By seeking out treatment and correcting the nasal septum imbalance, you can use the correction to regain control of your weight and prevent future symptoms from becoming a nuisance to your daily life. You dont have to continue living in discomfort.

    Air Pollutants And Irritants

    Kill Sinus Infection in Just 5 Minutes With 1 Simple Ingredient! (With ...

    Contaminated air inside and outside your house can cause sinus problems. “Cigarette smoke and other air pollutants decrease the effectiveness of the mucociliary transport system in the nose and sinuses, which can result in swelling and congestion,” says Kelleher. Cigarette smoke both from smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke contains chemicals and irritants that can make allergies worse and cause other sinus problems. Wood smoke, smog, fumes, and dust are other common sources of irritants.

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    Medical Treatments For Sinus Infections

    If a bacterial infection is causing your sinus infection and your symptoms have been present for longer than 710 days, doctors will typically prescribe antibiotics or oral steroids.

    That said, long-term or frequent antibiotic use can contribute to antibiotic resistance. Your doctor may want to see whether or not your symptoms improve in a week or so before prescribing antibiotics.

    If a fungal infection is causing your sinus infection, doctors will prescribe antifungal medications or oral steroids. In some cases, you may need surgery.

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