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How To Help A Tooth Infection At Home

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Oil Pulling As Treatment For Abscessed Tooth

How I Stopped My Painful Tooth Infection FOR PENNIES

Oil pulling is an additional effective home remedy to get rid of tooth abscess pain and infection. The procedure is very easy and it should be repeated several times along the day for 2 weeks.

You just need to put a half teaspoon of a good essential oil in your mouth and swish it around teeth and gums. There is a chemical attraction between the essential oil and the bacteria membrane so they remain trapped in the oil and removed from your oral cavity as soon as you spit it.

Which essential oil should you buy ? there are several types of oil you can use but the most used for pulling are: olive oil, sesame or coconut oil.

In order to calm down the sore spot. coconut oil can also be used to gently massage the painful gum tissue with your finger.

Sinus Irritation And Infection Of The Blood Vessels

Because your teeth and sinuses are located close to one another, an untreated, infected tooth can grow into a bacterial sinus infection.

Though rare, an untreated tooth infection can also spread to the blood vessels in your sinuses and cause cavernous sinus thrombosis, a rare and life-threatening blood clot at the base of the brain.

What Causes A Cracked Tooth

The most common causes of a cracked tooth are either an impact to the face or jaw, or accidentally biting down on something hard . However, in some cases, we cant pinpoint the cause of the crack. This can happen because when the enamel is weakened, then it may not take much to create a crack.

A number of factors can weaken tooth enamel. For example, chronic bruxism can weaken the enamel and make a crack more likely. A tooth with a large filling will be weaker and more likely to experience a crack. Aging also tends to lead to thinning and weakening of tooth enamel.

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See A Dentist If The Pain Doesnt Go Away After A Few Days

Sometimes, no matter what you do, the pain wont go away, especially if you have gum disease, a serious tooth infection, severe decay, trauma, or certain other issues. The aforementioned methods may ease the pain temporarily, but thats the extent of it. In some cases, these remedies might not affect the pain at all. Therefore, if you have pain that hasnt subsided, especially after using home remedies, and its been a few days, its best to contact a dentist for care.

Signs that your dental pain may be a serious problem include the following:

  • Sores or ulcers that arent healing
  • Severely decayed tooth
  • Have a fever or ear pain
  • Pus or foul-tasting-or-smelling drainage

At Peach Valley Dental, we treat tooth infections, sensitive teeth, gum infections, gum pain, wisdom tooth pain, tooth decay, and much more. We also provide a range of other dental care services in Atlanta and surrounding areas, including restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency dentistry. If youre experiencing tooth pain that wont go away, call us today at 404-254-5196 to schedule an appointment. Well work with you to find the source of your pain and provide treatment to ease your discomfort.

How Do You Treat A Tooth Abscess

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A tooth abscess can arise from infections that develop inside the tooth. Bacteria can enter the tooth when its chipped, broken, or decaying.

Once the bacteria reach the center of the tooth and the tooth becomes infected, pus accumulates in the tooth. The pus in the tooth swells and results in a toothache.

If not treated, the infection could spread to the gums and bone of the mouth.

A tooth abscess should be treated by a dentist, but some home remedies can relieve the discomfort caused by the infection.

The following home remedies can be applied along with prescribed treatments.

Rinsing your mouth with salt water is an easy and affordable option for temporary relief of your abscessed tooth. It can also promote wound healing and healthy gums.

To use this remedy:

  • Mix 1/2 teaspoon of normal table salt with 1/2 cup of warm tap water.
  • Rinse your mouth with the salt water. Try to swish it around inside your mouth for at least two minutes.
  • Spit the water out.
  • Baking soda is another affordable option for treating an abscessed tooth. You may even already have some in your kitchen cabinet.

    Baking soda is excellent for removing plaque in the mouth. It also has antibacterial properties.

    To use this remedy:

  • Mix 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda with 1/2 cup of water and a pinch of salt.
  • Swish the mixture in your mouth for up to five minutes.
  • Spit out, and repeat until youve finished the mixture.
  • You can repeat this up to two times per day.

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    Remedies To Kill Exposed Nerve In Tooth Within 5 Mins

    Having an exposed nerve can lead to severe tooth pain and discomforts. This dental problem is very common, it usually occur when the tooth structure is damaged. Naturally, the tooth nerves are found right at the core of the tooth. They are overly protected by different layers of the teeth. In most cases, the tooth can get damaged leaving the nerve endings exposed. Certain dental problems such as tooth decay, tooth fracture, extreme enamel erosion, damaged filling, crown fallout and cavities can all result to exposed tooth nerve.

    Whatever the cause may be, exposed nerves can lead to severe tooth pain and extreme tooth sensitivity to hot and cold drinks or food. The pain and discomforts could be life-threatening if the problem is left untreated. The best thing to do if you tooth nerve is exposed is to see a dental professional for immediate treatments. Without proper treatments you could get infected, who knows, you may even loose all your teeth if the infection spreads to the surrounding body tissues, bones and teeth.

    Reach Out To Our Chicago Dentists

    While homemade remedies can provide you with some relief, you shouldnt put off seeing a dentist about your toothache. Tooth pain can be a sign of many serious issues, including a tooth infection or abscessed tooth. Its best to see a professional to ensure your teeth and health are both protected.

    At Art of Modern Dentistry, we always put our patients first. Were the most trusted choice for fillings, crowns, and root canals in Chicago.

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    How Do You Get Rid Of A Toothache At Night

    To get rid of a toothache at night, you may alleviate pain by:

    • rinsing with fluoride mouthwash
    • using a numbing gel
    • applying a cold compress

    To reduce swelling and prevent blood from pooling in your head, try sleeping with your head elevated. You can also take over-the-counter pain medication, such as ibuprofen , acetaminophen , or aspirin.

    How Much Is Abscess Removal Cost

    Home Remedy for an Abscessed Tooth

    The price for dentistry procedures can easily scare patients because we all know that dentists are expensive especially for people without insurance.

    So what is the dental abscess removal cost in the US ? A quick answer is: $700 to $5,500 !

    I think you are asking yourself why so much difference. The point is that, as seen above in this article, abscess treatments are different and it depends on which one is the best to solve your case.

    The most affordable price is related to the initial visit, x-ray exam to get the clinical picture and the cure of the cavity that caused the infection.

    If that is not enough the doctor has to go with the root canal treatment to get rid the bacteria from the dental root and preserve the tooth. This is the case where the abscess removal cost will be the most expensive because you also need a prosthetic crown in place of the natural one.

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    Rinse With Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide may ease inflammation that can contribute to tooth pain. It also acts as a disinfectant by destroying the cell walls of bacteria, which can assist in healing oral infections. Although it wont eliminate gum disease, it might reduce some of the bacterial load to aid in healing and pain relief.

    Home Remedies To Treat Gum Infection

    Any pain can be annoying and irritating. The workload of your teeth and gums are more than most of the other organs. With regular usage, aging, and dental trauma, the teeth and gums might start to lose its vitality. Although the dentist can guide you in treating gum diseases, you can try some home remedies too.

    The Structure of Your Teeth

    A tooth is made up of enamel, dentine, pulp, and cementum. The exposed portion of the tooth is what you see and is known as the dental crown. The tooth has a substantial part concealed by the jaws. The part below the dental crown is called the root.

    The center of the tooth houses the pulp cavity and consists of delicate blood vessels and nerves. To counter the continuous impact of grinding and to alleviate the force on the jaws, the tooths cementum or surface area is connected by fibrous tissues called the periodontal ligament.

    Enamel covers the outer surface or crown and is white. The soft tissues covering the alveolar bone houses the tooths root and is commonly known as gum.

    What Causes Gum Infection?

    Periodontal infection is an infection of the gums and can be attributed to several factors. Poor oral health is one of the major reasons. Poor brushing allows the deposition of tartar on the teeth, which serves as a thriving ground of bacteria.

    Smoking can increase the chances of gum infection. Hormonal imbalance, diabetes, dry mouth, and certain genetic susceptibility can also increase gum infection chances.

    #1: Saltwater Rinse

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    What Symptoms Relate To Toothache And Swelling

    Toothache sometimes starts very suddenly. It can cause pain and discomfort that ranges from mild to very severe. The pain may affect not only your tooth, but also your head, ear and jaw. The pain may be constant, throbbing, or it may come and go.

    If you have toothache, you may also have a:

    • swelling around your tooth and inside your mouth
    • swelling of your jaw and face
    • pain when chewing
    • sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet food

    How To Prevent Dental Abscesses

    Abscessed tooth home remedy

    Preventing dental abscesses involves good dental care and oral hygiene. To prevent tooth and periodontal abscesses:

    • Brush your teeth at least twice every day with a remineralizing toothpaste like RiseWell to support remineralization and prevent cavities.
    • Use an electric toothbrush if you can. Sonic toothbrushes are best for gum disease.
    • Floss every day. Flossing with a piece of knotted floss can dislodge food from between teeth that could otherwise lead to concentrated areas of bacteria.
    • Dont skip dental checkups. These 6-month teeth cleanings are important for removing plaque and tartar buildup as well as spotting tooth decay or signs of gum disease before they lead to an abscess. If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, be sure to keep up with your quarterly scaling & root planing appointments.
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    What Is A Tooth Abscess

    A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus caused by an infection of the tooth and can occur in different areas of the tooth. A periapical abscess is an abscess that occurs at the tip of the root of the tooth.

    A periapical tooth abscess is caused by an untreated dental cavity, trauma, or previous dental work that has failed. Bacteria invade the dental pulp the innermost part of the tooth that contains the blood vessels, nerves, and tissue. Bacteria can enter the pulp through a dental cavity or a crack in the tooth and spread all the down to the root, causing swelling and inflammation at the tip of the root.

    Can A Tea Bag Help An Abscessed Tooth

    One of the most common home remedies for tooth abscess is an herbal tea bag, ideally one containing black or green tea. Dip the tea bag into warm water and then wring out the excess water. Be careful that you dont damage the tea bag while doing so. You can then put the wet tea bag over the abscessed tooth. If possible, lie down and leave the tea bag in place for a few hours. Repeat this treatment as often as you need to until your tooth starts to feel better.

    Tannins, which are chemical compounds naturally found in tea, have been shown to have antibacterial properties, which makes them a popular home remedy for fighting infection. The tea bag may also help soak up any pus or discharge released by the abscess.

    If any pus or discharge has been released from the affected tooth, you can rinse your mouth out with a hydrogen peroxide solution. This can help prevent the area from festering.

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    What Happens In This Procedure

    Do not be dread about it! Your oral surgeon handles it with GREAT EFFICIENCY.

    Normally the following steps are done during this procedure:

    • Cut in the gum to expose the tooth & bone after having flaps
    • Remove the bone that blocks access to the target tooth
    • Either split the tooth into sections for your ease of removal
    • Remove the tooth
    • Clean the surroundings of tooth & bone
    • Stitch the wound close enough to accelerate the healing
    • Set the gauze over the wound to overcome the bleeding to buzz the blood clotting

    For the maximum positive results must follow the aftercare of the surgery within the normal recovery timing of 2 weeks.

    Take in a lot of water after the surgery. Do not smoke. Take yogurts and other smoothies. Do not forget to use a straw etc.

    Be regular to surgeon follow up in case of any need.

    Briefly, wisdom tooth extraction is 100% beneficial for anyone to be with potential health for the future.

    What Are The Symptoms Of A Tooth Infection

    Treatment of Abscessed Teeth

    If your tooth is infected, your pain may be:

    • Gnawing or throbbing.
    • Continuous or only when chewing.
    • Radiating to the jawbone, neck or ear.

    Other oral symptoms of infection include:

    • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.
    • Bitter taste in the mouth.
    • Foul-smelling breath.
    • Swollen area in the upper or lower jaw.
    • Open, draining sore on the side of the gum.

    In addition, you may experience more generalized symptoms like:

    • General discomfort, uneasiness or ill feeling.

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    Relieving Pain From A Dental Abscess

    While youre waiting to see a dentist, painkillers can help control your pain. Ibuprofen is the preferred painkiller for dental abscesses, but if youre unable to take it for medical reasons, you can take paracetamol instead.

    Aspirin should not be given to children under 16. If 1 painkiller does not relieve the pain, taking both paracetamol and ibuprofen at the doses shown in the medicine leaflet may help.

    It may also help to:

    • avoid hot or cold food and drink if it makes the pain worse
    • try eating cool, soft foods if possible, using the opposite side of your mouth
    • use a soft toothbrush and temporarily avoid flossing around the affected tooth

    These measures can help relieve your symptoms temporarily, but you should not use them to delay getting help from a dentist.

    Abscess Pain Relief Through Cold Compresses

    Abscesses often cause inflammation and swelling which can be painful. In order to reduce the swelling, you can put cold compresses on the outside of your face. But make sure that you dont keep the compress for longer than 20 minutes at a time. And also, use a barrier, such as a kitchen towel or napkin in order to avoid damage to your skin.

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    What Is Wisdom Tooth Infection

    The wisdom teeth are the molars. These are often the last ones that we witness and come around the age of 17-25 years.

    Much like any other teeth present in your cavity, even wisdom tooth is prone to infection or other risks. If the condition is persistent, chances are that you will need medical help to rectify the condition.

    Tooth Abscess Signs And Symptoms

    Pulpitis. Root Canal Therapy. Infected Pulp Is Removed From The Tooth ...

    Signs and Symptoms of a tooth abscess may include:

    • Severe, persistent toothache that may radiate along the side of the face, neck, jaw, and ear
    • Sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures
    • Pain to pressure from chewing or biting
    • Fever and lethargy
    • Tender, swollen lymph nodes under the jaw or in your neck
    • A rush of foul-smelling and foul-tasting fluid in your mouth and sudden pain relief, if the abscess ruptures.
    • Difficulty opening and closing the mouth
    • Difficulty breathing or swallowing

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    Home Remedies To Kill Exposed Nerve In Tooth

    1. Saltwater Rinse: rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater can give you a quick relief from an extreme exposed nerve tooth pain. Naturally, salt contains a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which makes it ideal for fighting oral germs and pain. The warm saltwater will relieve the pain by killing the nerves as well as the bacteria that are causing problems in your exposed nerve.

    Application prepared a warm solution by diluting half teaspoon of salt in a small glass of warm water. Make sure that the solute dissolved properly, then use the solution to swish around your mouth for about 3 minutes. Remember, do not swallow, spit the solution out after each rinse. You can reapply as many times as necessary.

    2. Clove Oil: for centuries, clove oil is widely used as a traditional medicine to cure toothache and oral infections. The oil contains a chemical compound know as eugenol. The presence of eugenol makes the oil very effective for reducing pain and infections. The oil can be used to anesthetize the exposed tooth nerve as well as kill bacteria that cause infection.

    Application get some pure clove oil and cotton balls. Add some few drops of clove oil into a cotton ball and place the ball directly on the affected tooth. The oil will provide an instant pain relieve effects, due to its strong numbing ability. Dont pour the oil directly on the affected tooth, use the cotton balls to apply it.

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