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How To Fix A Tooth Infection At Home

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How To Treat A Tooth Abscess

How I Stopped My Painful Tooth Infection FOR PENNIES

See your dentist right away if you have any signs or symptoms of a tooth abscess. If you have difficulty swallowing, breathing, or fever and swelling in your face and you cant reach the dentist, go straight to an urgent care center or emergency room.

Your dentist may put you on antibiotics to treat the infection. He or she may drain the abscess to help get rid of the infection.

A root canal treatment may be needed if the tooth is restorable. Otherwise, the tooth may need an extraction.

Note: Leaving a tooth abscess untreated can lead to serious, even life-threatening complications.

When Your Tooth Is Broken

Any tooth can break, though each is more vulnerable to different injuries.

You can break your front teeth when inappropriately using them to cut or open something

Your back molars may be more susceptible to cracks from grinding your teeth or biting down on something hard. Prevent tooth injuries by always wearing a mouthguard when participating in impact sports.

Long term, your teeth are necessary for daily function and quality of life. Beyond just chewing food, teeth help your speech be clear, and each tooth is important for maintaining balanced space in the jaw.

Repairing a broken tooth is necessary for overall health and well-being.

To make the cost more manageable, many offices offer payment plans or dental loan plans. You can also contact a dental school if you have one in your area, or check with your local health department to see if they offer any low-cost dental services or clinics.

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What Not To Do At Home

We can wrap this section up in section in five easy words dont pretend youre a dentist. There are a few more donts to add. Dont try to smooth down the edge of a jagged tooth with a file or sandpaper. Enamel and the dentin beneath it are important substances to your oral health, and dentists can preserve them while fixing a chipped or broken tooth. DIY tooth contouring is very likely to make a chip or crack worse than better and may introduce bacteria to the damaged area.

Dont try to pull a broken tooth or a nearly dislodged tooth with pliers or any other tools. Youll complicate the situation by causing infections and cause yourself an incredible amount of pain. Your dentist will assess what needs to happen next and is trained and equipped to do what is necessary painlessly and without causing infection.

Finally, dont assume that the chip or crack is as small as it looks to you. Your dentist knows the structure of your teeth intimately, and can even take images to see whether the crack or chip is threatening the integrity of your tooth altogether. If the crack or chip is worse than it looks, you want the dentist to know that as soon as possible so they can act quickly to preserve your tooth and oral health.

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What Are Dental Abscesses

If youre experiencing a concerning amount of pain or discomfort in your mouth, it may be caused by a condition known as a dental abscess. An abscess is a pocket created by bacteria that can occur in your tooth or gums .

Your abscess may be caused by:

  • An improper oral care routine
  • Traumatic injury to your face or mouth
  • Faulty or damaged dental work

Symptoms of a dental abscess may include:

  • Persistent pain sourced from your mouth, jaw, neck, or ear
  • Swelling around the affected areas
  • Sensitivity to touch, pressure, or temperature
  • Unpleasant taste in your mouth due to the abscess draining

Salt Water Oral Rinse

Home Remedies for Tooth Decay

Salt water is the most old and used abscess home remedy simply because it works especially at the early dental infection stage. So as soon as you recognize the firsts abscess symptoms you can put a tablespoon of salt in half glass of warm water and mix until the salt is completely melted. Rinse your mouth for 2 minutes paying attention to focus on the infected area. The salt properties are helpful to kill the bacteria and to promote the healing.

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Baking Soda To Relieve Gum Abscess

Just like saltwater rinse, baking soda rinse can also be used to relieve pain since it has mild antibacterial properties and can soothe the pain in your gums. Furthermore, baking soda will also stimulate a more alkaline pH of your saliva which is also good. Baking soda rinse can also be combined with other abscess pain relief methods like saltwater rinse. For example

  • You can start with baking soda and warm water 1:1 ratio
  • Add Himalayan pink salt until it dissolves
  • Rinse for 2-3 minutes 3-5 times a day

How Do I Prepare For An Appointment With My Dentist For An Abscessed Tooth

To help you get ready for your appointment:

  • Make a list of your symptoms include any that may seem unrelated to your tooth or mouth pain. Remember, your dentist can only help you when they know everything going on.
  • Make a list of medications, vitamins, herbs or supplements you may be taking with the dosages of each.

You should prepare a list of questions to ask your dentist, including:

  • Whats likely causing my symptoms and condition?
  • Which tests do you recommend?
  • What is the best course of action?
  • Are there alternative to the primary

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Remember, your dentist wants to help keep you and your teeth healthy. Just like other medical professionals you may see, theyre an important part of the healthcare team. Be sure to see your dentist routinely and dont put off regular checkups prevention is key! These visits give your dentist a chance to spot problems early, when they may be easier to treat. If you are experiencing pain, its important to see your dentist to get the care you need.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 08/24/2020.


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Dental Abscess Treatment Options

Most dental abscesses will be treated immediately after diagnosis. An uncomplicated abscess will usually only require drainage to provide relief from the pain. Complicated abscesses may require more complex procedures and medications to control the underlying infection. If the infection spreads to the sinuses or neck, a surgeon may need to treat the condition.

What To Do If You Chip A Tooth

How To Stop Wisdom Tooth Pain At Home – Advice From A Dentist

Chipping, cracking, or breaking a tooth can be painful. Depending on your dental health and the type of injury, the damage can be minor or extensive.

Unless the damage is a slight chip, there is no permanent way to fix it without visiting a dentist.

The best thing you can do before visiting a professional is to address the pain and protect your teeth and mouth to avoid additional injury.

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When To See A Doctor

If you delay the treatment for an abscessed tooth, it can affect your eyes and face. Schedule an appointment with your doctor or dentist right away. Its not possible to completely treat a tooth abscess without going to the dentist.

Schedule an appointment with the experts at Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics by calling one of our locations.

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How To Relieve Tooth Pain

Desperate for a temporary toothache remedy? If your toothache isnt caused by a serious underlying issue or you are waiting for an upcoming dental appointment, you can get toothache relief with over-the-counter medications, cold-compresses and other at-home treatments. Read on for more home remedies for tooth pain.

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Home Remedies For A Tooth Infection

Tooth decay, untreated cavities, recent dental work, or injuries can cause a tooth infection, or tooth abscess, at the tip or side of a tooths root.

Dental infections cause inflammation and can cause extreme pain.

They are one of the most common causes of toothache, and if theyre not medically treated, the bacteria can spread to the gums, bone, and even the eyes.

If you think you have a tooth infection, talk to a dentist or doctor who can diagnose and properly treat the problem.

But if youre in pain and cant get to a doctor or dentist immediately, home remedies for tooth infection can help manage the pain and keep the infection from spreading.

In some cases, your provider may also recommend home remedies to manage your pain while theyre treating your infection.

While some of these home treatments arent likely to cause major medical concerns, its important to talk to a healthcare provider before attempting to treat your abscessed tooth.

Home Remedies For Chipped Tooth Pain Relief

Diy Tooth Filling / Denseal DIY Permanent Dental Cement White Teeth ...

Before visiting the dentist, you can use several home remedies for pain relief from chipping a tooth:

1. Over-the-counter pain relievers

Ibuprofen and other over-the-counter medications can help reduce pain but follow the package’s directions. Never take more than the recommended dosage.

You can also use clove oil on the injured area to help lessen the pain. It contains eugenol, a numbing ingredient with anti-inflammatory features.

2. Dental wax

If your tooth has a tiny chip and a jagged edge, you can set dental wax over the edge.

Dental wax prevents any sharpness from slicing your tongue or damaging your mouth. Many drugstores sell over-the-counter temporary fix kits with dental wax.

This home remedy is not recommended if you have a big chip or a section of a tooth that is missing.

If you use dental wax, avoid chewing on the side with the damaged tooth. Try flossing around the tooth to reduce irritation and pressure.

3. Temporary tooth repair kits

Different types of temporary tooth repair kits are available in drugstores and online.

While these kits should not replace professional oral care and treatment, they can be helpful while waiting to visit a dentist.

Tooth replacement kits are temporary and do not address the more significant issues that could lead to infection, tooth loss, or other oral health complications.

Some kits include dental wax, while others provide material that can mold into the shape of a tooth to fill any gaps on chipped teeth.

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Alcohol: Do Not Use Alcohol

Although it is popular, it is an ineffective home remedy. People tend to soak some alcohol in the cotton swab and apply the same to the abscessed area. Alcohol may temporarily numb the pain, but it does not remove the infection. The result will be temporary relief. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that the use of alcohol as a pain killer can be extremely dangerous, as the amount of alcohol needed to get numbing effects is often very high. So better to avoid this remedy.

These are some of the remedies that can be used at home to get relief from painful symptoms of abscessed teeth. Although, if each option has its advantages, there are some disadvantages also associated. Therefore, it is better to use every option after gaining a thorough understanding and just for getting temporary relief. After which always have a visit to a nearby dentist as soon as possible.

How A Dentist Will Treat A Tooth Infection

Once a dentist has determined that you have an infection, the dentist can work to treat the infection, clear out any abscesses that have formed, and assess the damage. You will usually be given a prescription for antibiotics too. If there are abscesses in the tooth or in the gums near the tooth the dentist will go in and clean those pockets out to get rid of the bacteria. Often that can provide immediate relief from the pain of an infected tooth. The dentist will also check your teeth to see if you will need a root canal in order to save the tooth.

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Rinse With Salt Water

In addition to cold packs and over-the-counter medications, there are some natural ways to stop a toothache. You can clean infections and promote temporary pain relief by rinsing your mouth with warm salt water. Treating a toothache with salt water can also help heal any oral wounds and reduce inflammation. Just make sure not to swallow any of the salt water while you rinse.

Managing A Chipped Tooth At Home

Treatment of Abscessed Teeth

Chipping a tooth may cause some pain in the area. A dentist can treat the tooth, ensure it is free from infection, or confirm it is not at risk for other major issues. Comprehensive treatment means that any pain in the area will be addressed.

If you cant see a dentist immediately and are in pain from the chip, you can try some home remedies.

  • Take over-the-counter pain medications, like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, to reduce inflammation.
  • Place cold compresses on the outside of the mouth to further decrease swelling.
  • Elevate your head while you sleep. This reduces how much blood pools in your head, thereby minimizing the pressure put on your gums.
  • Use over-the-counter oral numbing gels to anesthetize the surrounding area.
  • Swish a saltwater rinse around your mouth. The mixture of salt and warm water can help to reduce inflammation and lower your infection risk.
  • Dab clove oil onto the area lightly with a cotton ball or swab.
  • Drink peppermint tea. It has some antimicrobial properties and can calm your nervous system.

Fortunately, most people who suffer a chipped tooth do not have pain from the issue. They are more likely to be worried about their appearance. At their appointment, their dentist will assess any long-term oral dental problems that may occur due to the chip.

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Baking Soda: Easy Home Remedie For Dog Tooth Infections

One of the safest and most convenient home remedies to prevent and treat a dog tooth infection is the use of baking soda. Besides being abrasive to help remove tartar and plaque, it is also alkaline, which helps to eliminate the acidic environment that infection-causing bacteria enjoy.

What to do:

  • Moisten a soft-bristled toothbrush and dip it in baking soda.It is not necessary to load the brush-up, because a little goes a long way.
  • Gently brush your dogâs teeth. You do not need to apply pressure and wonât be able to if your dogâs teeth are sensitive.
  • Repeat this 3 to 4 times weekly at a minimum, but daily is a good idea.

Some Natural Remedies Can Help You Control Tooth Pain And Help Stop Tooth Infections From Getting Worse

The only way to truly get rid of an infection is with antibiotics. However, home remedies for tooth infection can help manage the symptoms and alleviate some of the pain. If you have a tooth infection you need to see a dentist to assess whether or not you need a root canal and to get prescription antibiotics to make sure that the infection goes away and doesnt cause any more pain or damage to your teeth.

There are some natural remedies that you can use to both help control the pain and help stop the infection from getting worse or spreading while you wait for the infection to die off. Not all of these remedies will work for every person but if youre in pain from an infected tooth they can bring you some relief.

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Kefir: Easy Home Remedie For Dog Tooth Infections

In order to help fight off dog tooth infections, among the best home remedies is serving the fermented dairy product, kefir, to your dog on a regular basis. The high amount of phosphorus and B complex vitamins found in kefir not only strengthens teeth and gums but are also necessary for rapid wound healing. Additionally, kefir is a rich source of good bacteria to help enhance your dogâs digestion.

What to do:

  • Mix 1 tsp of honey and a little cinnamon in a glass of kefir and feed it to your dog at least 3 times per week.

What A Doctor Can Do

What Should You Do if Your Tooth is Knocked Out or Chipped?

Only a dentist can actually fix a broken tooth. Its urgent that you call a doctor or dentist right away if your broken tooth is accompanied by a fever or if you have signs of infection .

A dentist will also be able to assess damage and look for signs of infection. The type of treatment you need depends on the kind of crack you have.

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Related Resources For Dental Abscess And Tooth Infections

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Root Canal Treatment Or Re

Since a deep caries is the most common cause of the infection of the pulp within a dental element, the root canal is the conventional dental abscesses treatment.

After providing you with the local anesthesia, the endodontist opens a little hole in the crown enamel to access the pulp chamber.

With the help of manual tools the specialist will remove nerves, blood vessels, died cells and the infected necrotic material from the inside the affected tooth.

In order to disinfect the root canal and to kill bacteria, usually sodium hypochlorite is injected in the tooth and immediately reabsorbed.

At the end of the canal therapy the dentist closes the canal using a temporary filling and a prosthetic crown. To complete the procedure a few medication are required.

When the infection is completely removed it is possible to close the hole using a special filling called gutta-percha.

In case the doctor doesnt totally remove bacteria from the abscessed tooth, after some time the infection restarts again thats why a second canal therapy is needed. This second procedure is called root canal re-treatment.

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