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8 Hour Infection Control Certificate

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Hour Infection Control For The Unlicensed Da

Infection Prevention & Control Training | Health & Safety | iHASCO


This course is required for all unlicensed dental assistants in California and for eligibility to apply for RDA licensure. The didactic portion of this course is all online via podcast videos and online quizzes. Once you have passed the online class, we will provide the clinical portion of this class for you in your office or an office near you.

If you are within 1 hour travel time from downtown Sacramento we will travel to you at no additional charge! If you are more than an hours travel time from us, there may be additional travel charges. Give us a call if you need more information about this issue before you purchase this component.

This course includes:

  • Podcast worksheets to create study guides
  • Online Quizzes/Practice Tests
  • In-office personalized instruction of the clinical requirements

Please note that this product will be active for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Why Enroll In The Howard Healthcare Academy 8

Our 8-Hour Infection Control class stands out for many reasons, including:

  • Unparalleled Training We offer a learning environment that combines hands-on lessons and classroom training, ensuring you can understand the ins and outs of infection control in a dental office.
  • Immense Flexibility We offer a flexible class schedule for your convenience, enabling you to participate in a course that ensures you wont need to reshuffle your day-to-day activities.
  • Professional Staff We employ experienced dental professionals as instructors, allowing you to receive expert assistance at all times.
  • High-End Technology Our class provides immediate access to the latest dental technologies, making it easier for you to gain real-world experience.

Find out more about our 8-Hour Infection Control course by calling , or emailing

The Howard Healthcare Academy is your best option for gaining additional dental assistance certifications, and a wide range of standalone programs to complete your dental professional profile.

Complete your 8-Hour Infection Control certification at Howard Healthcare Academy.

Dental Assistants Play Key Role In Infection Control

Although infection control is making headlines these days, it has always been a standard part of dentistry. Limiting the spread of germs keeps patients and staff safe. Its good for both health and business. But it takes teamwork to stay ahead of the microorganisms that cause disease, and whether its sterilizing instruments or getting an annual flu shot, dental assistants play a key role.

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Osha Regulations Training Held At Your Location

In this option Dental Assistant Services will come out to your location in order to provide and present training and updating session for you that meets OSHA standards and regulations. This training session will list and review each of the requirements necessary to make sure that your office is OSHA compliant. As this training is specific to your office, it can be tailored to suit the needs of your particular office. Each person in attendance will receive a summary of all the necessary OSHA regulations and updates.

This option will provide a list of requirements and updates that need to be made to your offices infection control training manual. It does not however provide those updates. Our updated and pre-designed infection control training manual may be purchased separately. Additionally, the program will cover the current CDC guidelines as required by the NJ State Board of Dentistry. Students will also receive copies of the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and the Hazardous Communications Standard.

Upon completion of the training all attendees will receive four continuing dental education credits. As this option is personalized to the specific needs of your office, it must be scheduled in advance. Prices will vary depending upon the number of people in attendance. Please call or email DAS for more information about and/or to schedule your training and updating session.

What You Will Learn By Taking The Ny State Infection Control Course

8 Hour Infection Control Course / 8 Hour Infection Control California ...

For individuals who take infectious disease control training in New York, there are a number of important goals that need to be achieved by the time the training ends. The goal is that those individuals taking the course will be able to:

If you work in a range of healthcare, medical, and wellness industries, you may be required by law to take the NY State infection control course and maintain certification every four years. The law applies to the following professions: physicians, physician assistants, specialist assistants, optometrists, podiatrists, dentists, dental hygienists, registered professional nurses, licensed practical nurses, medical students, medical residents, and physician assistant students . To comply with these requirements, workers in these areas can take specific training courses and earn specialized infectious disease certification that is valid in New York State.

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Certified In Dental Infection Prevention And Control

Certified in Dental Infection Prevention and Control is a professional certification that is intended for all dental team members who implement federal infection prevention and control standards and guidelines in dental settings educators and supervisors of those dental team members corporate educators and consultants providing information on implementing federal infection prevention and control guidelines in dental settings.

We’re Rated 41 Starts On Google

Had a great experience when coming to the school. The teacher I had for medical assistant was amazing she explained and helped me through everything. The staff is amazing too. Theyre all nice and any questions I had they always got back to me very quickly.

Elideth S. | Lancaster Campus

This is an excellent institution. Outstanding management with very knowledgeable instructors and competitive administrators very accommodating staff and an excellent learning environment. This institution helped me in achieving my goals to become a nurse. I am so proud and grateful for what I am now. Thank you CCI! You made my dreams came true!

Judelyn R. | Oxnard Campus

I had a pretty smooth sailing experience with CCI. I even had to take some time off due to unforeseen circumstances & they welcomed me back with open arms and still went the extra mile to make sure I received my certificate.

Lexus F. | Moreno Valley Campus

I love this school great teachers and staff! I recommend this school to anyone who wants a good education in the medical field!

Angela Brown

My time at Career Care Institute was an amazing time. The teachers and employees were a great help to me. They helped me out a lot, even with some struggles I went through at the end. I want to thank my instructors for all their wisdom and Sherry and Katlin in job placement for never giving up on me and helping me get the job I have today. I am grateful and thankful for everyones help.”

Celine Cabolla

Danielle H.

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Of Janet Simpson’s Role At Cura Smiles Dental Clinic Is To Train Undergraduate Pre

Combining the curiosity of an investigative journalist with the heart of a teacher, Janet Simpson, RDA is an enthusiastic educator, speaker, and consultant.

With experience in both general and pediatric dentistry, Janet has enjoyed her roles as dental assistant, clinic coordinator, and team trainer. She is also an experienced trainer in regulatory compliance and infection control requirements.

Certification Board Of Infection Control And Epidemiology Inc

WHO: What are the core components for effective infection prevention and control?

The Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. is a voluntary, autonomous, multidisciplinary board that provides direction for, and administers to, the certification process for professionals in infection prevention and control and applied epidemiology. CBIC is independent and separate from any other infection control â related organization or association.

This is the most widely recognized examination for infection control professionals in North America. Partnership with IPAC Canada has resulted in collaboration on examination questions, exam centres being held across Canada and a IPAC Chapter award. A PowerPoint presentation describing the role of CBIC is available below.

CIC® Certification

The Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. endorses the concept of voluntary, periodic certification for all infection prevention and control professionals meeting educational and practice requirements.

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What Is The Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend our courses and we receive your cancellation at least five business days prior to the course, you will receive a full refund except for a $25 processing fee. All cancellations must be received by our office via email at . For lost certificates, a $25 fee will be required for a duplicate copy.

Jurisprudence Course Submission Requests

The Board has put together a template that may be used for individuals or organizations that wish to provide continuing education in the area of jurisprudence. Please note: The intent should not be to cover all of the chapters listed on the outline in a single one-hour course. Rather, the form is intended to be a guide to meet the needs of your intended audience.

If you wish to submit a request for approval to offer jurisprudence as a continuing education course, please download the following form: Application for Approval of a Jurisprudence Continuing Education Course. Upon receipt, the course will be reviewed at the next meeting** of the Continuing Education Advisory Committee. The committeeâs recommendation will be reviewed by the Board for a final decision at the following Board meeting. A full list of scheduled committee and Board meetings is available here.

**To ensure inclusion at a committee or Board meeting, requests and related materials must be received no later than two weeks in advance of the scheduled meeting. Requests received after that date may be held for a subsequent meeting.

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Centennial College Onsite And Online Infection Control

Centennial College Infection Prevention and Control course is designed for new IPAC Practitioners in a variety of health care facilities and settings such as acute care, community, Public Health, Long Term Care Homes, Retirement Homes, First Responders and Support Services. Taught by eight experienced professionals who maintain their certification in infection control , this course is recommended for health care professionals with a health sciences background. Through the use of group work and practical application, students will learn the principles to plan, implement, manage and evaluate IPAC programs in a variety of health care settings. This challenging evidence informed course is offered online via Zoom, with both recorded and live sessions.

Our Fall online course starts off with an intensive ten days, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Toronto time on Zoom, offered at the end of October, which covers content and then continues online with teachers and application through case study work. Total time to complete course work is three months. The course is open for one year to allow students to take the online exam on their own timetable.

This Course Is Designed For:

8 Hour Infection Control Course / 8 Hour Infection Control California ...
  • All Healthcare Facility Management Staff, Doctors, Nurses, Administration, Environmental Services, Security, Maintenance & Engineering
  • All Construction Management Staff, Estimators, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Superintendents, Safety Supervisors
  • All Construction Trade Management Staff working inside Healthcare facilities

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Immediate Download Of Your Infection Control Certification

  • WorkshopsExpress offers immediate access to your certificate online! Your certificate will be available for download upon completion of the course.
  • WorkshopsExpress is the website of Education Workers Group an approved provider of the State Education Department of New York
  • If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to to contact WorkshopsExpress

This Course Is Divided Into Three Sections:

  • Classroom learning 4 hours
  • Preclinical/laboratory training 2 hours
  • Hands-on, clinical training 2 hours.

Didactic learning is imparted in a comfortable, purpose-built dental operatory and classroom, followed by preclinical and clinical training in the dental setting. Students are taught about aseptic techniques, infection control, clinical waste disposal, and infection control during hands-on activity according to the State and Federal guidelines of the State Dental and Federal regulatory boards.

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Infection Control/dental Practice Act

Howard Healthcare Academy offers two Infection Control courses. One is a mandatory 2-Hour Infection Control class that provides two continuing education units for license renewal and the other is an 8-Hour Infection Control Certification course.

Infection control isnt just a practical skill for dental professionals its also a prerequisite to work in the state of California. Hygienists, oral healthcare specialists, and other dental care professionals will benefit from an Infection Control Certification from Howard Academy.

Our complete line of dental assistant programs and standalone certifications are ideal for any dental provider looking to broaden their skills and knowledge. Plus, our Infection Control CEU Dental Course and other programs make for a complete resume, too! If youre looking to make a career move, enhance your current position, or simply gain insight to infection control and dental facilities, either of our Infection Control courses are right for you!

Both courses meet the Dental Board of California requirements for licensed dental professionals. Heres everything you need to know about both our Infection Control certification classes.

What Kind Of Career Opportunities Will Be Open To Me If I Earn Cdipc Certification

Infection control tips for dental patients

Although everyone who meets the CDIPC exam eligibility requirements may consider earning CDIPC certification, OSAP and DANB have identified these stakeholder groups as target audiences for CDIPC certification, to enhance their knowledge and advance their professional position:

  • All dental team members who perform infection prevention and control in a dental setting
  • Supervisors and educators of those who perform infection prevention and control in a dental setting
  • Healthcare professionals* who inspect or investigate dental settings for compliance with federal infection prevention and control guidelines and standards on behalf of government, regulatory, accrediting, or public health authorities

*Healthcare professionals .

CDIPC certification can help you in your current role, as well as help you stand out if you are considering transitioning to a new role, such as infection control coordinator.

How much is the CDIPC exam fee?

The CDIPC certification exam fee is $450.

Who is eligible to earn the CDIPC certification?

The CDIPC certification is intended for:

  • All dental team members who perform infection prevention and control in a dental setting
  • Supervisors or educators of those who perform infection prevention and control
  • Healthcare professionals* who inspect or investigate dental settings for compliance with federal infection prevention and control guidelines and standards on behalf of government, regulatory, accrediting, or public health authorities

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Centennial College: Preventing And Controlling Infections In Non

Preventing and Controlling Infections in Non Acute Care Settings is a 7 week asynchronous online course designed for all currently employed regulated health care workers and administrators.

tasked with the role of assessing, implementing and/or overseeing the implementation of an infection prevention and control program in a congregate non-acute health-care setting .

This course provides participants with basic, foundational IPAC knowledge for preventing the transmission of organisms and outbreak management in congregate settings. The course may prepare a learner to attain their a-IPC entry-level certification examination through the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology.

It will not prepare a learner in attaining their CIC® credentialing which identifies healthcare professionals who have shown mastery of knowledge in infection prevention and control.

You can register online. Verification of pre-requisites, by email of letter of employment on your facilities stationary, will be required after registration and tuition payment has been processed. Your registration is verified with email receipt from the college.

How Is The Course Organized

Four hours of the 8 hour course will be completed as a homestudy in the privacy of your home or office. The syllabus, examination will be e-mailed to you once we receive your registration. The additional 4 hours will be offered through traditional hands on format in a dental office training facility in your community or through a customized course in your office. Classes are now ready!!! Click on the Class Schedule below and make a chose in your area.

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What Will You Learn In Our Infection Control For Dental Assistants Class

This course introduces infection and biohazard control procedures necessary for the safe practice of dentistry. Topics include microbiology, chemical disinfectants, infectious diseases, OSHA standards and applicable State laws. Students practice aseptic techniques and universal precautions, and will process and sterilize instruments.

Our 8-Hour Infection Control certification class covers a variety of infection control topics, and overall student learning outcomes are to:

  • Identify different types of microorganisms and the methods of disease transmission in a dental office
  • Explain and perform disinfection and sterilization techniques using the seven steps in processing
  • Identify the regulatory and advisory agencies
  • Explain OSHA standards and universal precautions
  • Identify common methods of personal protection against chemical exposure
  • List the factors in bacterial contamination of dental unit water

Upon successful completion of our 8-Hour Infection Control class, you will receive a certification that will remain valid for five years from date of completion.

Introducing Two Dental Infection Control Courses In San Diego

8 Hour Infection Control Course / 8 Hour Infection Control California ...

What is the 2-hour Infection Control CEU course?

The 2-Hour Infection Control for license renewal course meets the mandate for license renewal of all California dental license holders and is Dental Board of California approved. This 2-hour class is the Infection Control course required for license renewal for dentists , hygienist , registered dental assistants in extended functions and registered dental assistants .

In the 2-hour Infection Control class students will learn to:

Create and implement infection control, sterilization and housekeeping protocols for dental facilities. Identify the levels of disinfection, sterilization requirements and differences in validation of products. Describe and implement minimum standards for infection control within dental practices. This class is an interactive educational experience. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive two continuing education credits. Participants will have 30 days from the date of purchase to complete all coursework and will be eligible for a certificate of completion. Also, the certification must be renewed every two years, which can be done as part of a two-hour renewal course. This 2-hour Infection Control Dental Course aligns perfectly for any dental professional pursuing higher education they qualify as continuing education units that are applicable at many dental schools throughout California.

Take the Infection Control and California Dental Practice Act Bundle course

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