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Yogurt For Male Yeast Infection

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What Causes Male Yeast Infections

Choose the Right Yogurt to Cure Yeast Infections.

Yeast infections are commonly caused by the fungus Candida albicans, which occurs in moist, warm areas.

There are several different causes that can lead to a male yeast infection. Examples include:

  • wearing tight-fitting underwear or wet clothing
  • using soaps or skin products that cause irritation
  • having poor personal hygiene
  • using antibiotics for a long time
  • having a weakened immune system
  • using condoms that contain lubricants
  • using spermicides

If you are uncircumcised or have diabetes, you may be at greater risk of experiencing male yeast infections.

Using Yogurt For Yeast Infection Treatment

Although yogurt is not a proven cure for yeast infections, many women choose this method over suppositories and creams and find it a very effective alternative treatment for yeast infections.

Yeast infections appear when the bodys normal pH levels are disturbed, and the lactobacillus bacteria in yogurt helps restore normal pH levels.

According to the U.S National Library of Medicine, Lactobacillus is good bacteria present in our digestive system, commonly consumed for gut health. However, its use for treating vaginal infections has not yet been proven.

What Is A Yeast Infection

We normally have a limited, controlled number of yeast in our bodies. However, there are instances when the yeast multiplies uncontrollably in a particular body part or they enter the supposedly microorganism-free bloodstream. In those instances, we say that there is a yeast infection.

A yeast infection happens when theres an overgrowth of yeast in a particular part of the body or they reach the normally sterile bloodstream. It can happen to anyone, but some people are more likely to develop it than others due to some risk factors.

The most common cause of yeast infections is the Candida fungus, particularly Candida albicans.

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Do Any Home Remedies For Penile Yeast Infections Work

There arent any proven home remedies for penile yeast infections, as you need antifungal medications to eradicate yeast overgrowth. So this is not the time to slather yourself in yogurt or apple cider vinegar . To prevent potential complications , its best to see your doc for a course of meds.

Why Use Yogurt To Treat Yeast Infections

Janis Natural Remedies: Yeast Infection in Men

There are multiple reasons women choose to treat their yeast infections with yogurt. After multiple uses, some women develop resistance to over-the-counter antifungal creams and suppositories.

In other cases, some women choose yogurt over antifungal treatments because they are worried about their possible side effects.

Using yogurt is an easy, accessible, and effective remedy that is sometimes more convenient and inexpensive than medical treatments.

As an added benefit, the cool sensation when applying the yogurt can help soothe the itchiness caused by candida.

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When Should I Worry About A Yeast Infection

Generally, they are not life-threatening. People usually feel better after a few days of treatment. However, there are cases when the infection enters the normally sterile bloodstream and causes symptoms like fever and chills or respiratory problems. This could lead to a system-wide infection that needs more aggressive treatment

If you have symptoms of a yeast infection in any part of your body, set an appointment with a doctor.

How To Treat A Recurrent Yeast Infection In Men

Sometimes, even after they seem to have healed, yeast infections come back. If this occurs, your doctor will probably advise starting treatment for a few weeks every day, then switching to weekly treatments for a few months.

Recurrent yeast infections might require therapy for up to 6 months.

Read more in detail about circumcision.

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Male Yeast Infections Suck Go On Ask Me How I Know

You, my friend, need to stick your c**k in a pot of yogurt.

So went the advice of a friend of mine a couple of years ago when I told her Id recently gone through a new first in my life: picking up a yeast infection from my girlfriend. Prior to this, I hadnt really thought such a thing happened to men.

When I told her, I had figured the admission would surprise her. After all, yeast infections are known overwhelmingly as a womens issue. According to the CDC, 75% of women will pick up at least one throughout the course of their lives and that only on “rare occasions, men may also get genital candidiasis. The Mayo Clinic chimes in that Sexual transmission of yeast infections is uncommon.

Lies, damn lies, all of them. From the first one a few years ago, Ive managed to pick up a few more from my girlfriend, now-fiancee, including just last week. Far from being rare, they’re a semi-regular thing for me. And they suck.

Dont believe me? There’s even a scientific word for a yeast infection of the penis: candidal balanitis. According to Everyday Health, it can cause “burning and itching around the head of the penis” and even “small, rash-like bumps called papules, which may have pus.”

What Kind Of Yogurt To Use For Yeast Infections

How to Treat a Yeast Infection

Make sure to find unflavored and unsweetened yogurt. The more natural the better. Often times, the sweeteners found in the flavored yogurts can exacerbate the problem rather than help alleviate it. Also, read the label to make sure the Lactobacillusbacteria is present in the yogurt as this is the active ingredient necessary to ward off the yeast.

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Who Is At Risk

They don’t target this kind of ad at men.

Men with diabetes: The higher sugar content in your piss makes you a bigger target for yeast, who love that sort of thing.

Uncircumcised men: Theyve done studies on this sort of thing: youre way better off if youve been circumcised. You can pick up a yeast infection but have virtually no symptoms. The only problem? You can then pass it back to your partner without ever knowing you had one. Yep, sucky.

Ive actually read stories of men on forums who get circumcised as a way to cut down on chronic yeast infections. Enticing. Then Ive read about what its like to get circumcised as an adult. Less enticing, although the follow-up article Being Circumcised As An Adult Sucks. Ask Me How I Know would at least be worth something.

People with weak immune systems: This one is a bit odd, because I have a very good immune system in most things.

People taking antibiotics: Basically the same issue as above antibiotics kill a lot of the good bacteria in your system, making you more vulnerable.

Sexual transmission: While it is not considered a STI, men can get candida balanitis by having sex with someone who has a yeast infection, according to Everyday Health.

Male Thrush Or Yeast Infection Symptoms

Both men and women typically have a healthy level of Candida yeast in their body. However, when the yeast builds up, it can cause a variety of symptoms.

While many men dont experience severe or noticeable symptoms of a yeast infection of their genitalia, some might experience symptoms such as:

  • disagreeable smell

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Whats The Difference Between Ear Mites And Yeast Infections In Dogs

Yeast infections in a dogs ears generally cause redness, a brown discharge, head shaking or rubbing, odor, and itching.

Ear mite infections are extremely itchy and can cause many of the same symptoms. The discharge from the ear is usually dark and waxy or crusty. Ear mites are barely visible to the naked eye and highly contagious to other animals.

Your veterinarian can easily determine whether a dogs ear problem is caused by yeast or mites by taking a swab from their ear and looking at it under a microscope.

Other Common Causes Include The Following:

5 ways to treat yeast infection naturally
  • Use of shower gels, scented soap, or fabric conditioners that cause skin irritation
  • Poor hygiene, like not taking regular baths and adequately cleaning the genitals
  • A humid or moist environment
  • Use of antibiotics for more extended periods
  • Diseases that impair the immune system, including HIV
  • White discharge under the foreskin
  • Feeling of discomfort and pain during sex
  • Cracking or sores on the foreskin

Given that Candida is also present in the mouth, one can develop another yeast infection known as oral thrush.

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Do Home Remedies Work For Penile Yeast Infection

In addition to using OTC antifungal medicines, you can also resort to some home remedies when treating this infection.

However, inform your doctor that youre planning to treat your penile yeast infection naturally. Doing so wont only help you prevent any further complications, such as the doctor-prescribed medicine reacting or failing to work due to a specific home remedy. Still, your doctor can advise you on ways to naturally treat yeast infections.

Risks Of Using Yogurt For Yeast Infection Treatment

Some physicians do not agree with this method for treating yeast infections, claiming that there isnt enough proof that this is an effective treatment.

The main risk of using yogurt to treat a yeast infection is not managing to soothe your discomfort with it.

Although yogurt could help eliminate a yeast infection, if you have severe symptoms, its possible yogurt wont be enough to soothe them immediately, unlike most traditional antifungal treatments.

Please note that you should only use plain yogurt to control yeast infections. If the yogurt you use has added sugar or sweetener, it will likely worsen your condition as fungi thrive when given sugar.

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Yogurt And Ginger For Yeast Infection

Ginger can be used as a natural antifungal ingredient along with yogurt for a yeast infection. Ginger is also a natural anti-inflammatory that can help to reduce swelling and irritation.

A study published in the Journal of Dental Sciences and Research found that ginger extracts fight Candida albicans infections. The antifungal activity is due to components in ginger called gingerol and shagelol. The researchers concluded that ginger extracts could be incorporated into topical antifungal therapies.17

How to use:

You can use ginger and yogurt to help treat a yeast infection by consuming it or by using it as a topical application. To make the ginger and yogurt paste, this is what you should do:

  • Grate a 1-inch piece of ginger.
  • Mix with one cup of plain raw yogurt.
  • Consume the ginger and yogurt mixture 2 times a day to help increase your bodys immune response to the fungal infection.
  • You can also use the mixture to apply to your genitals to reduce itching and kill off Candida vaginal infections.

    Penile Yeast Infection: Everything You Need To Know About It

    How to Naturally Cure a Yeast Infection with Yogurt
    • Oyewale Oyelami

    Yeast infections can occur in many areas of the male body, including genitalia. Read on to learn more about penile yeast infection and information regarding this medical condition, such as:

    • How long the infection lasts

    Need help with Yeast Infection?

    Get access to a licensed medical professional.

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    Foods That Prevent Thrush

    Many foods contain the types of probiotics that combat thrush naturally. While existing thrush infections should be treated by a medical professional, including probiotics in your diet can help prevent future infections. Yogurts containing active cultures can introduce several types of healthy antibiotics to your body. Fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, kimchi, and some pickles, also contain beneficial bacteria. If you are prone to yeast infections and do not like those types of foods, you may also consider taking probiotic supplements to help fight candidiasis. Your provider also might order you a lab test for candidiasis, to be sure the infection has cleared entirely.

    Get checked now

    How To Prevent Yeast Infections

    Although most women suffer from a yeast infection at some point in their life, there are many steps that you can take to minimize your risk of infection.

    The Office on Womens Health recommends the following ways to prevent a yeast infection from developing:15

    • Wear cotton underwear to try to keep your genital area as dry as possible.
    • Change out of wet clothes as soon as possible.
    • Dont use scented feminine products.
    • Change panty liners and tampons often.
    • After using the bathroom, always wipe from front to back.
    • Keep your blood sugar levels under control if you have diabetes.
    • Eat 1/2 to 1 cup of live yogurt daily or take probiotic supplements that have Lactobacillusacidophilus

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    Tips On Yogurt & Yeast Infections

    Ensure you apply a thick layer to the vaginal skin. You want to make sure everything is covered. Extending coverage beyond the irritated area would be recommended since fungus could be present in places you cant see or feel.

    If you freeze the yogurt in an ice cube tray or tampon applicator and then insert it, it has an extra soothing effect.

    To learn more about vaginal health, Alyssa Dwecks book The Complete A to Z for your V is an excellent place to start.

    Connect With Qualified Healthcare Providers Online

    Do Yogurt Cure Yeast Infections Cronica Genital Masculina

    Yeast infections already bring a lot of pain and discomfort, so any patient would want to skip the long queue and connect with a healthcare provider immediately and conveniently. Fortunately, its easy to contact these providers online and experience same-day treatment.

    Board-certified doctors will diagnose and treat the yeast infection by prescribing the necessary medication and designing other treatment plans. If symptoms are not relieved, several doctors are just a text or call away.

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    How Long Do Penile Yeast Infections Last

    This depends on how advanced the yeast infection is, how fast you treat it, and how well it responds to medication. If you treat the infection with over-the-counter meds, youll usually apply these for one to three weeks.2 Ideally, this will be enough to make the yeast infection go away for good. If that doesnt do the trick, youll need to see your doctor for next steps and an updated timeline. Youll most likely need to take a single dose of oral antifungal medication, or, if symptoms are severe, two single doses, three days apart, according to the Mayo Clinic.

    Symptoms Of Male Yeast Infections

    Most might cringe at the thought of fungal overgrowth on their genitals, but the good news is that some men dont experience any symptoms of yeast infections. Others, however, might begin to notice early symptoms like moist skin around the penile head, redness, and itching. As the infection progresses, symptoms might include:

    • More severe irritation or itchiness
    • A white, discharge in the penile skin folds
    • Discomfort during sex
    • A burning sensation during urination
    • Whiteish, shiny patches of skin

    A candidal infection can also lead to balanitis, a condition characterized by inflammation in the penile head and foreskin.

    Because candida also exists in the mouth, its possible to develop a different type of yeast infection called oral thrush, which might include symptoms like:

    • White lesions on the tongue, inner cheeks, palate, tonsils, or gums
    • A bad taste in the mouth
    • A cotton-like sensation in the mouth
    • Difficulty swallowing

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    Risk Factors For Candida Albicans

    Symptoms of yeast infection in men are more prevalent in uncircumcised. Other circumstances and danger factors that promote Candida growth include:

    • Using Lubricated Condoms
    • Wearing wet clothes or tight underwears

    Certain groups of people are more likely to have symptoms of yeast infection in men. This encompasses those who:

    • Possess an illness that weakens the immune system, such as diabetes, cancer, or HIV/AIDS
    • Have obesity or are overweight.
    • Are taking antibiotics. Bacteria that typically reside in your body are killed by antibiotics.
    • Have a sexally contagious disease

    Causes Of Thrush In Men

    How to treat yeast infection – Yeast Infection In Male

    Thrush can also be caused by antibiotics, which eliminate bacteria in the bloodstream. While antibiotics are crucial for eradicating harmful bacteria, they can also wipe out good bacteria. Certain probiotic bacteria, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, keep Candida populations under control. When antibiotics disrupt probiotic populations, yeasts can flourish.

    Having diabetes also puts people at a higher risk for candidiasis. Diabetes causes spikes in your blood sugar levels. Since yeasts feed off of sugar, diabetes can create the perfect environment for thrush to thrive.

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    Use Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar is another excellent home remedy for balanitis. It is particularly beneficial in the cases of balanitis caused due to Candida infections. The topical use of apple cider vinegar provides relief from the swelling and pain of balanitis. Apple cider vinegar also has anti-fungal properties that help fight the infection. All you need to do is mix apple cider vinegar with a little water and then apply it to the irritated penile region.

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    How Long Does A Male Yeast Infection Last

    Your infection may go away in 7 to 14 days if you receive prompt medical attention. It also depends on whether the infection reacts well to antifungal therapy.

    Your partner may also need medical attention, if you engage in sexcual activity. It is necessary to prevent the infection spreading to them or back to you.

    Talk to a doctor about other potential causes if you consistently develop yeast infections and can rule out causes like cleanliness and sexual contact. There could be a hidden medical issue, like diabetes.

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    Is Male Yeast Infection Contagious

    The short answer is: yes. Having sex with an infected person may lead to transmission of the infection to the partner. Also, if your partner has balanitis, then its very likely that youll be infected as well.

    Keep in mind that performing sexual intercourse with the male infection isnt only unhygienic and unbearable, but it can also lead to the following consequences:

    • Make any medication or cream youre taking to treat infection less effective
    • Longer healing time
    • Further, irritate the condition

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