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How To Get Rid Of Tooth Infection At Home

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Six Ways To Get Rid Of A Tooth Abscess Without Going To The Dentist

5 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of an Abscessed Tooth
  • Aloe Vera
  • If bacteria reaches the centre of your tooth, it can cause many problems. If pus accumulates in the tooth, you can experience a very unpleasant toothache! If you think you might have a tooth infection or abscess, its important to take action quickly. Early action is the best way to prevent any further issues that might occur as a result of your initial infection.

    If you have a tooth infection or abscess, the best thing you can ever do is visit a dentist. You may not like the idea of sitting in the dentist chair or the costs associated with it. But, they are trained professionals. They have dedicated years of their lives training to help you with issues just like this. Its always better to see a professional dentist than to try and solve an oral problem by yourself. It is your health, after all!

    If your heart is set on avoiding the dentist though, below are six ways to get rid of a tooth abscess without going to the dentist.

    Ii What Does A Toothache Feel Like

    Toothache pain can be various, from mild to severe. Also, it can be intermittent or constant. Generally, you can feel these signs and symptoms going along when you have a toothache pain:

    • Throbbing pain around the tooth or gum
    • Swelling around the tooth or gum
    • Achiness ad tenderness around the tooth
    • Sharp pain when biting down or touching the tooth
    • Fever
    • Painful sensitivity in the tooth when exposing to hot or cold beverages and foods.

    If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should seek emergency treatment:

    • Swelling in the jaw or face, which means that your tooth infection may be spreading
    • Coughing up blood because it can be a signal that you have lung cancer
    • Shortness of breath, chest pain, lightheadedness, and heart attack

    Read on 20 Home Remedies For Canker Sores On Tongue, Gums And In Throat to discover some of the natural treatments for canker sores on gums, tongue as well as in throat.

    Antibiotic And Antibacterial Mouthwash

    This is a controversial topic in the dentistry field because some doctors believe that antibiotics are necessary to fight the tooth infection caused by an abscess while others consider them useless and harmful.

    In order to provide you with the most complete information about antibiotics for tooth abscess treatment, please, follow the previous link and youll find an exhaustive list of common antibiotics the dentist may prescribe you. Please, in case you are pregnant and suffer because a dental abscess, let your doctor know about your condition before to take any drugs.

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    How Do You Stop The Pain From An Abscessed Tooth

    You may try any infected tooth abscess home remedy that is known to provide the relief fast. The common pain relief quick options are saltwater rinse, baking soda rinse, hydrogen peroxide rinse, cold compress and herbal teas.

    After getting a quick pain relief, you should quickly contact the tooth abscess general dentist in Kent Island MD for a permanent tooth abscess treatment.

    What Is Wisdom Tooth Infection

    How To Get Rid Of A Gum Dental Abscess Oral Infection On ...

    The wisdom teeth are the molars. These are often the last ones that we witness and come around the age of 17-25 years.

    Much like any other teeth present in your cavity, even wisdom tooth is prone to infection or other risks. If the condition is persistent, chances are that you will need medical help to rectify the condition.

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    What Is An Abscessed Tooth

    A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus from a bacterial infection. Abscesses can occur in different places around a tooth for different reasons and affect the involved tooth, but also the surrounding bone and sometimes adjacent teeth. Three types of tooth infections can cause abscesses:

    • Gingival: This infection develops in the gums. It does not usually affect the tooth or supporting structures.
    • Periapical: A periapical abscess is an infection that forms at the tip of the root. This occurs because bacteria can spread to the inside of the tooth to the pulp through a fracture or cavity. The pulp is the innermost part of the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels. When bacteria invades the pulp, they can spread to the tip of the tooths root causing the infection to spread to the bone eventually leading to an abscess.
    • Periodontal: This infection starts in bone and tissues that support the tooth. A periodontal abscess usually results from periodontitis or gum disease and is more common among adults.

    Home Remedies To Treat Gum Infection

    Any pain can be annoying and irritating. The workload of your teeth and gums are more than most of the other organs. With regular usage, aging, and dental trauma, the teeth and gums might start to lose its vitality. Although the dentist can guide you in treating gum diseases, you can try some home remedies too.

    The Structure of Your Teeth

    A tooth is made up of enamel, dentine, pulp, and cementum. The exposed portion of the tooth is what you see and is known as the dental crown. The tooth has a substantial part concealed by the jaws. The part below the dental crown is called the root.

    The center of the tooth houses the pulp cavity and consists of delicate blood vessels and nerves. To counter the continuous impact of grinding and to alleviate the force on the jaws, the tooths cementum or surface area is connected by fibrous tissues called the periodontal ligament.

    Enamel covers the outer surface or crown and is white. The soft tissues covering the alveolar bone houses the tooths root and is commonly known as gum.

    What Causes Gum Infection?

    Periodontal infection is an infection of the gums and can be attributed to several factors. Poor oral health is one of the major reasons. Poor brushing allows the deposition of tartar on the teeth, which serves as a thriving ground of bacteria.

    Smoking can increase the chances of gum infection. Hormonal imbalance, diabetes, dry mouth, and certain genetic susceptibility can also increase gum infection chances.

    #1: Saltwater Rinse

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    How To Get Rid Of A Tooth Abscess Without Going To The Dentist

    by Pearl Modern Dentistry | Feb 28, 2021

    If you have a broken, chipped, or decayed tooth, bacteria can penetrate the cracks. This leads to the growth of infections that can cause tooth abscess. If the bacteria manage to reach the tooths center, they can infect the tooth. As a result, pus can begin to accumulate in the tooth and give you a severe toothache. Early treatment for tooth infection is necessary otherwise, it can impact your gums and cause other severe oral issues.

    The best treatment for a tooth abscess is going to the dentist, but many people dont like the idea of sitting in the dental chair. If youre one of those thinking about how to get rid of a tooth abscess without going to the dentist, we can help you find relief. Keep reading to explore some home remedies that can help you find relief from the pain and discomfort caused by a tooth abscess.

    Best Way To Drain A Tooth Abscess At Home By Yourself

    How to get rid of toothache at home-home remedy for tooth abscess
  • First, before you do anything: WASH YOUR HANDS. 20 seconds of soap minimum, utilizing hot soapy water. Do this before you clean your pots, needle, ect then do this once again prior to you stick your hands anywhere near your mouth.
  • Get out a pot and boil some water to decontaminate your needle or other sharp instrument. While you wait, apply a generous amount of clove oil to the area around your abscess to numb it before you enter there.
  • Once your water is boiling, drop in the needle or instrument and permit it to boil for a minimum of 2 minutes. You may think about holding it in the water with a set of tongs so that you do not have to fish it out into a strainer later on. Once youre done, place the needle on a spick-and-span plate and ensure not to touch it till youre all set to utilize it.
  • Take your stuff into a completely cleaned up restroom, or use a sink that is simple to bend over and has been well sterilized. Make sure you have some washcloths nearby. Fill among your glasses with cool water.
  • As soon as youre done, take your mix of hydrogen peroxide and water, and swish it carefully around your mouth. Make sure you spit everything out, and than rinse and spit with tidy water to make certain you get whatever out of there.
  • Keep your mouth as clean as possible, for the next 24 hours especially. Avoid consuming much, and adhere to water only for a beverage. If you must consume, opt for soft food and keep it on the opposite side of the abscess.
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    Grind Garlic Paste On The Affected Area:

    Take a clove of garlic, turn it into a paste. Next, you can rub it carefully on the area affected. As a result, your pain will be decreased

    7. Apply oil:Essential oil such as thyme, oregano, or clove helps in draining the gum abscess.

    8. Drink tea:Fenugreek tea helps in draining gum abscesses. For this reason, you are suggested to drink it two times a day.

    Now, you are aware of how to drain a gum abscess at home. Therefore, opt for these tips and tricks for a quick fix. However, a dental visit is essential, and you must visit it as soon as possible.

    Most importantly, you can avoid gum abscesses in the future only if you maintain oral hygiene. For maintaining oral hygiene, all you are required is to brush and floss twice a day. Pay a visit to your dentist for a regular checkup after every six months.Gum abscess has categories, and each of them is treated differently once the source and location are ruled out. Therefore, whenever you notice signs of a gum abscess, you are suggested to visit your dentist for a checkup and treatment.In addition, for a quick fix, you can choose gum abscess home treatment. Learn how to drain gum abscesses at home with the trickeries listed above.

    Let us know which one of these suggested techniques has worked in favor of you!

    Oil Pulling As Treatment For Abscessed Tooth

    Oil pulling is an additional effective home remedy to get rid of tooth abscess pain and infection. The procedure is very easy and it should be repeated several times along the day for 2 weeks.

    You just need to put a half teaspoon of a good essential oil in your mouth and swish it around teeth and gums. There is a chemical attraction between the essential oil and the bacteria membrane so they remain trapped in the oil and removed from your oral cavity as soon as you spit it.

    Which essential oil should you buy ? there are several types of oil you can use but the most used for pulling are: olive oil, sesame or coconut oil.

    In order to calm down the sore spot. coconut oil can also be used to gently massage the painful gum tissue with your finger.

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    Take These Steps Immediately If Your Tooth Is Infected

    A tooth infection or abscess can spread the surrounding bone and gum tissue, and the pain can become more severe. If you are experiencing signs of an infected tooth, you should see your dentist as soon as possible. Though treatment is necessary to resolve the issue, you can take steps to manage your pain until then.

    Pain Gets Worse At Night

    11 Home Remedies For Abscess Tooth

    This happens because of the position of your body. When you lay in the bed, the blood pressure in your infected tooth increase pressing against the nerve located in the tissue pulp within the dental root canal. To relieve the pain caused by the periodontal abscess you should put a couple of pillows behind your head.

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    Other Popular Toothache Home Remedies

    While they may provide some amount of pain relief, many popular home remedies come with some serious drawbacks. Before you use any of the following, make sure you understand the limitations and risks.

    Clove Oil

    Because they contain the natural anesthetic, eugenol, cloves can slightly numb pain.

    • Does it Work? Although clove oil can take the edge off tooth pain, the effects are short-lived. Cloves can also irritate the tongue and other sensitive areas of the mouth.

    Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

    Generally used as a cleansing aid, hydrogen peroxide is often touted as a remedy for toothaches.

    • Does it Work? While hydrogen peroxide might provide temporary relief, it can cause stomach or intestinal problems if accidentally ingested. It can also burn the mouth if you dont dilute it with enough water.

    Bourbon-Soaked Cotton Balls

    Like most alcohols, bourbon has mild numbing properties.

    • Does it Work? Any positive effects will only be temporary, and no type of alcohol should ever be used to soothe a childs toothache.


    Garlic has antimicrobial properties, and some people say it helps with tooth pain.

    • Does it Work? It may offer some relief, depending on the location of your tooth pain. That said, the effects will be quite mild.

    Vanilla Extract

    Because it contains alcohol, vanilla extract is believed to soothe and relax someone suffering from tooth pain.

    How To Get Rid Of A Toothache

    While home remedies might reduce the intensity of a toothache, they wont eliminate the underlying cause. If your toothache is caused by a dental problem, forget the home remedies and visit your local dentist. If it is the result of a dental procedure, call your dentist if the pain intensifies or persists for more than two days.

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    How Is An Abscessed Tooth Treated

    Treatment for an abscessed tooth focuses on clearing up the infection and relieving pain. Depending on your symptoms, your dentist might start with a dental X-ray. This will help them see whether the infection has spread to other areas.

    Depending on the type and severity of your abscess, treatment options include:

    • Draining the abscess. Your dentist will make a small cut in the abscess to drain the pus. Theyll follow up by cleaning the area with a saline solution.
    • A root canal procedure. A root canal involves drilling into the affected tooth to drain the abscess and remove any infected pulp. Next, your dentist will fill and seal the pulp chamber, which holds pulp, and the root canal. They may also cap your tooth with a crown to strengthen it. A crown procedure is usually done during a separate appointment.
    • Tooth extraction. If your tooth is too damaged, your dentist might remove it before draining the abscess. Your dentist may pull the tooth if it cant be saved and then drain the abscess.
    • Antibiotics. If the infection has spread beyond the abscessed area or you have a weakened immune system, your dentist might prescribe oral antibiotics to help clear the infection.
    • Removal of foreign object. If your abscess is caused by a foreign object in your gums, your dentist will remove it. Theyll finish up by cleaning the area with a saline solution.

    How To Diagnose A Gum Abscess

    Home Remedies to Get Rid of Abscess Tooth

    If you experience gum pain, tenderness, or tastes pus in your mouth, dont ignore these signs. Make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist may be able to identify a gum abscess based on your symptoms.

    During this appointment, your dentist may examine your gums and look for signs of an infection. These include pain, swelling, and redness. Along with visual observation of your gums, your doctor may order a dental X-ray to check for periodontal disease or an infected tooth . An X-ray can also help your doctor assess whether you have bone loss from the infection.

    Symptoms of a gum abscess may improve slightly in time. But even if an abscess ruptures and drains, you should still see a dentist to treat the infection.

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    Some Natural Remedies Can Help You Control Tooth Pain And Help Stop Tooth Infections From Getting Worse

    The only way to truly get rid of an infection is with antibiotics. However, home remedies for tooth infection can help manage the symptoms and alleviate some of the pain. If you have a tooth infection you need to see a dentist to assess whether or not you need a root canal and to get prescription antibiotics to make sure that the infection goes away and doesnt cause any more pain or damage to your teeth.

    There are some natural remedies that you can use to both help control the pain and help stop the infection from getting worse or spreading while you wait for the infection to die off. Not all of these remedies will work for every person but if youre in pain from an infected tooth they can bring you some relief.

    In Conclusion You Should Probably Book An Appointment At The Dentist

    Whilst these at-home remedies are cheap, easy and give you an excuse to avoid the dentist, we recommend that you seek professional help for an abscess.

    If left untreated or poorly treated for too long, an abscess can turn into a bigger problem.

    Contact us and book an appointment today. Our experienced dental staff will make sure you get the treatment you need.

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    When To See A Dentist

    These home remedies are meant to provide temporary relief only. It is important to seek immediate treatment from a dentist once a toothache lasts for more than a day or two.

    If dental pain is not treated straight away, it might lead to more serious problems, such as gum disease or a dental abscess. An abscess is caused when bacteria infect the innermost part of the tooth called a dental pulp.

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