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How To Use Essential Oils For Bladder Infection

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Other Natural Ways To Treat Uti

NATURAL REMEDY for UTI || How to cure UTI using Essential Oils

In addition to essential oils for UTI, there are other natural treatments you can try. These include the following:

  • Drink plenty of water so that you will urinate more and will be able to get rid of the bacteria. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water each day.
  • Take vitamin C supplementevery day to keep the urine acidic. This should be taken as 1 gram of vitamin C per day in order to prevent recurrent UTIs.
  • Cranberry juice is a natural way of preventing and treating UTIs. It contains quinolic acid and vitamin C that keep the bacteria from attaching to the bladder walls.
  • You can use Echinacea to treat urinary tract infections. It is usually taken as a tea or as a capsule you can find at the health food store.
  • Try drinking apple cider vinegar because it contains a lot of enzymes as well as potassium that will curb the growth of bacteria in the bladder.
  • For prevention and treatment of UTIs, you should eat foods high in fiber. This can help flush out your bodys impurities as well as the bacteria causing the infection.

At The First Hint Of Infection

This is sort of Phase One of this bladder infection home remedy regimen:

  • Massive increase of fluids: I generally double my water the first day or two to help flush my system clean. Be sure your water is clean and filtered

  • Increasing probiotics: I increase the brands I use by 25-50% depending on what I feel I need and the intensity of my symptoms.

  • Cranberry Supplements: They can be hard to find in stores, but are worth the effort to order and have on hand. I suggest researching your brand choice well to ensure high quality and at least 1,000 mg per capsule. I start with two capsules 3x a day until I know if the infection is for sure.

If it never passes the “hint stage” I keep at this routine for a full week, just to be sure. If my symptoms of an infection increase, I step up my bladder infection home remedy a notch with the following regime.

What Is A Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection is a bacterial infection of the urinary tract. In concrete terms, the bacteria in the intestinal microbiota migrate and contaminate the urogenital region.

In most cases the infection affects the bladder, which becomes inflamed. It is what we call cystitis. Cystitis causes several symptoms that significantly impair quality of life, especially in case of recurrence. Symptoms are of varying intensity and include:

  • Pain or burning sensations before, during and after urination
  • A more frequent or more intense need to urinate
  • Abdominal pain or spasms

Urinary tract infections affect mostly women, rarely men. This is because the urethral canal of a woman is shorter, making it easier for intestinal bacteria to propagate towards the bladder.

80% of urinary tract infections are caused by the Escherichia coli bacterium .

The bacterium, found naturally in our intestines, migrates into the bladder and adheres to the uroepithelial cells. This causes the urinary discomfort experienced by so many women. In fact, one in every two women will have a urinary tract infection at least once in her lifetime2. Finally, a third of people who already had a urinary tract infection will develop a new infection within 6 months3.

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Diffuser Blends For Urinary Tract Infection

Diffusing essential oils is a great way to utilize their therapeutic properties in a safe way. You still get to experience their extraordinary effects without having to worry about dilution amounts and skin sensitization. With either of these blends, feel free to substitute essential oils to suit your preferences.

  • 1 drop oregano essential oil
  • 2 drops clove or cinnamon essential oil
  • 4 drops lemon essential oil

Combine the above essential oils and adjust total amount based on your diffusers instructions.

  • 1 drop cinnamon essential oil
  • 2 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • 4 drops lavender essential oil

Combine the above essential oils and adjust total amount based on your diffusers instructions.

Lemongrass Oil For Uti

Essential Oils Aromatherapy Heal Bladder Infections Cystitis

The usage of lemongrass oil to cure UTI is not very traditional oil that majority of the people reach out for. For the most part, this essential oil is predominantly used in mental healing, but, with the amazing mild antimicrobial and soothing properties, it helps in relieving the associated pain and aids in relieving any form of inflammation caused because of the infection.

Lemongrass oil is considered as one of the best essential oils for UTI mainly because it not just helps heal the condition it also prevents the further induction of any new infection.

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How Can Essential Oils Treat A Yeast Infection

Many essential oils have antibacterial, antiviral, or anti-fungal properties and are received by the body just like any nutrient consumed in your food. Used topically, they are absorbed by the skin and can penetrate cell walls within 20-30 minutes after application, even affecting cells which have been damaged or hardened in harsh conditions.

Since essential oils are very concentrated, youll usually need to dilute the oil before application in order to avoid irritating an already sensitive area of your skin. Be sure that you understand how to use each type of oil, as some are safe to use topically, but can be poisonous if swallowed. Even oils that come from edible herbs, such as rosemary, can be toxic if ingested in the form of a concentrated essential oil. Keep your oils out of reach of children and check with your doctor prior to use if you are pregnant.

Also keep in mind that not all essential oils are created equally. Although most essential oils sold in stores smell just as strong as their competitors, youll need to do your research in order to get high quality oils if you intend to use them for medicinal purposes. Depending on the manufacturer and distillation process, the medicinal properties of the plant may or may not have carried through to the oil sold on the shelf. Likewise, the oils may have been mixed with other compounds or synthetic chemicals, which can change an oils effectiveness at treating wounds or infections.

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Drug Combination Assay On Stationary Phase E Coli Uti89

Our previous work with Borrelia burgdorferi indicated that certain drug combinations could eradicate non-growing persister bacteria more effectively than single drugs . Based on our results, Oregano had high activity against stationary phase E. coli. Thus, in this study, we used Oregano as the common element to test the activity of various two-drug combinations in killing E. coli UTI89 stationary phase cells. We evaluated tosufloxacin, levofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, nitrofurantoin, sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, meropenem, cefdinir and fosfomycin at the final concentration of 5 µg/mL in combination with Oregano . The designed drug combinations or single drug controls were added directly to stationary phase culture and CFU count was performed after one-day, three-day, five-day and seven-day drug exposure.

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Essential Oil For Bladder Infection

If youve suffered from a bladder infection, you may have wondered whether Essential Oils can help you.

While you may be familiar with the benefits of Essential Oils, you may not know what they do or how to use them.

In this article, well review the properties of Essential Oils, learn how they can help you deal with your Bladder Infection, and discover which oils are best for you.

Peppermint Oil Health Benefits Uses And Its Side Effects

Essential Oils for Urinary Tract Infection

Peppermint essential oil offers a ton of health benefits that have been studied and confirmed by scientists. It can significantly improve your digestive system. It is used to improve oral hygiene and is also very good for your skin and hair.

To prevent headaches start using pepperming oil as it has a cooling effect. It is used to relieve pain all over the body. It can be used to relieve stress and anxiety as well, and is known for its antispasmodic properties which help prevent spasms all over the body.

Peppermint essential oil is known for aiding respiration and circulation and can also boost your immune system. It can also be used to treat a number of viral, bacterial, and fungal infections and is effective against urinary tract infections as well. Some studies have shown that peppermint essential oil can also be used to treat and control the number of herpes outbreaks.

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Side Effects Of Oil Of Oregano For Uti & Precautions

  • Dont use oil of oregano if you are pregnantsince it can cause your uterus to contract before you or your baby are quite ready for this.
  • Again, because there arent many tests done on humans, be very cautious before you give the oil of oregano to children and touch base with your pediatrician before.
  • While it is generally very well tolerated, some people get an upset stomach when they take oil of oregano. This is because the ingredients, including carvacrol, are very potent and can burn your mucous membranes.
  • Always, always dilute pure oil of oregano with a carrier oil! The pure essential oil of oregano can be diluted in olive or coconut oil. Use at least one or two parts carrier oil to one part oil of oregano.
  • If you continue to have an upset stomach, lower your dose, or increase the amount of carrier oil.
  • Remember to check with your doctor if you decide to take the oil of oregano. It contains many ingredients that can interact with medicines and antibiotics that you are already taking.
  • Also, as always, if your symptoms get worse or you notice back pain or fevers, talk with your doctor, as this could be a sign of a kidney infection.

Have you taken oil of oregano for a UTI? What were your results? What is your go-to brand?


Antibiotic Resistance Among Escherichia Coli Urinary Isolates And Their Susceptibility To Clove Essential Oil

Micha Dbrowski, Monika Sienkiewicz, Hanna Zieliska-Bliniewska, Marta Dbrowska, Magorzata Seredyska, Ewa Kochan


Escherichia coli is a Gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic, rod-shaped, coliform bacterium, which is a primary cause of urinary tract infections. Resistance to antibiotics has become a particular problem in recent decades. Consequently, there is an unmet need for new therapeutic options. It has been observed that essential oils have bactericidal effects. The antimicrobial susceptibility testing for Escherichia coli isolates obtained from urine of patients with urinary tract infections was determined via disk diffusion method according to the European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing . Essential oil from clove Syzygium aromaticum Merill et L.M. was analyzed by GC-FID-MS. Minimal Inhibitory Concentration and Minimal Bactericidal Concentration were detected by using the micro-dilution broth method. Escherichia coli clinical isolates are characterized by high resistance to ampicillin, amoxicillin with clavulanic acid, norfloxacin, trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, tetracycline, tobramycin and ticarcillin. Clove oil possesses strong inhibiting and killing properties against E. coli isolates, among them the ones resistant to recommended antibiotics. The results of this study highlight the need for testing the efficacy of new agents to inactivate bacteria in clinical settings.


Full Text:


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How To Use Oregano Oil For Urinary Tract Infections

Before using oregano oil in any way, it is important to take an appointment with your doctor for professional advice. It is also important to note, oregano oil is not favorable for the following conditions

  • Diabetes If you are dealing with diabetes it is important to avoid the use of oregano as oregano can lower blood sugar levels
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers Oregano can cause serious issues to the fetus and can slow down the production process of milk for nursing mothers
  • Taking medication for blood thinning If you are taking blood-thinning medications or anticoagulant drugs, it is important to avoid using oregano oil as it is known to facilitate blood circulation in the system. Taking these medications with oregano can cause bleeding.
  • For surgery Avoid oregano oil when preparing for surgery as it can cause excess bleeding.
  • Oregano can be allergic to some people If you are allergic to mint, sage, marjoram, and basil, you are likely allergic to oregano. They all belong under the same plant family .

Cell Culture And Treatments

Young Living for UTI (With images)

T24 human bladder epithelial cells were maintained in McCoys 5A Medium Modified supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum and 1% penicillin/streptomycin .

T24 cells were seeded in 6-well plates and cultured for 24h before treatments. The inflammation was induced using TNF treatment for 6h and 24h. TNF concentration was determined by concentration dependence experiments followed by the analysis of pro-inflammatory cytokine mRNA expression The anti-inflammatory effects of EOs and their main components were determined in three different experiments: TNF pre-treatment for 6h followed by 24h of EO/standard treatment TNF pre-treatment for 24h followed by 6h of EO/standard treatment and TNF pre-treatment for 24h followed by 24h of EO/standard treatment. The EOs and standards were used at 500-fold dilution of stock solutions to determine their effect on cytokine production. In all experiments, cells treated with DMSO were used as controls. All experiments were performed at least 3 times and carried out at 37°C in a humidified atmosphere containing 5% CO2.

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Use Essential Oils To Help Fight Uti

While urinary tract infections are a fairly common occurrence, it doesnt mean you have to simply endure when you have one. Essential oils can not only help in fighting the infection itself, but they can also help with feelings of discomfort, as well as overall feelings of illness.

Essential oils make a great addition to holistic and conventional treatments for UTIs and when diffused, are incredibly easy and safe to use. So, if you ever find yourself dealing with the uncomfortable symptoms of a urinary tract infection, you should consider giving essential oils a try.

And to maintain your overall wellness over time, dont forget regular ZYTO scanning for personalized essential oil recommendations.

About Nicole Stine

Nicole Stine is a certified herbalist who has numerous aromatherapy and natural health certifications. She is passionate about using herbs and essential oils safely and thoroughly enjoys researching and writing about natural health, as well as creating her own formulations.

8. Dbrowski, M., M. Sienkiewicz, et al. Antibiotic resistance among Escherichia coli urinary isolates and their susceptibility to clove essential oil.Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Sklodowska, Sectio C Biologia 71, no. 2 : 41.

9. Nazzaro, F., F. Fratianni, et al. Effect of Essential Oils on Pathogenic Bacteria.Pharmaceuticals 6, no. 12 : 145174.

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How To Use Essential Oils For Uti

Topical application:

Always dilute your EOs in a carrier oil like coconut oil when applying directly to the skin.

Stick to 2-3 drops of EO per 1 teaspoon of carrier oil.

Massage the mixture around the lower belly and the sides of the hips.

EOs should never be applied directly to the genitals, as this can cause irritation or adverse reactions.

Add a few drops of EO to warm or hot water to make compresses. Or add EOs to your bathwater for a healing bath soak.


Use a diffuser or an inhaler for this method.

Add 12-15 drops of EO in your diffuser or add 20-30 drops of EO to your inhalers cotton wick.

Proceed with caution if you have asthma, COPD, or other respiratory issues.

You can also consume 3-5 drops of food-grade or supplement grade oregano oil.

Dilute it with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil before swallowing.

Do this twice a day for a maximum of seven days.

Pair this mixture with a daily dose of high-grade probiotics.

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Eucalyptus Oil For Uti

The beneficial antibacterial efficacy of the eucalyptus oil is quite profound. It not just helps get rid of the infections it is also quite beneficial in preventing further proliferation of the condition to much worse. It is quite essential to understand the kind of bacteria causing the condition, only then it does become easier to fight off the infection.

Studies have shown that eucalyptus oil has profound impacts in slowing or eradicating the growth of the E. coli, Listeria innocua, S. aureus and other forms of parasites and pathogens that often inflict negative impacts on the body.

Comparison Of Active Essential Oils In Their Abilities To Kill Stationary Phase E Coli Uti89

How To Make A Sitz Baths Postpartum or UTI | Essential Oil Blend

Activity of tosufloxacin and commonly used antibiotics against stationary phase E. coli. Tosufloxacin had good anti-persister activity against uropathogenic E. coli. Antibiotics commonly used to treat UTIs had poor activity against the stationary phase E. coli. The final concentration of antibiotics including tosufloxacin, levofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, nitrofurantoin, sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim, meropenem, cefdinir and fosfomycin, was all 20 µM. Sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim is the combination of trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole in a ratio of 5:1.

Activity of active essential oil candidates against stationary phase E. coli. Oregano could eradicate all stationary phase cells after one-day oil exposure. Allspice could kill all cells after three-day exposure. Bandit “Thieves”, Cinnamon bark and Syzygium aromaticum could eradicate stationary phase E. coli after five-day exposure. Health Shield, Cinnamon leaf and Clove bud could not wipe out the stationary phase E. coli culture even after five-day exposure.

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When An Infection Is Certain

Here’s my complete bladder infection home remedy regimen as soon as I suspect trouble :

  • Massive intake of water: Just like described above, it’s very important to begin flushing your system so bacteria don’t have time to take hold and multiply.

  • Probiotics: As described above, you want to support the healthy development of good bacteria in your system, an important part of fighting infection.

  • Cranberry Supplements: Same as above, I’m going to take 2,400 mg 3x a day and continue for 5-7 days past my last sign of infection. These help to make the urinary tract inhospitable to bacteria. It’s said that bacteria can’t “grab on”, so they get flushed out and can’t multiply.

  • Uva Ursi: My favorite herb for bladder infections. Most popular in Europe, Uva Ursi combats bacteria with a compound known as arbutin, and has been the most effective I’ve found. I take 500 mg 3x a day until at least 5-7 days after my last sign of infection.

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