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Can Azo Yeast Plus Cure A Yeast Infection

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Can You Take Azo Yeast While On Antibiotics

Azo Yeast Plus for Candida and Bacterial overgrowth yeast infection of the stomach

Safe but not helpful: It wouldnt hurt to take these things together, but it probably wont help either. Azo Yeast® is a natural product that has no proven benefit either to prevent or treat yeast infections. If you think you may have a yeast infection, check with the clinic or doctor who prescribed the antibiotics.

What Should I Do If I Have Frequent Yeast Infections

If you frequently have yeast infections, you should have a discussion with your healthcare provider. Your provider may:

  • Test to confirm that you really have a vaginal yeast infection.
  • Get a blood sugar test for diabetes.
  • Test for HIV/AIDS.
  • Discuss any possible hormonal changes .

Your healthcare provider will use your test results to make sure you are receiving the right treatment. It can be important to treat the underlying cause while treating your yeast infection. Controlling the reason for the infection can help prevent future vaginal yeast infections.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 10/26/2019.


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Does Azo Yeast Plus Really Work For A Yeast Infection

If youre looking for a vaginal yeast infection treatment, you may have come across Azo Yeast Plus, a homeopathic medicine that claims to relieve symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection.

In this article, I will tell you why Azo Yeast Plus infection doesnt work and what are other, scientifically proven ways of curing a vaginal yeast infection.

Azo Yeast Plus is a homeopathic medicine, which means its not a medicine at all. Studies done on homeopathic products show that they work equally well as placebo. It means that when you take it you may feel some kind of improvement in your symptoms, but its only psychological. Placebo doesnt cure anything.

Homeopathic products dont contain any medications or sufficient amounts of any compounds that could benefit your health, so its a waste of time and money.

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Are There Any Complications From A Kidney Infection

Most people who develop a kidney infection make a full recovery if treatment is given promptly. Possible complications which occur in a small number of cases include:

  • Sometimes germs from a kidney infection get into the bloodstream, particularly if treatment is delayed. This may cause blood poisoning . This can be serious or even life-threatening.
  • In pregnant women who develop pyelonephritis occasionally, it may result in the baby being born early or with a lower birth weight.
  • A kidney abscess can develop. This is a collection of pus that forms within the kidney.
  • The infection can sometimes cause some permanent damage to kidney tissues.

These complications are uncommon but may be more likely if:

Emphysematous pyelonephritis is also a rare complication. In this condition the kidney tissues are rapidly destroyed by the infection and the bacteria can release toxic gases which can build up in the kidneys. You become very unwell if you develop this complication. This complication seems mostly to affect people who have poorly controlled diabetes.

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Symptoms Of A Yeast Infection

Yeast infection symptomsBEWARE. AZO Yeast Plus helps relieve yeast ...

Although your vaginal pH level will not directly conclude if you have a yeast infection, other symptoms can. These symptoms include:

  • Itching, burning or swelling near the affected area
  • Thick vaginal discharge that is grey, green, yellow, or white in color
  • A burning sensation during urination
  • Pain during intercourse

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Homeopathic Uti Over The Counter Treatment

Homeopathy treats the whole patient, not a symptom or group of symptoms. If you ask a homeopath, they prefer to prescribe remedies based on individual patient assessment, not just isolated symptoms. Therefore, a homeopathic doctor would prefer to prescribe you a remedy uniquely addressing your individual health needs.

Purchasing an off-the-shelf remedy is considered to be less effective than taking one recommended specifically for you.

However, there are several widely-recognized homeopathic UTI OTC remedies readily available. Many naturopathic doctors find the following remedies helpful for their patients with UTI symptoms.


Advised for those who experience a constant, strong urge to urinate with a sharp pain right before and after peeing. Other symptoms include a sensation of bladder fullness but only being able to release a few drops of urine when peeing.

Nux vomica

This remedy is advised for those who feel a strong urge to urinate, burning or cramping pain in the bladder area, and an itching sensation while the urine passes.

Other notable symptoms that can be helped include irritability, impatience, and feeling cold. This remedy is great if your symptoms are relieved by hot baths or with a hot bottle applied to your lower abdomen.


This remedy is often useful in cystitis and may help when symptoms are unclear, or if other remedies have not been effective.

Foods To Avoid With Azo Yeast Plus

If you are earnest in fighting off yeast infections then there is a diet that comes into play which will get your immune system back on track in helping fight off the yeast infections along with taking AZO Yeast Plus. These are main foods to avoid: sugars like honey, chocolate and artificial sweeteners, alcohol like wine, beer, liquors and ciders, all vinegars except apple cider vinegar, fats and oils like soy oil, peanut oil, corn oil and canola oil, condiments like ketchup soy sauce mayonnaise, mustard, relish, and horseradish, grains like anything with wheat, rye, oats and barley along with bread, pasta and rice.

Fruits like fresh fruit, dried fruit, fruit juice and canned fruits, mushrooms, beans, vegetables like potatoes, parsnips, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, beets and yams, cashews peanuts and pistachios, beverages like coffee, black and green tea, regular and diet soda, dairy like cheese, milk and cream, meats like pork, cured meats, processed meats and all fish except wild salmon and sardines.

This looks like most of the food groups but there are a lot of foods that you can find that arent part of those which is are needed to stay away from when treating and fighting off yeast infections. Along with taking AZO Yeast Plus, a proper diet will go a long way in building back up your immune system and balance the bacteria levels in your body to be better suited in keeping you yeast infections free going forward.

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How Are Yeast Infections Caused By Sex And What Lifestyle Adjustments Would Help Reduce The Risk Of Developing A Yeast Infection

A yeast infection is not considered a typical STI since you can get one without having sex. However, some women seem more prone to yeast infections when they are sexually active. Yeast infections arent typically spread from one partner to another during sex, but on occasion, sexual partners may pass yeast back and forth.

Yeast and bacteria tend to thrive in moist, dark places.

Generally, yeast infections do not lead to the development of an STI, but aggressive scratching to relieve the itch may inadvertently create tiny tears in the genital skin that can lead to contracting an infection during sex from STI-causing bacteria or viruses.

While engaging in intercourse with an active yeast infection is not dangerous, per se, the intense vaginal itching and burning may make sex uncomfortable. In addition, treatment might further hinder comfort since internal cream can leak out or be irritating to a partner.

Best With Natural Ingredients: Horbach Cranberry Pill For Yeast Infection

AZO Yeast® Plus

Compared with other pills in this category, the Horbäach Cranberry Pill For Yeast Infection has a convenient design. The horbäach cranberry pill for yeast infection works great, has high concentration and it is inconclusive. The manufacturer says: Our cranberry pills deliver naturally occurring antioxidants. In addition, this goes down easily and it is gluten free.

The pill is highly recommend, have no complaints and it is made with natural ingredients. And, this is made with artificial flavor and it is free of wheat. Lastly, the horbäach cranberry pill for yeast infection is great with rite aid and it is good for help with utis.

Almost all buyers opine that the pill is not a cure, but does help support the acid balance in the kidneys to help prevent infections. Further, they strongly agree that the pill is time to start this new bottle. Moreover, a few also found that these are loaded with vitamin c and that eliminates one more pill to swallow.

Top Customer Quotes:

Lastly, the Pure Co Cranberry Pill For Yeast Infection works well for good quality and it is great for customer service.

Top Customer Quotes:

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About Dr Kira Schmid Halak:

Dr. Kira Schmid Halak received her doctorate innaturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. Dr Halak is Senior manager of global R& D for the AZO and Estroven brands and is passionate about womens health. She was also the scientific director for the integrative medicine textbook, Disease Prevention & Treatment, and she is often heard on national and regional health programs, as well as being a frequent contributor to widely read health and wellness publications.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is based on theories of homeopathy.AZO Yeast® is a trademark of DSM.

Azo Yeast Plus Yeast Infection And Vaginal Relief Tablets

Dual Relief, Tablets

Multi-symptom formula. Yeast infection symptom relief – itching & burning + vaginal symptom relief – occasional odor & discharge. No. 1 most trusted brand ). Own your day. Azo Values: We believe in open, honest conversations about women’s health. We believe in helping you take charge of your health. We believe in helping you live your life to the fullest. We believe in delivering the best urinary, vaginal, and bladder health products available. We believe in helping you, own your day. This is a homeopathic medicine that supports the body’s own defense system. Because this product contains natural ingredients, color may vary. www.azoproducts.com. For questions, concerns or to report an adverse event, call 722-3476 www.azoproducts.com. Visit www.azoproducts.com to read customer reviews. Made in the USA with US and imported materials.

In Each Tablet: Directions: For occasional support take one tablet per day. Adults: Take one tablet orally three times a day as long as symptoms persist. Children: Consult a physician prior to use.

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Does Azo Yeast Plus Really Work For Vaginal Yeast Infection

AZO Yeast Plus is said to be an effective supplement that can help with symptoms of yeast infections. It alleges to improve symptoms such as vaginal itching, vaginal discharge, and vaginal odor. As one would find it hard to believe the effects of this supplement, their ingredient list has shown to have some sort of effect for feminine issues.

How Does The Azo Yeast Plus Work

AZO Yeast Plus

While there are many chemicals inside that help to reduce the effects of a yeast infection, the treatment centers around the use of homeopathic medicine. This type of medicine offers a smaller dose of antibiotics than what a prescription can, helping to urge the body to heal itself.

With this type of medication, the body slowly builds up the immune system to help with future infections.

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Can Cranberry Help Yeast Infection

It is possible to cure yeast infections with cranberry juice. It is said to prevent yeast infections that occur again when taken regularly. It is possible that cranberry juice contains high levels of vitamin C, which may help to prevent upper respiratory infections. This may result in fewer infections and a reduction in their severity.

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Cvs Health Miconazole 7

CVS Healths Miconazole 7-Day Vaginal Treatment Cream comes with seven doses of disposable internal applicators and external cream.

Each applicator contains 100 mg of miconazole nitrate. The manufacturer recommends that people insert an applicator before going to bed. Individuals should dispose of the applicator immediately after use.

This treatment is available both in-store and online.

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Azo Yeast Plus Infection Relief

Multi-benefit formula for vaginal and yeast infection symptom relief*. 60 tablets per box.


Vaginal and yeast infections share similar bothersome symptoms . Only AZO Yeast Plus homeopathic medicine combines yeast infection and vaginal symptom relief in one convenient pill.*

  • Relieves vaginal itching and burning.*
  • Relieves occasional vaginal discharge and odor.*
  • Ingredients recognized by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

Ingredients: Candida Albicans 30X, Kreosotum 30X, Natrium Muriaticum 12X, and Sulphur 12X.

Inactive Ingredients: Diacalcium phosphate, fractionated coconut and palm kernel oil, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, and microcrystalline cellulose.

Warnings: For oral use only. This product will not cure a yeast infection. If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use. If symptoms persist, contact your physician. Keep out of reach of children. In case of an overdose, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



No. AZO Yeast Plus is intended to help relieve the symptoms of vaginal and yeast infections. There have been no studies done to determine if it will cure an active vaginal or yeast infection. You should always consult your physician if you think you have an infection.

How To Treat Candida Albicans Yeast At Home


Coconut oil has antifungal properties and has been shown to combat the Candida albicans yeast. Raw organic coconut oil can be applied internally or externally to ease symptoms. Warmed coconut oil can also be used as a carrier oil for more powerful antifungal essential oils, including tea tree oil or oil of oregano.

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Here Are Some Pearls To Promote Vaginal Health:

  • Wear the right clothesWear loose-fitting, cotton-crotched undergarments. They allow the genital area to breathe and discourage yeast overgrowth. Get out of your wet bathing suit and workout clothes as soon as possible.
  • Practice good hygieneAvoid harsh fragrances in feminine hygiene products, douches, scented sprays and even bubble baths if you are sensitive. Dry off completely after bathing a hairdryer on a low, cool setting might be beneficial. Avoid intimate lubricants containing glycerin if you are prone to yeast infection.
  • Sustain proper diet, sleep and exercise routinesMaintain an ideal body weight as yeast can thrive in excessive skin folds. Avoid excess dietary sugar or alcohol.
  • Be mindful of medicationsUse antibiotics judiciously and under the careful instruction of a medical professional they are known to encourage yeast overgrowth.
  • Maintain general good healthBe mindful of your overall health. Diabetes, HIV and other ailments that lower your immunity can predispose you to developing yeast infections.
  • Male Yeast Infection Risk Factors And Causes

    Weve already established that yeast infections in men and women are caused by an excess of candida yeast on the skin. Moist, occluded areas are the biggest risk factor, says Dr. Bard. These areas are much for conducive environments for a candida imbalance. But perhaps the more pressing question is: what causes this fungal imbalance? The most common culprit is sexual contact with an affected partner. Again, these fungal infections arent contagious, and theyre not sexually transmitted infections, but a direct encounter with candida overgrowth can affect the skins natural fungal cells.

    The good news is that theyre somewhat avoidable. However, certain behaviors, medications, and conditions can drastically increase the chances of developing a candida infection, like:

    • Poor hygiene and cleanliness
    • Using soaps or shower gels that irritate the skin
    • Diseases that suppress the immune system

    Avoiding these risk factors can contribute significantly to yeast infection prevention.

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    Manufacturer Information And Claims About Azo Yeast Plus

    AZO Yeast plus 60 is manufactured by AZO Company.

    The company specializes in a line of products designed to maintain vaginal, bladder and urinary health. It was produced using all natural ingredients.

    No lactose was used during the production of this product. This product is available for sale online. A multi-benefit formula was used when manufacturing this medicine.

    It is formulated to be used alongside other products without causing harm. This product is available in tablet form. It should only be taken orally.

    Candida Hubs Review Of Azo Yeast Infection Pills

    Amazon.com: AZO Yeast Plus

    Candida Hub is here to inform you of natural treatments, but per Dr. Weils advice, it is not wise to use AZO yeast infection pills at all as they contain Candida albicans. If you didnt currently have a yeast infection, you could very well develop one if you took this product. That is why, on the sex and yeast infection section, it is recommend that people NOT have sex with someone who is infected with yeast. The reason is, that you could infect your partner with this pathogen.

    Even small amounts of yeast are dangerous. Mothers repeatedly get nipple thrush from babies who have oral thrush. Conversely, babies can develop oral thrush from a mother who has an infected nipple.

    Again, if you have a yeast infection, you are generating more Candida each day. You probably have no need for extra Candida! It is already there, and more is being manufactured with each passing moment. So even if you think homeopathic medicine is legitimate, you have no need for the the Candida albicans ingredient in AZO yeast pills.

    Concluding, AZO Yeast Plus is dangerous, and unwise to use. Stay far away from AZO as they clearly do not know how to adequately warn people of their products danger and, make a claim impossible to support.

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