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Sore Throat From Infected Wisdom Teeth

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Symptoms Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Can wisdom teeth cause a sore throat?

Wisdom tooth pain can be quite intense, and typically feels like throbbing and/or pressure at the back of the mouth or jaw, along with swollen, tender gums. Ear pain, jaw pain, a sore throat or headache can all be caused by impacted wisdom teeth, as well as having persistent bad breath.

Major problems can occur when the tooth becomes stuck, or impacted, due to a lack of space for it to come through the gum normally. A partially erupted wisdom tooth is where it has not come through the gum fully, and this makes it more prone to bacterial infections or cysts. The back of your mouth is already an area that can be harder to keep clean, and partially emerged wisdom teeth can act like a magnet for bacteria that cause gum disease and infections. Symptoms of an infected wisdom tooth include pain and swelling at the infection site, bleeding and tender gums, swollen lymph glands, difficulty swallowing and fever.

Because so many wisdom teeth come in crooked, they can also affect the alignment of your teeth and bite by putting pressure on neighbouring teeth.

Severe Or Recurrent Infections

A severe wisdom tooth infection can spread throughout the mouth, jaw, and upper respiratory tract. In rare cases, the infection travels to the bloodstream. This is a serious health issue known as .

Many dentists remove wisdom teeth at the first sign of trouble to avoid the risk of severe or recurrent infections.

The best treatment for a wisdom tooth infection partly depends on the cause and severity of the infection. However, treatment usually involves:

  • a thorough cleansing of the affected wisdom tooth and the surrounding gums and teeth
  • the use of antiseptic mouthwash
  • a course of antibiotics to treat the cause of the infection

The methods above will help get the infection under control, but the wisdom tooth will still most likely need to be extracted. This will help prevent further infections and damage to surrounding tissues.

Why Does My Throat Hurt After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Why Does My Throat Hurt After Wisdom Tooth Removal. However, sore throats following wisdom teeth removal are not an indication of infection. The sore throat is a result of swollen muscles near the surgical site.

Painful throats following wisdom tooth removal are caused by sore and inflamed muscles surrounding the surgery site. After removing wisdom teeth, most people experience sore throats. However, sore throats following wisdom teeth removal are not an indication of infection.

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Diet To Be Followed After Tooth Removal

  • Drink plenty of liquids. It is recommended to take at least six glasses of water daily. Do not use a straw to consume liquids as the sucking motion might dislodge the blood clot.
  • Eat more soft foods like fruits, vegetables, lentils, and soft cereals.
  • Include calorie and protein-rich foods in your diet.
  • Finally, do not miss a meal. Eating healthy food will fasten the healing process and make you feel better and stronger very soon!

An Impacted Wisdom Tooth Could Cause A Sore Throat

Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Sore Throat  Boston Dentist  Congress Dental ...

When a wisdom tooth does not erupt fully, it may be more prone to infection. Food particles, plaque and bacteria may build up around the flap of gum tissue surrounding your tooth. Itâs hard to clean an impacted tooth properly, so this can lead to a tooth infection, or âabscess.â

An abscessed tooth can cause significant pain, and can also cause bacteria to spread throughout your mouth, resulting in a sore throat. This is the most common with the lower wisdom teeth.

You may notice other symptoms, too. An infected wisdom tooth may cause headaches and jaw pain and tenderness. You may even see visibly red, inflamed, swollen tissue near the affected tooth. In severe cases, you may even develop a fever and have trouble opening your mouth or swallowing.

The best option for treating an infected wisdom tooth is to extract the tooth and clean the underlying socket and tissue to remove bacteria. Once your tooth has been removed, your symptoms will disappear, and your mouth will heal quickly.

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Can Tooth Extraction Cause A Sore Throat

Yes, it is normal to experience a sore throat after tooth extraction, especially molar teeth extraction due to their close proximity with the throat muscles.

During extraction, you have to keep your mouth open for a longer period of time than usual, leading to development of stress on your throat muscles resulting in discomfort.

Sore throat after tooth extraction is normal and temporary and may disappear after 2-3 days with proper oral hygiene and warm salt water gargle.


Understand The Basics Of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a natural part of our mouth. They are our third and final set of molars and, unlike the other teeth, wisdom teeth generally do not begin to erupt until they are 17-25 years old.

Although wisdom teeth are a natural part of our mouth and mouth development, they can cause some serious oral health problems. Many people simply do not have enough space in their mouths for wisdom teeth to break properly. This is especially true for patients who have had orthodontic work in the past. If there is not enough space for wisdom teeth, they can only partially explode. This is known as the affected wisdom tooth, which can cause many other complications.

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Toothache Causing A Sore Throat

Several patients experience secondary symptoms, mostly sore throat, and are unaware of the cause of the pain and discomfort. The real cause of the pain is actually from impacted and infected wisdom teeth. Sore throat from wisdom teeth, along with swollen lymph nodes are some of the common symptoms that indicate that an individual is suffering from impacted or infected wisdom teeth. Sore throat and swollen lymph nodes are common cold symptoms, but the underlying cause can be infected wisdom teeth.

Furthermore, it is necessary to be aware of the other symptoms and signs associated with wisdom tooth infections. For instance, it is important to look out for signs like swelling of the face and jaw, severe toothache, foul bad breath, difficulty chewing and swallowing, etc.

When such signs are prevalent, seeking a dentists appointment is the first thing that the patient must do.

Find Relief With Wisdom Tooth Extraction

what’s this sore gum on wisdom tooth – pericoronitis

If you have any of these signs and symptoms of affected or infected wisdom teeth, you should make an appointment with your dentist. At Tompkins Dental, we will examine the area and take x-rays to see if your wisdom teeth are affected and diagnose the cause of your discomfort. If your wisdom teeth are really problematic, they need to be extracted.

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How An Impacted Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Ear Pain And Sore Throats

Impacted wisdom teeth mean the teeth fail to break partially via the gums or they get stuck under the gums. They can trap plaque, food, and other grime in the soft tissues around the tooth. This results in bad breath, swelling, cavities, and gum tenderness.

When you have one or multiple infected wisdom teeth, a sore throat and ear pain are common. Its because the wisdom teeth locates near the rear side of your mouth. You could also have a fever and find it tough to open your mouth. So, if you find your tooth impacted, contact the oral surgeon or dentists in Toronto, ON immediately.

Small Toothaches Trigger Serious Health Problems

Minor toothaches can become bigger problems. It is common for patients to ignore the onset of dental pain and discomfort. They anticipate it will resolve on their own, thereby ignoring the future consequences. The bad news is a slight sensitivity to teeth and gum becomes episodes of pain and discomfort. It cannot be relieved with professional dental management. When the infection is the cause of toothache, there is every probability that it will spread to nearby organs, and even to the brain. This makes an easily treatable dental issue into a major, and sometimes fatal health problem. The majority of the patients suffer from toothache, but several dental-related symptoms are caused which are unknown to the patients.

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What Causes A Wisdom Tooth Infection

If a wisdom tooth starts erupting and doesnt come up straight from the jaw, it may leave a small opening that can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, due to the moist environment in the mouth. This can quickly lead to an infection that may be hard to treat. But even if they do come in properly and are not impacting other teeth, they can still prove problematic.

This is because of their location right at the back of the mouth. It can mean theyre harder to reach when brushing your teeth, and if you do manage to brush and floss them, chances are you may not be giving them a proper brush and food particles can get stuck there and cause an infection as they attract bacteria. A buildup of bacteria in the area can result in damage to the wisdom tooths enamel and eventual infection in the tooth itself.

Wisdom Teeth Infection Symptoms

The Teeth
  • It is mostly pain or swelling in the gums/jaw which takes a person straight to the dentists chair.
  • Sore throat and swollen lymph nodes right under the jaw due to the pile-up of white blood cells contesting the bacterial invasion.
  • Difficulty to open mouth, jaw lock
  • Bad taste in the mouth

Prompt treatment is necessary because there is a chance of spreading the infection to the throat and adjoining areas. In rare cases, it may advance to a systemic infection affecting multiple tissues throughout the body.

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Can Wisdom Teeth Cause A Sore Throat

Do you have a sore throat that isn’t going away? Are you wondering if your wisdom teeth are to blame? At Nedlands Dental, we want to help you make the best decisions for your dental health, so we’re providing you with all of the information you’ll need to make an informed decision about your wisdom teeth.

Continue reading to find out more about the connection between sore throats and wisdom teeth.

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Have A Sore Throat Caused By A Wisdom Tooth Book A Visit

At Living Oaks Dental, Dr. Brabston has performed successful tooth extractions for hundreds of patients. To get relief from your pain and prevent any further complications, schedule a consultation at our office now. Give us a call at 928-1645, or stop by our office at 506 N Section St, Fairhope, AL 36532 to get started.

How To Treat Sore Throat From Wisdom Teeth

How To Stop Wisdom Tooth Pain At Home – Advice From A Dentist

This blog post will answer the question, how to treat sore throat from wisdom teeth? and comprehensively cover topics like can wisdom teeth cause sore throat, about sore throat, signs and symptoms of sore throat, causes of sore throat, diagnosis, home remedies and medicines for sore throat.

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Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Sore Throat

As you know by now, they sure can. These teeth may be the mark of the beginning of wisdom, but they bring pain with them. Similarly, wisdom itself can come from experiencing pain.

Fortunately, you can stop the pain associated with wisdom teeth forever by having them removed. The associated discomfort will become a distant memory.

Can wisdom teeth cause sore throat? Why of course, but it’s equally obvious that Howe Dental can prevent that from happening. Contact us today to schedule a dental checkup.

Get Help With Your Wisdom Teeth

Dr. Foroughi and her team at Nedlands Dental in Perth are always ready to help. If you think your wisdom tooth might need to be removed, make an appointment soon away. A highly infected wisdom tooth is a dental emergency and should be addressed as soon as possible. Call us on or make a booking online.

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Bad Wisdom Tooth Sore Throat On One Side May Be A Symptom

The last large molars to arrive are the wisdom teeth. Most people do not receive their last four back molars until after the age of 17 and once they arrive, they can cause problems. Some wisdom teeth are proactively removed, but many people still have their back molars. Due to the far back position, wisdom teeth can affect the sinuses, throat and other oral and facial areas if they are unhealthy. If you have a bad wisdom tooth, sore throat on one side and other pain symptoms may occur, indicating you need dental care.

The Basics Of Infected Wisdom Teeth

Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Tonsils To Swell

An impacted wisdom tooth occurs when the tooth is blocked from fully erupting through the gum tissue. This often leads to the tooth being angled instead of being upright. A variety of additional issues can occur if an impacted wisdom tooth is not removed quickly.

If a wisdom tooth is impacted or fails to erupt fully, it can lead to infection. If a wisdom tooth begins to push on the neighboring molar, it can lead to tooth movement. Gaps and spaces between your teeth are then formed, which are not easily cleaned while brushing. As a result, these spaces become ideal for food and bacteria to collect, which eventually leads to cavities and tooth decay. Untreated tooth decay leads to infection, which can quickly spread throughout the mouth.

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Treatment For Painful Wisdom Teeth

While most teeth that become infected are treated with root canal therapy, this is not standard procedure for wisdom teeth. An infected wisdom tooth is usually extracted, especially if it is impacted. You do not need your wisdom teeth for chewing or the aesthetics of your smile. Many people have these last molars removed as soon as they arrive to avoid any complications from decay, infections or gum disease.If you have wisdom tooth pain symptoms or a sore throat, these symptoms can be resolved with wisdom tooth removal. Your dentist can discuss different options many people have all their wisdom tooth removed. Once the infected or impacted tooth is removed and the infection is cleared, your pain and other symptoms should go away. After a few days of rest after your procedure, your mouth will heal, and you should not have lingering symptoms from your tooth infection.

Can wisdom teeth cause a sore throat? Absolutely, but they are not the only oral health issue that can result in a sore throat. If you have wisdom tooth pain symptoms and a sore throat, you should schedule a checkup with your dentist. If you have an impacted or infected wisdom tooth, you will need treatment to stop the infection to protect your health and relieve your pain. Wisdom tooth removal is usually the best option to protect your health and stop your pain symptoms.

What To Expect After Oral Surgery

After an oral surgery, it will take your body some time to recover. You may feel some grogginess, fatigue, and facial numbness right after your procedure. This is normal and is caused by your anesthesia wearing off. In the hours and days that follow, you might also deal with swelling of the face or mouth, bruising, and extra sensitivity or pain.

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Can Wisdom Tooth Pain Cause Ear Pain Or Sore Throats

In early adulthood, many people experience their wisdom teeth erupting from their gums. Wisdom teeth are molars that grow in the back of the mouth. It is believed that wisdom teeth were helpful to distant ancestors who had diets that consisted of rougher, tougher foods and needed them to help them chew those foods. But what can we expect from wisdom teeth today? This article is going to go over some basics regarding wisdom teeth, including pain and other symptoms.

Problems may arise with wisdom teeth when there isnt enough room for the teeth to fully come in. This is believed to happen because our distant ancestors had larger jaws to accommodate the extra teeth while most of us today dont. This can lead to needed a wisdom tooth removal. Fortunately for those who do have enough room, wisdom teeth will come through normally and feel like any other tooth. There may be some occasional pain while the teeth are coming through but once the tooth comes in, the pain will stop. So, when is there serious pain and symptoms?

Unfortunately for most people, their jaws are not large enough to accommodate the new teeth coming in. This can lead to impacted wisdom teeth or even infected wisdom teeth.

Pain and swelling of the gums

Bad breath

Common Symptoms Of Affected Wisdom Teeth

Painful swollen gum around wisdom tooth / molar. Pericoronitis – Cure / Treatment

Some discomfort is usually associated with wisdom teeth that penetrate the gums. However, when a wisdom tooth is affected, the tooth can quickly become problematic.

Although some affected wisdom teeth do not cause pain or problems, the most common symptoms of an affected wisdom tooth can include:

  • Sore and swollen gums
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