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Kyleena Iud And Yeast Infection

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Talk With Your Gyno About Your Dry Probs

KYLEENA IUD: my truthful experience, insertion process, pain, side | Planned Parenthood (positive)

But even though its super common, folks are unlikely to talk with their docs about experiencing vaginal dryness, according to a research review.

Theres no shame in the dryness game. Several factors can contribute to a downstairs drought, and talking with your doctor can help you get to the root of whats causing your dry vag. And that can finally help you get back to a wet, comfy state.

Birth control *is* messing with your discharge if youre dry. Its totally normal to notice some changes in your vaginal discharge when taking birth control, including in its:

These changes may or may not cause vaginal dryness.

However, if you start noticing newodors, colors, or begin itching down there, talk with your doctor. These may be symptoms of an infection or another health condition.

Can Kyleena Come Out

If your Kyleena IUD comes out on its own , you probably won’t notice. It’s very important to feel up against your cervix for the IUD strings regularly. Checking for the strings is the only way for you to know that your IUD is still in place.

If your Kyleena IUD has become partially or fully expelled, call your healthcare provider right away and use a backup method of contraception.

If the IUD has only come out part way, do not try to remove it yourself. Wait until you can see your provider and have it removed safely.

Your provider will most likely perform a pregnancy test to make sure that you are not pregnant before they put in a new IUD.

Your Iud Wont Affect Your Long

Theres no difference in pregnancy rates among former IUD users and former users of other contraceptive methods, according to one study published in The European Journal of Contraception & Reproductive Health Care. It doesnt matter how long youve had your IUD once its out, its possible to get pregnant right away.

Additional reporting by Robin Marty.

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Mirena Has A Little Sister Kyleena

Im pleased to be able to tell you about Mirenas little sister the Kyleena. The Klyeena has less progesterone than the Mirena: 19.5mg compared to 52mg over 5 years. The actual IUD is smaller and therefore easier to insert. This is particularly important for women who have never had a baby, who may have been worried about the discomfort of having a Mirena inserted. Ive been lucky enough to have inserted one already, and Im impressed!

The photograph below shows the Mirena on the left and the Kyleena on the right. You can see the difference in size.

The early research tells us that most women will continue to ovulate with the Kyleena , so there is minimal impact on your own hormones. It is just as reliable as the Mirena for contraception. My understanding of the research is that Kyleena will be particularly helpful for women who have had issues with side effects of progesterone symptoms such as fluid retention, weight gain, acne, moodiness or depression that are sometimes experienced with the oral contraceptive pill, Implanon or even the Mirena IUD.

Women can still use menstrual cups and tampons with either the Mirena or the Kyleena.

So good to have more choices. Thats what every woman wants.Oh, and chocolate with no calories please!

Dr Tonia Mezzini has been helping women to chose the best method of contraception for many years. If you would like expert advice on contraception, make an appointment to see Dr Tonia Mezzini today.

How Long Does Kyleena Take To Work

How long Kyleena takes to work depends on whether you used birth control previously and in what form. It may also depend on where you are in your menstrual cycle when you have the IUD inserted. The drug in the IUD will begin working right away. But it may take up to 7 days before its effective at preventing pregnancy.

If youve recently given birth or had an abortion, talk with your doctor about when to start using Kyleena and how long it may take to work.

On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that secured a persons constitutional right to an abortion.

This means that individual states can now decide their own abortion laws. Many states will ban or severely restrict abortion access, and more states may follow suit.

The information in this article was accurate and up to date at the time of publication, but its possible the information has changed since. To learn more about your legal rights, you can message the Repro Legal Helpline via a secure online form or call 844-868-2812.

Previously using no hormonal birth control

If you were not using hormonal birth control before having Kyleena placed, your doctor will likely recommend inserting the Kyleena IUD during the first 7 days of your menstrual cycle. In this case, you will not need to use backup birth control, and Kyleena will begin working right away.

Switching from birth control pills, patches, or other hormonal birth control

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Can Kyleena Cause Weight Loss Or Weight Gain

No, you should not experience weight loss or weight gain from using Kyleena. In studies of the IUD, weight changes were not reported as side effects.

of the active ingredient in Kyleena, levonorgestrel, suggest it may increase the risk of weight gain. But these studies included other forms of levonorgestrel, such as birth control pills.

Other hormonal birth control options, including the Mirena IUD, have been shown to cause weight gain.

If you notice any unexpected changes in your weight while using Kyleena, talk with your doctor. They can determine what may be causing your weight change and the best ways to manage it.

Common Side Effects Of Kyleena Include:

  • Pain, bleeding, or dizziness during and after placement. If these symptoms do not stop 30 minutes after placement, Kyleena may not have been placed correctly. Your healthcare professional will examine you to see if Kyleena needs to be removed or replaced.

  • Changes in bleeding. You may have bleeding and spotting between menstrual periods, especially during the first 3 to 6 months. Sometimes the bleeding is heavier than usual at first. However, the bleeding usually becomes lighter than usual and may be irregular. Call your healthcare professional if the bleeding remains heavier than usual or increases after it has been light for a while.

  • Missed menstrual periods. About 12 out of 100 women stop having periods after 1 year of Kyleena use. If you have any concerns that you may be pregnant while using Kyleena, do a urine pregnancy test and call your healthcare provider. If you do not have a period for 6 weeks during Kyleena use, call your healthcare provider. When Kyleena is removed, your menstrual periods should return.

  • Cysts on the ovary. About 22 out of 100 women using Kyleena develop a cyst on the ovary. These cysts usually disappear on their own in 2 to 3 months. However, cysts can cause pain and sometimes need surgery.

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Can The Morning After Pill Cause Thrush

Levonelle and ellaOne 2 types of emergency contraceptive pill both contain progesterone, a synthetic form of the naturally occurring hormone progestin. Whilst research suggests exposure to oestrogen may be a risk factor for thrush, the morning after pill doesnt contain this hormone.

Hormonal changes, such as those experienced during pregnancy, may result in thrush. But as for the possibility of the morning after pill causing thrush? The evidence just isnt there yet.

How Can An Iud Cause An Infection

My IUD Experience – Things to Know

IUDs dont directly cause infections. If you have an existing infection, inserting the IUD may spread it. Two common sexually transmitted diseases are chlamydia and gonorrhea. Thats why some doctors may want to test for STDs before inserting an IUD.

According to the Office on Womens Health , youre at slightly higher risk of pelvic inflammatory disease for a few weeks after your IUD is inserted. PID is an infection of your reproductive organs.

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What To Expect During Kyleena Insertion

You have a few options for having the Kyleena IUD inserted:

  • During the first seven days of your menstrual cycle
  • Right after giving birth
  • Immediately after a first- or second-trimester miscarriage or abortion

When it’s placed within these timeframes, Kyleena is immediately effective. You will not need to use any back-up contraception.

However, if you have your Kyleena IUD inserted at any other time during your menstrual cycle, you will need to use another contraceptive method during the first week after having Kyleena put in. Pregnancy protection from the IUD will begin after seven days.

If you have or are suspected to have an infection in your uterus, youll need to wait for it to clear before you can get Kyleena inserted.

When You Dont Feel Well

Nausea and vomiting

This is very common and can occur any time day or night. Try eating some. Eat small meals and drink liquids such as Gatorade while nauseated. Avoid spicy and greasy foods with a lot of preservatives. Eat crackers/dry toast when you wake up and before you get out of bed. You can take a vitamin B6 supplement daily to help. Ginger, peppermints, lemon drops may help some people with nausea.

Remember that no medication will cure the nausea, but if extreme, Bonjesta or Phenergan can help. Finally, nausea and vomiting usually improve around the third or fourth month of pregnancy. Call your doctor if vomiting is frequent and/or you are unable to keep solids or liquids down.

Abdominal pain

This is a common complaint around 16-20 weeks that is due to the rapid growth of your uterus. It is usually a sharp or grabbing pain on one side, in the lower abdomen, especially when coughing or sneezing. It may also be felt in your back and down your legs. This is called round ligament pain, and can usually be relieved by rest and Tylenol.


This is normal during pregnancy, especially around the feet and ankles. Change positions often and elevate your feet if possible to relieve this. Some women also complain of hands and feet that are swollen that may have numbness or tingling, this is also normal. A large amount of swelling in the hands and feet should be reported to us.

Please remember: high proteins and no carbs

When to expect an Ultrasound

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Where The Kyleena Iud Goes:

Kyleena is placed in your uterus by your healthcare provider. Placement involves a nonsurgical procedure that takes just a few minutes. In 4 to 6 weeks, you should return to your healthcare provider for a follow-up visit.

Everyone is different, and some women may experience discomfort, dizziness, or spotting during and after placement. These symptoms should go away shortly. If they dont, contact your healthcare provider.

What Side Effects Are Associated With Kyleena

Hormonal IUDs like Kyleena do have some side effects, including both common and serious side effects. Some women may find certain side effects, such as reduced pain during menstrual periods, beneficial depending on how their body responds to the medication, while others do not.

Common side effects associated with Kyleena include:

  • Puncture of the uterus by the IUD

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Your Iud Can Poke Through Your Uterus

In fewer than 2 in every 1,000 women who get IUDs, the device adheres to or perforates the uterus wall, which can potential injure other organs, according to a 2015 study published in the journal Contraception. Although this typically occurs when a doctor places the IUD incorrectly, which can compromise its ability to prevent pregnancy, “its usually not discovered until the patient comes in with pain or a pregnancy,” Dr. Chisholm says. A perforation can lead to intense pain and cramping that doesnt get better over time. If you experience these symptoms after an IUD insertion, and an NSAID pain reliever such as ibuprofen doesnt help, head back to your doctors office, and use condoms until your MD confirms the device is still in place.

What About The Vaginal Ring

In a similar result to the study on coils, yeasts were found adhered to the surface of vaginal rings in a study on the vaginal health of users. However, cases of thrush were not found to be higher in those using the contraceptive vaginal ring when compared to those using equivalent oral contraceptives.

As for The Lowdown users, 26% experienced thrush whilst using the vaginal ring: the highest percentage for a method of contraception reviewed by our audience, but not by any great margin when compared to the mini pill , combined pill , or hormonal IUS .

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Using Kyleena With Other Birth Control

Kyleena is a form of hormonal birth control thats used to prevent pregnancy. Its effective at preventing pregnancy, so you should not need to use other forms of birth control with it.

In addition, you shouldnt need to use an emergency contraceptive, such as Plan B, with Kyleena. One exception is if your Kyleena IUD has been displaced or expelled . In this case, your doctor might recommend using Plan B or another emergency contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. If you think your Kyleena IUD has been displaced or fallen out, contact your doctor right away.

Note that Kyleena does not work to prevent sexually transmitted infections . To help prevent contracting an STI, you can use certain barrier methods with Kyleena, such as condoms.

If you have questions about using other birth control methods together with Kyleena, talk with your doctor.

Costs of prescription drugs can vary depending on many factors. These factors include what your insurance plan covers and which pharmacy you use. To find current prices for Kyleena in your area, visit

If you have questions about how to pay for your prescription, talk with your doctor or pharmacist.

If you have insurance, you may be eligible for the manufacturers copay savings program. There is also financial assistance available if you do not have insurance. See the manufacturers website or call 844-695-9533 for more information.

To learn more about saving money on prescriptions, check out this article.

Is It Safe To Breastfeed While Using Kyleena

Kyleena… my 1 MONTH Update

You may use Kyleena when you are breastfeeding. Kyleena is not likely to affect the quality or amount of your breast milk or the health of your nursing baby. However, isolated cases of decreased milk production have been reported. The risk of Kyleena going into the wall of the uterus or going through the uterus is increased if Kyleena is inserted while you are breastfeeding.

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People Who Should Not Get Kyleena

Some people cannot get Kyleena or other types of IUDs, including people who:

  • Are pregnant or think they could be pregnant
  • Have a condition that affects the shape of their uterus
  • Have acute pelvic inflammatory disease or a history of PID
  • Have cancer of the uterus or cervix, or suspect they may
  • Have breast cancer, or suspect they may
  • Have uterine bleeding or an undiagnosed uterine condition

While discussing IUDs with your provider, let them know if you have had an infection in your reproductive tract within the last three months.

You also need to tell your provider if you have had an infection that occurred before, during, or after an abortion , or postpartum endometritis .

How Much Does Kyleena Cost

Kyleena costs more than other forms of birth control. The cost of the exam, the Kyleena IUD, the insertion procedure, and follow-up visits can add up to between $500-$900.

Medicaid may cover these costs. You can also check with your health insurance provider to see how much they will pay for. Coverage for Kyleena should be covered with no out-of-pocket costs by all non-grandfathered insurance plans.

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How Does An Iud Work

A doctor or other healthcare professional must place the IUD in your uterus. This can be done in a doctors office or clinic on an outpatient basis.

Before its inserted, the IUD is flat. It also has strings hanging from the end. The following steps occur during an IUD insertion:

  • Once the IUD reaches the top of the uterus, your doctor will expand it into a T shape. At that time, you may feel some cramping.
  • Once its in place, you wont feel the IUD. The procedure takes only a few minutes. You may have some spotting and minor discomfort for a few weeks after insertion. Your doctor will let you know how and when to check your IUD between visits.

    The IUD works by thickening cervical mucus to make it harder for sperm to get through. It also affects the lining of the uterus. This change in the lining makes it harder for a fertilized egg to implant. Some brands of IUD contain hormones to help prevent ovulation.

    How Will Kyleena Change My Periods

    For the first 3 to 6 months, your period may become irregular and the number of bleeding days may increase. You may also have frequent spotting or light bleeding. Some women have heavy bleeding during this time. You may also have cramping during the first few weeks. After you have used Kyleena for a while, the number of bleeding and spotting days is likely to lessen. For some women, periods will stop altogether. When Kyleena is removed, your menstrual periods should return.

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    Is The Kyleena Iud Right For Me

    The Kyleena IUD is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use by people with a uterus whether or not they have had children.

    Kyleena and other IUDs are a good option for people who want a long-acting, reversible form of birth controlespecially if they dont want to take a daily birth control pill.

    Even though you can get a Kyleena IUD whether you have had a baby or not, the IUD insertion can be a little more uncomfortable for your cervix if you’ve never been pregnant and given birth vaginally.

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