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Heal A Tooth Infection Naturally

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What Causes Tooth Infection

Heal Tooth Infection Naturally, Cure tooth pain naturally

A tooth infection occurs at the root of the tooth or it can happen between gums and the tooth. The infection is caused by bacteria which get inside the tooth due to dental cavity, chip or crack. They can also sometimes reach the root tip and causes much pain. Tooth infection can cause many health issue like inflammation, severe tooth pain and can produce pocket of pus. If not treated, It can also spread to bone which can be very dangerous. Normally to treat tooth infection you need to go to dentist and have a dental procedure done. But there are several home remedies for tooth infection that can help you in reducing pain and remove tooth infection.

Best Natural Home Remedies For Tooth Infection Pain And Swelling

A tooth infection is often caused by bacteria that get into the tooth through a dental cavity or crack and then spread to the root tip. If untreated, the tooth infection can spread to the bone supporting the tooth, hence causing some life-threatening complications. If you notice signs of a tooth infection, see a dentist as soon as possible. Also, in order to fight the tooth infection and reduce the severity of symptoms, try some of the following natural home remedies.

Home Remedies For Toothaches That Actually Work

If youve ever dealt with a toothache, you have one concern getting relief. Whether the pain is sharp and intermittent, or dull and constant, a toothache can be more than an unforgiving annoyance it can ruin your entire day or keep you from sleeping at night.

Because you want the pain to go away as quickly as possible, you may wonder if there are any at-home solutions you can try. Of course, you want to safeguard your oral health, so anytime you are experiencing an issue with your teeth or gums, visiting the dentist is a must! But to alleviate the pain until you can see yourdentist in St. Petersburg, FL, give some of these methods a try foraddressing your toothache at home.

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Ancient Remedies: Some Healing Secrets For Dental Pain Have Withstood The Test Of Time

Editor’s note: Originally posted in 2016 updated August 2022

Interest in natural, organic, and green products is growing in many industries, including dentistry, and alternative health is a booming business.1 Having once been a vegetarian , I am curious about natural remedies. What did people in earlier times use to relieve dental pain? What merits do herbs have in relieving or treating oral conditions? What natural remedies are still used?

I began my education in ancient healing secrets when I had the great fortune of discovering Dian Dincin Buchman, an author who has written extensively on historical medicinal practices.2 Through Buchman’s and others’ research, I learned of some amazing natural remedies, many of which are still used today.

Natural antimicrobials

Honey: One of the most common natural remedies used today is pure honey, which lasts indefinitely. The inherent peroxide in honey makes it one of the best antibacterial and antiviral natural products.3 Honey helps heal wounds, both inside and outside of the mouth, and it can act as a barrier, contributing to the prevention of infection and keeping wounds moist while healing. As early as 1201, there are records of honey being traded in Riga, Latvia, and used for healing.2 Today, the use of honey as a salve helps heal canker sores or minor gum and tongue sores.4

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Swelling and bleeding

Inflamed gums

Aphthous ulcers

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How Do I Prepare For An Appointment With My Dentist For An Abscessed Tooth

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To help you get ready for your appointment:

  • Make a list of your symptoms include any that may seem unrelated to your tooth or mouth pain. Remember, your dentist can only help you when they know everything going on.
  • Make a list of medications, vitamins, herbs or supplements you may be taking with the dosages of each.

You should prepare a list of questions to ask your dentist, including:

  • Whats likely causing my symptoms and condition?
  • Which tests do you recommend?
  • What is the best course of action?
  • Are there alternative to the primary

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Remember, your dentist wants to help keep you and your teeth healthy. Just like other medical professionals you may see, theyre an important part of the healthcare team. Be sure to see your dentist routinely and dont put off regular checkups prevention is key! These visits give your dentist a chance to spot problems early, when they may be easier to treat. If you are experiencing pain, its important to see your dentist to get the care you need.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 08/24/2020.


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How To Apply Clove Oil To A Toothache:

Take some clove oil, put it on a cotton ball or cotton swab, and wipe directly on the gums immediately surrounding the tooth.

For some people, the flavor of clove oil is too strong. If you find this to be the case, mix it with a little bit of olive oil. This dilutes the clove oil, making it milder. Repeat this treatment several times per day on an as-needed basis.

Common Dental Infections That Can Be Warded Off With Home Remedies

Dental infections can be worrying, especially when you dont know which solution should be chosen. Therefore, to give you an idea, we have listed some of the most common dental infections that can be dealt with natural homemade remedies.

  • Caries: Dental caries or cavities are holes caused due to tooth decay. While theyre natural, they can cause unbearable pain and even affect the nerve when infected with bacteria.
  • Periodontal disease: Theyre a batch name for diseases that occur when gingivitis is left untreated for a long. From here, it transforms into periodontitis it can also reach the jaw bone when allowed to advance.
  • Trauma: When a tooth is chipped or broken due to unknown trauma, it becomes prone to bacterial invasion.
  • Therefore, the next time you come across any of these infections, stay prepared with their alternative home remedies.

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    Antibiotics And Tooth Abscesses

    Amoxicillin is a common antibiotic prescribed for the abscess treatment. There are others used as well, but Amoxicillin tends to work the best for treating the infection, and dentists or doctors will claim that it is only way to cure abscessed teeth. My opinion is to avoid antibiotics at all costs unless it is an emergency. Dentist Hal Huggins in Uniformed Consent page 230 writes similarly: Anti-biotic therapy should be minimal and closely monitored, as eradication of one infection can promote the development of a new infection, with an unwanted trained of bacteria colonized elsewhere in the body. The antibiotic poisons the body and forces it to stop its puss removal activity, or hyperstimulates it to remove the pus faster.

    What Are Dental Abscesses

    How I Healed My Tooth Infection Without Antibiotics! Dentists HATE this video.

    If youre experiencing a concerning amount of pain or discomfort in your mouth, it may be caused by a condition known as a dental abscess. An abscess is a pocket created by bacteria that can occur in your tooth or gums .

    Your abscess may be caused by:

    • An improper oral care routine
    • Traumatic injury to your face or mouth
    • Faulty or damaged dental work

    Symptoms of a dental abscess may include:

    • Persistent pain sourced from your mouth, jaw, neck, or ear
    • Swelling around the affected areas
    • Sensitivity to touch, pressure, or temperature
    • Unpleasant taste in your mouth due to the abscess draining

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    Use Oregano Essential Oil

    Oregano oil has great antibacterial and antioxidant properties. This makes it very useful for reducing swelling and pain caused by a tooth abscess.

    For this method, you need to mix oregano with a carrier oil so it doesnt irritate your gums. Then, apply the mixture to the infected area with a cotton ball or similar. Leave the mixture on the area for ten minutes and then spit it out.

    Are There Any Complications

    Its important to have any abscessed tooth treated by a dentist. Even if its already ruptured, youll want to have the area examined and cleaned by your doctor to make sure the infection doesnt spread.

    Left untreated, an infection can spread to your jaw and other parts of your head and neck, including your brain. In rare cases, it can even lead to sepsis. This is a life-threatening complication of an infection.

    Go to the emergency room if you have an abscessed tooth accompanied by:

    These are all signs of a serious infection that needs immediate treatment.

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    How To Prevent Abscessed Teeth

    • Take proper care of your mouth. Spend a little more time cleaning your gums. Brush thrice a day.
    • Floss twice a day. Many flavored flosses are available in supermarkets, so buy a flavor you can be friends with and start flossing.
    • Avoid chewing too much gum.
    • Use anti-microbial mouthwash to diminish the risk of infections.
    • Limit your use of tobacco or just give up smoking.
    • Adopt a healthy diet.
    • Limit the consumption of sugary foods.
    • Buy a toothbrush thats friendly to your gums.
    • Brush your teeth gently. Do not apply too much force otherwise, the gums will start bleeding and you boost your risk of gum recession and gingivitis.

    Most of these tips will help you to prevent not only a tooth abscess but also many other gum conditions.

    Can A Tea Bag Help An Abscessed Tooth

    11 Home Remedies For Abscess Tooth

    One of the most common home remedies for tooth abscess is an herbal tea bag, ideally one containing black or green tea. Dip the tea bag into warm water and then wring out the excess water. Be careful that you dont damage the tea bag while doing so. You can then put the wet tea bag over the abscessed tooth. If possible, lie down and leave the tea bag in place for a few hours. Repeat this treatment as often as you need to until your tooth starts to feel better.

    Tannins, which are chemical compounds naturally found in tea, have been shown to have antibacterial properties, which makes them a popular home remedy for fighting infection. The tea bag may also help soak up any pus or discharge released by the abscess.

    If any pus or discharge has been released from the affected tooth, you can rinse your mouth out with a hydrogen peroxide solution. This can help prevent the area from festering.

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    Should You Go To The Dentist For Phlegmon

    You can relieve the phlegmon or dental abscess with one of these 11 natural alternatives and forget about the pain. If you have a tooth abscess, its important that you go see your dentist as soon as possible so they can assess the damage.

    Only your dentist can be the one who indicates the appropriate treatment to follow, or who can authorizes the use of any of these natural alternatives to combat phlegmon.

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    Ii Home Remedies For Tooth Infection And Swelling

    There are many home remedies for tooth infection and swelling out there. And now, we will show you some of the natural treatments for tooth infection pain that you can consider applying at home.

    1. Oil Pulling

    This should be the first one among natural home remedies for tooth infection pain that we would like to mention in this article. Oil pulling can be effective in treating a tooth infection or painful gums. This trick helps eliminate the bacteria in your mouth, draw toxins from your mouth and improve oral health.


    Read on 38 Tips How To Get Rid Of A Toothache Pain Naturally At Home to discover some of the natural home remedies for a toothache pain that you can apply at home.

    2. Black Tea Bag

    Using a black tea bag is another great way on how to cure tooth infection. This is because black tea has a compound called tannins, which help relieve pain and inflammation. Besides, it is also rich in powerful antioxidants, which help fight infection and improve oral health.


    • Dip a black tea bag in some warm water for several minutes.
    • Then, remove the tea bag from the water and squeeze it out.
    • Place the black tea bag on your affected tooth
    • Let it sit on for at least several hours or overnight
    • The next morning, rinse the mouth using warm water mixed with salt.
    • Repeat this remedy once daily for a few weeks.
    3. Apple Cider Vinegar

    Method 1:

    • Add 1 tsp. of raw apple cider vinegar to a cup of water
    • Drink this solution twice daily.

    Method 2:

    6. Clove

    Method 1:

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    Why Antibiotics Dont Cure Tooth Infections

    Oral health is vitally important to your overall health. When you are suffering from a tooth infection, you may want an easy solution, such as a course of antibiotics. However, antibiotics wont cure your tooth infection.

    Oral bacterial infections cause abscesses, which are small pockets of pus and dead tissue in the mouth. Often times they look like swollen tissue or a pimple on your gums. This usually occurs near the base of the tooth where the roots are. Tooth decay due to poor oral hygiene, failing dental work, trauma or a cracked tooth are ways bacteria can infect your tooth. When bacteria enter the roots, they use your nerve tissue and blood vessels as a food source. They begin to multiply and spread, and the result is a dental infection.

    At this point, most patients believe antibiotics are necessary, however, your endodontist knows differently. Due to the anatomy of the tooth, bacteria become trapped in the roots. Without proper cleaning, such as through root canal therapy, the infection will remain and potentially spread to the jaw or even the brain. A draining, cleaning, or possibly even tooth extraction is needed to fully remove a bacterial tooth infection.

    Why not antibiotics? There are several reasons antibiotics alone will not cure the infection. The blood vessels that once supplied the inside of the tooth with your bodys antibacterial defenses have been destroyed. Therefore, the antibiotics cannot reach the inside of the tooth to cure your infection.

    Rinse Your Mouth With Baking Soda

    Healing mouth, tooth, gum infection without antibiotics

    Baking soda can help remove and fight plaque in your mouth. Its a common household item that most people have in the cupboard. Mixing baking soda and water and rinsing for five minutes twice a day is a good way to fight an abscess at home.

    Baking soda increases the PH in your mouth. Lots of bacteria thrive in acidic conditions. When the PH of your mouth increases, it becomes a more alkaline environment, and these bacteria can not multiply as easily. Essentially, lots of oral problems are caused by an imbalance of acid and baking soda balances the acidity levels.

    You can also make a paste using baking soda and water to apply directly to your gums.

    Biofilms like plaque are colonies of bacteria that attach to the surface of your teeth and gums, causing oral problems. Grains of baking soda can disrupt the biofilms, reducing the bacteria on your teeth and the damage they cause.

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    Is Sensodyne A Toothpaste

    Yes. Sensodyne is a daily toothpaste specially formulated to relieve and protect against tooth sensitivity* and is the #1 dentist recommended toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth. Use it every day to help relieve tooth sensitivity and to also keep it from returning.

    How long should I soak my toothbrush in mouthwash? Using Mouthwash

    Soak your toothbrush in mouthwash for roughly 3-5 minutes. Then rinse out thoroughly with hot water.

    How do you disinfect your mouth?

    Salt water rinse creates an isotonic environment in your mouth in which bacteria struggle to survive and the salt water kills all the sounding bacteria and disinfects your mouth as you swish it around in your mouth.

    Is it good to use Listerine everyday? Mouthwash every day is also a great addition to your oral care routine. If used daily, it is a great way to freshen your breath and kill any harmful bacteria left over after flossing and brushing.

    Dental Infections Can Be A Cause For Concern

    Even though it is very possible to treat and even cure the tooth abscess condition at home in a relatively short period of time, I dont want you to get the idea that this is something to take lightly. Dental infections have been shown to be related or to even cause other diseases. Dental infections may also aggravate pre-existing health problems. Up to 28 conditions can be caused or related to dental disease, including eye problems, arthritis, and inflammations of the stomach, intestine, appendix, gall bladder and kidney.

    If you can treat the tooth abscess and heal it naturally, great. However you want to take steps to make sure it does get healed fully.

    How To Heal Tooth Decay Online Course

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