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Can A Tooth Infection Cause Fatigue

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Whats The Link Between Gums And Chronic Fatigue

Can an Infected Tooth Cause an Infection in Your Body?

Gum disease or otherwise, there will be an increase in the white blood cell count. This means there will also be less red blood cells circulating through your body. As the red blood cells carry oxygen to every cell in the body, it is simple to conclude that an insufficiency is bound to create some fatigue.

This also affects our immune system which constantly works to ensure that our bodies are fighting fit and free from illness and disease. Gum disease will have an effect on the immune system, even though it is entirely preventable through good oral health and regular visits to the dentist. Gum disease will cause stress on the immune system causing it to work harder which can cause fatigue.

On top of that, we know that infection affects the clotting mechanism of the blood, so that it becomes thicker . This means that thicker blood is harder to pump through the heart. Therefore, its a natural conclusion that if the heart is working overtime beating faster and harder to circulate blood, that its going to create some fatigue in the body.

Symptoms Of Abscessed Teeth

An abscess can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms, some of which you may easily try to pass off as a cold or flu. These include:

  • Drainage from your tooth or gums
  • Fever
  • General feeling of malaise including fatigue and uneasiness
  • Swelling in your upper and/or lower jaw
  • Swollen neck glands
  • Tooth sensitivity, especially to hot or cold
  • Unusual or bitter taste in your mouth

Signs And Symptoms That A Tooth Infection Is Spreading

While it is rare for a tooth infection or tooth abscess to spread to other parts of your body, it can happen. And, if it does happen, the consequences can be quite severe. If you suspect that a tooth infection spread, you do not want to put off seeing your dentist , call for dental treatment as soon as possible. Here are some signs and symptoms to watch out for, that may indicate the dental infection has spread

-swelling to the face, neck or cheeks

-pain in your mouth and tongue

-nausea and vomiting

-itching sensation on your skin

-high fever

-double vision, or loss of vision

-drooping eyelids

-rapid pulse rates and lightheadedness

-your breathing rate increases to over 25 breaths per minute

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What Causes A Dental Abscess

Dental abscesses are usually caused by a lack of proper oral hygiene or dental care. However, diets high in sugar, grinding or clenching the teeth, other trauma to the tooth, or even previous dental work can increase the risk of developing a dental abscess.

Many dental abscesses begin as a cavity that goes untreated, eventually becoming so deep that it reaches the pulp of the tooth. This causes pain and inflammation. In some cases, the damage can be reversed with proper treatment. Unfortunately, sometimes the tooth begins to die, and the damage is irreversible. Once the pulp dies, the tooth becomes necrotic and an abscess forms.

Machine Learning And Bacterial Metagenome Content Prediction

Is a Hidden Infection Causing Your Chronic Fatigue?

We wanted to further explore the diagnostic capabilities of the bacterial taxa that were significantly different between CFS patients and healthy controls. For these analyses we chose Fusobacteria, Gammaproteobacteria, Veillonellaceae, and Fusobacterium because they represented different taxon levels that had high LDA scores and considerable differences between groups. To assess the diagnostic ability of each taxa, we used the area under ROC Curve . All taxa had in AUC values of around 0.7 , which may indicate that a single taxon is not sufficient to diagnosis CFS. It may be that including more taxa in the analysis will increase the diagnostic capabilities of the microbiome .

Receiver operating characteristic curves for Fusobacteria, Gammaproteobacteria, Veillonellaceae, and Fusobacterium were used to predict CFS patients.Heatmap of bacterial taxa associated with CFS that are related to several gene categories.

Red indicates a positive correction, green indicates a negative correction, and white indicates no correction. *0.01 < p 0.05 **0.001< p 0.01 ***p 0.001.

Heatmap of bacterial taxa associated with CFS that are related to several gene categories.

Red indicates a positive correction, green indicates a negative correction, and white indicates no correction. Only KEGG pathways that relate to metabolism and only genera that have an LDA > 3.0 were included in the heatmap. *0.01 < p 0.05 **0.001< p 0.01 ***p 0.001.

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Symptoms Of Tooth Infection Spreading To The Body

When left untreated, an infection in your tooth can make its way to other areas of the bodyand to be clear, just because an abscess has ruptured doesnt mean its gone. A rupture is actually the first sign that the infection is spreading, and the abscess still needs to be adequately drained.

If left untreated, the infection can enter your jaw and hitch a ride to other areas of your body. The infection can even spread to your bloodstream and cause sepsis. Sepsis is a life-threatening response to an infection in your body that causes the chemicals that fight infection to be thrown out of whack. It also produces changes that can damage several organs.

  • A stiff neck
  • Blurry or gray vision

Brain abscesses are life-threatening, so if you suspect you have one, seek medical attention immediately. This infection can disturb the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain, and it may also rupture, which creates a dire situation. Brain abscesses require treatment in a hospital thats usually a combination of antibiotics and, depending on the size, surgery.

Symptoms Of Tooth Infection Spreading To Heart

This blog post will address the topic, symptoms of tooth infection spreading to heart and cover topics like what research says, what will happen if you ignore the tooth infection, symptoms of tooth infection spreading to body, what a tooth infection is, causes of tooth infection, signs and symptoms of tooth infection, alarming symptoms of tooth infection, treatment and management of tooth infection and prevention of tooth infection.

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Outlook For Tooth Abscesses

The recovery is good from a small dental abscess, once it has ruptured or been drained. If the symptoms are improving, itâs unlikely the infection is getting worse. Youâll need follow-up care with your dentist to reassess your infection and to take care of the problem tooth. For example, you may need to have the tooth pulled or have a root canal performed on it.

If itâs not treated, a tooth abscess can spread to the floor of the mouth or to the neck and threaten your airway and ability to breathe. This may be life-threatening unless itâs properly drained.

An untreated infection also can spread to your jaw or other parts of your head or neck. In some cases, it can lead to , which is a serious infection that spreads through your body.

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How Long Can A Tooth Infection Go Untreated

Dentist Explains a Tooth Abscess | How to Cure an Abscess Tooth

If you wait too long to treat a tooth infection, it can begin spreading to other areas of your body, including the neck, head, or jaw. A general dentist must professionally drain an abscessed tooth by extracting it or performing a root canal.

Usually, this includes draining pus and bacteria, which is why some people are actually unaware they have an infection. It is unpredictable to determine how long a dental abscess will drain until it stops and causes facial cellulitis .

You should never pop or squeeze an abscess because the infection can be pushed deeper into the tissues of your mouth.

Risks of not treating a tooth infection promptly:

  • Tooth loss
  • Infection of the blood vessels inside the sinuses
  • Bone infection surrounding the tooth
  • Brain abscess
  • Parapharyngeal abscess


If you don’t receive prompt treatment for an abscess, it can lead to tooth loss, additional infections, sepsis, and even a brain abscess . Never pop an abscess.

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Prevention Of Tooth Infection

Tooth infection can be prevented by following a proper oral hygiene routine and eating foods rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D.

All steps taken to prevent cavities formation or reverse cavities in its earliest stage, can prevent tooth infection as well.

Some of the preventive strategies to be followed to prevent cavities or reverse cavities and thereby preventing tooth infection are:

How Does A Tooth Infection Make You Feel

An abscess in your tooth or gum may cause: an intense throbbing pain in the affected tooth or gum that may appear suddenly and worsen gradually. You may experience pain in your ear, jaw, and neck on the same side as the affected tooth or gum. Pain that is worse when lying down, which can affect your sleep as well.

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Signs Your Fatigue May Be Caused By Inflammation

Fatigue can be tricky thing to treat, since it’s often rooted in a variety of illnesses, with a multitude of causes. But one issue that may cause fatigue is inflammation, and all the health concerns surrounding it.

“Inflammation is supposed to occur as your bodys first line of defense against infections and injuries, such as when you have external swelling and bruising,”Michelle Routhenstein, MS RD CDE CDN, a Preventive Cardiology Dietitian, tells Bustle.Inflammation becomes dangerous when this acute inflammation turns into a chronic, low grade inflammation.”

Chronic inflammation can damage the body, and over time even increase your risk of heart disease, heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, and Alzheimers disease, Routhenstein says, which is why it’s so important to pay attention to these clues, while also doing whatever you can to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As Routhenstein says, ” to lower inflammation in the body include nutrition optimization via an anti-inflammatory heart healthy diet, stress reduction strategies, routine physical exercise, and perfecting sleep quality and quantity.”

Doing these things will lower inflammation in your body, and lessen your risk of developing inflammation-related diseases. Here are more signs and symptoms of chronic inflammation in the body that may be causing fatigue, according to experts.

How Do You Know If You Have An Infected Tooth

Can A Tooth Infection Cause Fatigue? (Treatment Is Immediately Needed)

An infected tooth can be diagnosed after an examination by your dentist, but its important to recognize some of the most common signs of a tooth infection, so you know if you may have an infected tooth. These symptoms include:

  • Tooth pain sometimes an infected tooth can cause a throbbing sensation that can radiate into your head, jaw, ear, or neck. This pain can be severe and persistent, making it hard to chew, talk, or sleep. While tooth pain isnt always a sign of an infected tooth, any pain in your mouth should be brought to the attention of your dentist.
  • Bad breath an infected tooth may cause a bad taste in your mouth or bad breath because of the bacteria that causes the infection.
  • Sensitivity you may experience irritation when eating or drinking hot or cold things, or it may hurt to chew or bite on one side of your mouth.
  • Fever or swelling an infected tooth can cause facial swelling or swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck. You may also experience a fever, which is your bodys attempt to fight the infection.

The pain from an infected tooth is usually caused by an abscess, which is a pocket of pus that builds up near the root of your tooth or in your gum. These sorts of infections usually happen due to an untreated cavity, tooth decay, a cracked or broken tooth, or gum disease. While the damage caused by tooth decay cannot be reversed, if you get care promptly, you can prevent any further damage.

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How To Cure A Tooth Infection

If you have signs and symptoms of a tooth infection, it is important to call your dentist as soon as possible. Dentists can help in a few ways, but remember that this infection will not go away on its own- treatment is necessary.

If you notice the symptoms go away, and you are no longer in pain, this does not mean the infection is gone. An infection can eventually kill the nerves that cause pain in your tooth, meaning you wont feel it anymore. The infection is still present and can potentially spread to your body and damage the surrounding teeth and your gums.

  • A dentist or endodontist can perform a root canal, which is a procedure in which the infected pulp in your teeth is removed to prevent further infection.
  • Antibiotics
  • Your dentist may prescribe you antibiotics to help treat the infection. This can be a course of treatment before getting a root canal procedure. You may also be put on antibiotics after treatment to prevent the spread of further infection.
  • Tooth Extraction
  • If the tooth cannot be repaired, meaning the infection destroyed the tooth, roots, and pulp, your dentist might pull your tooth. After the infection is gone, it is recommended to get a dental implant to help prevent jaw deterioration due to lacking the support the tooth provides.
  • Drain the Abscess
  • A dentist can help get rid of an abscess by draining it. This often involves making a small incision, or cut, in your tooth to let the pus and infection come out.
  • How Does Periodontitis Affect The Body

    In Periodontitis , also known as gum disease, the soft tissue is damaged and the bone that supports your teeth can be lost without treatment. It is possible for periodontitis to loosen or cause tooth loss if it is not treated properly. It is common to get menstrual cramps, but it is largely preventable.

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    What To Do If You Suspect You Have A Tooth Infection

    If you suspect you have a tooth infection, you should see a dentist right away for treatment. Dental infections dont usually go away on their own, and they can spread to other parts of the body. Left untreated, they can lead to life-threatening infections in the heart or brain. If you have a fever accompanied by swelling of the face or jaw, the situation could be dire, and you should go to the emergency room if you cant see your dentist right away.

    What Is An Abscess

    Abscessed tooth, Causes, SIgns and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

    When bacteria infiltrate the innermost portions of your teeth, an abscess can result. You typically dont spontaneously experience an abscess instead, the infection is the result of tooth decay. When your protective tooth enamel and material starts to break down over time, bacteria can start to sneak in and infect the pulp of your tooth, which is the center portion.

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    Can An Infected Tooth Affect Your Heart

    Yes, an infected tooth can affect your heart if its not treated on time and left ignored.

    The tooth infection increases the bacterial load and leads to bacteremia resulting in increased risk of infective heart disease also called infective endocarditis.

    Early symptoms of tooth infection spreading to your heart include chest pain, increase in heart rate, lightheadedness and sweating.

    Studies have also reported poor oral hygiene to be linked with coronary heart disease.

    Prevention Of A Tooth Abscess

    Prevention plays a major role in maintaining good dental health. Daily brushing and flossing, and regular dental checkups can help prevent tooth decay and tooth abscesses.

    • Remember to brush, floss, and rinse as directed by your dentist.
    • If tooth decay is found early and treated promptly, cavities that could lead to abscesses can usually be corrected.
    • Avoid cigarette smoking, and donât drink too much alcohol.

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    Eat Foods Rich In Calcium Magnesium Phosphorus And Vitamins

    Calcium Rich Foods

    Calcium plays an important role in enamel remineralization and saliva production.

    The remineralization process is essential for the cavity to reverse naturally.

    Optimal saliva production acts as a natural cleanser and prevents plaque accumulation and acts as an adjunct in the process of healing cavity naturally.

    All thanks to calcium rich foods like cauliflower, nuts, salmons and figs.

    Magnesium Rich Foods

    Magnesium is essential for remineralization of the enamel as well as to maintain a balance of minerals like calcium and phosphorus.

    Magnesium deficiency will lead to enamel demineralization and weakening of the enamel, halting the natural healing of the cavity.

    Leafy green vegetables, avocado and squash seeds are some magnesium rich foods that you can consider.

    Phosphorus Rich Foods

    Foods like meat, eggs and dairy products are rich in phosphorus and help in naturally healing the cavity in its earliest stage.

    Vitamin D Rich Foods

    Vitamin D is essential for calcium and phosphorus absorption in the body and its deficiency eventually wastes the calcium you intake.

    Spending a few minutes in the morning sun gives an adequate amount of vitamin D to the body. However, foods like fish and egg yolks are rich vitamin D sources.

    How K Health Can Help

    Can A Tooth Infection Cause Fatigue? (Treatment Is Immediately Needed)

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    K Healths board-certified, U.S.-based doctors can provide a treatment plan and, if required, a prescription to resolve your symptoms as soon as possible. Clinicians are available 24/7.

    K Health has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. We avoid using tertiary references.

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    Can A Tooth Infection Make Your Whole Body Sick

    Is it possible for an infected tooth to ed tooth Make You Sick? You can become infected with harmful bacteria in your mouth if you do not maintain good oral hygiene and neglect your dental care. A tooth infection can eventually cause you to become sick if left untreated. A dental abscess can have serious consequences for your oral health and the rest of your body if left untreated.

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