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Natural Ways To Get Rid Of A Tooth Infection

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How To Get Rid Of A Tooth Abscess Without Going To The Dentist

Dentist Explains a Tooth Abscess | How to Cure an Abscess Tooth

by Pearl Modern Dentistry | Feb 28, 2021

If you have a broken, chipped, or decayed tooth, bacteria can penetrate the cracks. This leads to the growth of infections that can cause tooth abscess. If the bacteria manage to reach the tooths center, they can infect the tooth. As a result, pus can begin to accumulate in the tooth and give you a severe toothache. Early treatment for tooth infection is necessary otherwise, it can impact your gums and cause other severe oral issues.

The best treatment for a tooth abscess is going to the dentist, but many people dont like the idea of sitting in the dental chair. If youre one of those thinking about how to get rid of a tooth abscess without going to the dentist, we can help you find relief. Keep reading to explore some home remedies that can help you find relief from the pain and discomfort caused by a tooth abscess.

Natural Antibiotics To Ward Off Any Dental Infection

Dental infections are characterized by intense pain, persistent and sharp, manifests abscesses in the area where the tooth, therefore, can be presented to dental or gingival level. Infections are usually due to a bacterial problem, and some of the causes can be :

  • Caries: When it is not treated in time, the situation progresses, allowing the bacteria to penetrate the tooth and even affect the nerve.
  • Periodontal disease: When gingivitis is not treated in time, it can transform into periodontitis, and if it is allowed to advance, it can reach the jaw bone.
  • Trauma: When a tooth is broken or chipped from a blow, it also becomes vulnerable to bacteria. It can also be caused by a crack or hole in the tooth.
  • Sharp object injury: When we introduce foreign objects into the mouth , this can injure the gums, and if good hygiene habits are not in place, the wound could be exposed to bacteria inside the oral cavity.
  • Some symptoms that could be suspected are pain when chewing, sensitivity when chewing and with a temperature change, bleeding from the gums, earache or toothache, halitosis, bad taste, fever, sore throat, swollen glands, swollen jaw or cheek, among other much more serious complications. Faced with any of the possible causes associated with the symptoms, it is recommended that you contact your dentist.

    How To Use Onion To Relieve Tooth Pain:

    At the first sign of pain in your tooth, cut off a piece of onion and chew it on the side of your mouth that is in pain. This allows the juice from the onion to penetrate your tooth. If you find your pain too intense for chewing, you can use your finger to hold the piece of onion directly against the problematic tooth and gums.

    Wisdom teeth can be a pain. Our expert dental team can help with evaluations and extractions. Contact us today.

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    Baking Soda: Easy Home Remedie For Dog Tooth Infections

    One of the safest and most convenient home remedies to prevent and treat a dog tooth infection is the use of baking soda. Besides being abrasive to help remove tartar and plaque, it is also alkaline, which helps to eliminate the acidic environment that infection-causing bacteria enjoy.

    What to do:

    • Moisten a soft-bristled toothbrush and dip it in baking soda.It is not necessary to load the brush-up, because a little goes a long way.
    • Gently brush your dogâs teeth. You do not need to apply pressure and wonât be able to if your dogâs teeth are sensitive.
    • Repeat this 3 to 4 times weekly at a minimum, but daily is a good idea.

    Ii Home Remedies For Tooth Infection And Swelling

    Abscessed Tooth Reasons And How To Get Rid Off It?

    There are many home remedies for tooth infection and swelling out there. And now, we will show you some of the natural treatments for tooth infection pain that you can consider applying at home.

    1. Oil Pulling

    This should be the first one among natural home remedies for tooth infection pain that we would like to mention in this article. Oil pulling can be effective in treating a tooth infection or painful gums. This trick helps eliminate the bacteria in your mouth, draw toxins from your mouth and improve oral health.


    Read on 38 Tips How To Get Rid Of A Toothache Pain Naturally At Home to discover some of the natural home remedies for a toothache pain that you can apply at home.

    2. Black Tea Bag

    Using a black tea bag is another great way on how to cure tooth infection. This is because black tea has a compound called tannins, which help relieve pain and inflammation. Besides, it is also rich in powerful antioxidants, which help fight infection and improve oral health.


    • Dip a black tea bag in some warm water for several minutes.
    • Then, remove the tea bag from the water and squeeze it out.
    • Place the black tea bag on your affected tooth
    • Let it sit on for at least several hours or overnight
    • The next morning, rinse the mouth using warm water mixed with salt.
    • Repeat this remedy once daily for a few weeks.
    3. Apple Cider Vinegar

    Method 1:

    • Add 1 tsp. of raw apple cider vinegar to a cup of water
    • Drink this solution twice daily.

    Method 2:

    6. Clove

    Method 1:

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    How To Prevent Toothache

    The best way to prevent toothache is to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

    To do this:

    • cut down on sugary foods and drinks only have them as an occasional treat at mealtimes
    • brush your teeth twice a day for about 2 minutes with a fluoride toothpaste
    • clean between your teeth using floss or an interdental brush every day to remove food, debris and plaque

    Causes Of Tooth Infection

    Different things can cause a tooth infection.

    For instance, a periapical tooth abscess is an infection that occurs when bacteria invade the innermost part of the tooth called the dental pulp, which contains nerves and blood vessels.

    The periodontal abscess is another type of dental abscess that can result from the accumulation of bacteria in the periodontal pockets. It causes the collection of a pocket of pus in the gum tissues.

    There are billions of bacteria in the mouth, some of which play important roles in digestion. However, these bacteria produce acids that can cause damage inside of the tooth.

    It also increases the chances of developing a dental abscess. This is why it is important to adopt good oral hygiene.

    Some common causes of tooth infection include:

    • Poor oral hygiene, e.g., not brushing twice a day and not flossing
    • A previous dental work or injury that makes it easier for bacteria to penetrate
    • Consuming lots of sugary foods or beverages, which encourages bacteria to form plaques that cause tooth decay and abscess
    • A weak immune system which can be caused by underlying medical conditions, such as AIDs and diabetes

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    How Is An Abscessed Tooth Diagnosed

    In addition to examining the tooth and surrounding tissue for signs of infection, your dentist may:

    • Recommend an X-ray. This can help identify sources of dental disease that may have led to the infection. Your dentist can also use X-rays to determine if the infection has spread and may be affecting other areas.
    • Recommend a CT scan. If the infection has spread to other areas within the neck, this will help to identify the extent of the infection.
    • Tap and press on your teeth. A tooth with an abscess is often sensitive to touch or pressure.
    • Thermal tests. These tests will help your dentist determine the health of your pulpal tissues.

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    Alcohol: Do Not Use Alcohol

    Healing mouth, tooth, gum infection without antibiotics

    Although it is popular, it is an ineffective home remedy. People tend to soak some alcohol in the cotton swab and apply the same to the abscessed area. Alcohol may temporarily numb the pain, but it does not remove the infection. The result will be temporary relief. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that the use of alcohol as a pain killer can be extremely dangerous, as the amount of alcohol needed to get numbing effects is often very high. So better to avoid this remedy.

    These are some of the remedies that can be used at home to get relief from painful symptoms of abscessed teeth. Although, if each option has its advantages, there are some disadvantages also associated. Therefore, it is better to use every option after gaining a thorough understanding and just for getting temporary relief. After which always have a visit to a nearby dentist as soon as possible.

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    Treating Gum Infections At Home

    So, what can you do to improve your gum health at home and deal with ongoing gum problems? There are plenty of natural at-home remedies that make it easy to promote good gum health.

    Salt Water Rinse

    One of the easiest and most effective ways to deal with a gum infection is a salt water rinse. Salt acts as a natural disinfectant and reduces swelling of the gums. All you need to do is dissolve two teaspoons of salt in a cup of warm water and rinse your mouth, as you would with mouthwash. You can do this as many times a day as you choose. Even if youre not dealing with an infection yet, this is a great way to reduce any risk.


    Turmeric is well-known for its health properties and dental health is no exception. Its an antioxidant and has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This means it not only reduces your risk for gum infections, itll help treat them and reduce the pain and swelling that come with them.

    You can make a paste with turmeric at home by mixing a teaspoon of turmeric powder with salt and mustard oil or vitamin E oil to your desired thickness. If you dont want to dip a toothbrush in the paste you can just use your finger to rub the paste on your teeth and gums. Do this two times per day to treat plaque and gum disease.

    If you prefer, you can make a mouth rinse out of turmeric, the same way you did with the salt water.

    Aloe Vera


    Oil Pulling

    Medicinal Teas

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    Can I Use Salt Water To Help A Gum Infection

    Salt water is extremely effective in helping to heal gums affected by gum disease. Salt water can treat inflammation, ease pain, and reduce bacteria in the mouth and gums. Rinsing with salt water 2-3 times a day can be effective in battling a gum infection. Be careful to not rinse with salt water too often, as this can cause the salt to affect your tooth enamel. Other homemade mouthwash combinations can also be effective, such as lemongrass and oil, aloe vera, and tea tree oil.

    Salt water can help to treat a gum infection, but this is not a cure. If you are experiencing symptoms of a gum infection you should contact our office and be seen as soon as possible. Antibiotics may have to be used to help clear up the infection and stop any further damage to your gums or jaw. Home remedies combined with professional help can clear up a gum infection, and get you on the road to recovery quickly.

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    Ways To Get Rid Of A Tooth Abscess Without Going To The Dentist

    • Saltwater rinse
    • Ice compression

    It can cause many problems if bacteria enter the center of your tooth. An abscess can form pus in your tooth pocket, resulting in severe toothache and swelling. The infection can spread to other parts of your body if left untreated. This is why the best thing you can do to treat a tooth abscess is to visit a dentist. In the meantime, you can use these home remedies to help get rid of a tooth abscess without or before going to the dentist.

    In Conclusion You Should Probably Book An Appointment At The Dentist

    Get Rid of Tooth Plaque In simple way â

    Whilst these at-home remedies are cheap, easy and give you an excuse to avoid the dentist, we recommend that you seek professional help for an abscess.

    If left untreated or poorly treated for too long, an abscess can turn into a bigger problem.

    Contact us and book an appointment today. Our experienced dental staff will make sure you get the treatment you need.

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    Best Natural Remedies To Treat Bacterial Infections

    October 14, 2017 By Sruthika

    Having a health problem and got diagnosed in hospital and then came to know that youre suffering from bacterial infections. Most people know that bacterial infection is caused by a bacteria and that has negative effects on the body.

    Many people dont have clarity about this infection and came up with several questions like what is a bacterial infection and how to treat it, especially whenever they face this problem.

    Bacteria are microscopic and single cell organisms that live in almost everywhere, either in the air, soil or water. They can live on and inside the animals, plants and even human bodies. Dont get a bad impression on bacteria, as they are essential to perform vital functions for organisms and environment.

    This infection is defined as a proliferation of harmful bacteria inside and on the body that can be categorized into two types gram positive & gram negative. They are highly contagious that can easily be transferred from one person to another through close contacts. One can observe symptoms like vomiting, fever, inflammation, cramping, coughing, diarrhea, sneezing, fatigue, etc.

    The bacterial infection can be divided into several forms like food poisoning , pneumonia, respiratory tract infections, meningitis, urinary tract infections, sexual transmitted disease , etc. in which human face these problems.

    Use Oregano Essential Oil

    Oregano oil has great antibacterial and antioxidant properties. This makes it very useful for reducing swelling and pain caused by a tooth abscess.

    For this method, you need to mix oregano with a carrier oil so it doesnt irritate your gums. Then, apply the mixture to the infected area with a cotton ball or similar. Leave the mixture on the area for ten minutes and then spit it out.

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    Home Remedies For Abscess Tooth With Swollen Face

    What is an Abscess Tooth? An abscess tooth is a type of infection. It is also called periodontal abscess. Usually, when a part of the mouth becomes irritated or injured, bacteria may enter the mouth and cause infections.

    In the presence of an infection, an abscess forms in order to form a barrier around the infection and keep it from spreading. An abscess is a defense mechanism of the body, which means that it is trying to do you more good than you think. However, a tooth abscess is extremely painful, and may eventually cause complications.

    An untreated abscess can damage the bone and teeth that surrounds it. There is also a chance that the infection will spread to the other parts of the body. Because of this, it is important that an abscess tooth immediately gets the treatment that it needs.

    What causes an abscess tooth?

    A tooth abscess may be caused by any of the following:

    Food that gets stuck in between the teeth Underlying periodontal disease Present infection on a tooths nerve

    What are the signs and symptoms of an abscess tooth?

    An abscess usually starts out as a severe toothache that does not seem to go away. The quality of pain associated with a tooth abscess is usually a throbbing, sharp, or shooting kind of pain.

    Other symptoms of an abscess tooth are:

    Redness and swelling of the gums Presence of sore with pus Bitter taste in the mouth Foul smell of breath Fever

    What are the home remedies for abscess tooth?

    1. Warm salt-water solution

    3. Tea bags

    Fragaria Vesca: Home Remedy For Dog Tooth Infections

    How I Stopped My Painful Tooth Infection FOR PENNIES

    When it comes to softening and removing tartar and plaque, few home remedies are more effective than Fragaria vesca. Dog tooth infections caused by the buildup of tartar and plaque can be prevented as well as relieved through the use of Fragaria vesca and gentle brushing to keep the teeth and gums clean.

    What to do:

    • Soak 3 gragaria vesca pellets in ¼ cup of warm water for 5 minutes.
    • After 5 minutes, remove the pellets from the water.
    • Using a cotton swab and the tea left from soaking the pellets.
    • Repeat this 3 to 4 times weekly.

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    Six Ways To Get Rid Of A Tooth Abscess Without Going To The Dentist

    If bacteria reaches the centre of your tooth, it can cause many problems. If pus accumulates in the tooth, you can experience a very unpleasant toothache! If you think you might have a tooth infection or abscess, its important to take action quickly. Early action is the best way to prevent any further issues that might occur as a result of your initial infection.

    If you have a tooth infection or abscess, the best thing you can ever do is visit a dentist. You may not like the idea of sitting in the dentist chair or the costs associated with it. But, they are trained professionals. They have dedicated years of their lives training to help you with issues just like this. Its always better to see a professional dentist than to try and solve an oral problem by yourself. It is your health, after all!

    We would always recommend booking an appointment and consulting a dentist if you are experiencing pain or can identify a tooth abscess. In the meantime, here are 6 ways to help reduce the problem of a tooth abscess!

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