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Best Food For Dogs With Skin Infections

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Best Dog Food For Yeast Infections In 2022

How To treat these 5 Skin infection in dogs ð? with home remedies.

What is Best Dog Food For Yeast Infections?

This review aims to give you a definitive guide to some of the best dog food for yeast infections that can be found in 2022.

Yeast is a form of fungus. Most living things have fungi in and on them. However, when there is a mushroom overgrowth, thats when it becomes a problem.

It is a skin condition that is regularly found in dogs that suffer from skin irritations. This is a condition where yeast has flourished, causing your dogs skin to become inflamed and itchy. It can also lead to sores where your dog has scratched.

Dog food labels do not state Anti-Yeast, so it is essential to know which ingredients to look for in the ingredient list.

There are several starchy foods to avoid. In addition to the foods to avoid, there are also several ingredients that you will want to make sure are included in your dogs diet.

For other food ideas that are focused on dogs with sensitive dietary needs, due to allergies, consider trying a chicken-free dog food.

Lets get started.

All Breed Sizes

Reasons to suggest

  • Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food has been specifically designed to meet the needs of adult dogs belonging to medium-sized breeds with a maximum weight of 25 kg, with sensitive skin, or skin problems.
  • Specially developed by veterinarians and nutritionists, Purina Pro Plan Medium Adult Sensitive Skin Salmon & Rice kibble has been shown to contribute to hair shine and skin health.

Main features

All Breed Sizes
Small Breeds

Symptoms Of Fungal & Bacterial Skin Infection In Dogs

These are common signs of both fungal and staph infection in dogs.

Fungal Infection

Common clinical symptoms of yeast dermatitis include:

  • Recurring or chronic ear infections
  • Itchiness and redness
  • Elephant skin or thickened skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Crusty, scaly or flaky skin

Staph Infection

Common clinical symptoms of staph infection include:

  • Pus-filled lesions on the skin
  • Excessive licking, itching or chewing
  • Patchy fur with peeling, moist or crusty skin
  • Systemic infections in the ears, eyes, skin or respiratory system

Types Of Dog Food For Skin Allergies

There are generally two types of dog food specially formulated to help with skin allergies. The first type has limited ingredients, which make it easier for owners to pin down a specific ingredient or allergen that their dogs might be allergic to whilst still providing enough nutrients for their healthy growth and development.

The second type is hypoallergenic dog foods, which are usually prescribed by veterinarians and contain proteins that have been hydrolyzed into simple basic components amino acid building blocks which the dogs immune system does not recognize as an allergen, thus reducing the chance of an allergic reaction.

Read our complete guide about the best diet dog food.

Owners should know that dog food for skin allergies will help if the dog is allergic to a particular substance that can be eliminated from their diet through trial and error. It may also help to boost the immune system, giving them better protection against allergens. However, dog foods might not be able to resolve skin allergies associated with environmental or parasitic causes. Therefore, recognizing the root cause of the allergy is crucial to employing the best treatment plan for your pets relief.

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What Is In Dog Food That Causes Itchy Skin

There are a few different things that can cause itchy skin in dogs. One of the most common causes is allergies. Allergies can be triggered by anything from environmental allergens to food ingredients.

If your dog is allergic to something in their food, switching to a hypoallergenic diet can help relieve their symptoms. Additionally, if your dog is allergic to environmental allergens, you may need to take steps to avoid exposure to whatever is triggering their allergies.

Another possible cause of itchy skin is a lack of essential nutrients. If your dog isn’t getting enough of certain nutrients, like omega-three fatty acids, this can lead to dry, itchy skin.

Making sure your dog is getting a balanced diet that contains all the essential nutrients is important for keeping their skin healthy. If you’re not sure whether your dog is getting all the nutrients they need, talk to your veterinarian. They can help you determine if your dog’s diet is complete and make recommendations for supplements if needed.

Now that we shared information to help you understand why your dog may have itchy skin, letâs discuss more information about the 25 best dog foods for itchy skin in 2022:

The Honest Kitchen Grain

Pin by Lisa Vitelli on GSDs

First 5 Ingredients: Dehydrated Turkey, Organic Flaxseed, Dehydrated Potatoes, Dehydrated Spinach, Dehydrated Carrots

If you are a pet parent searching for a US-made dog food for yeast infections, then youre in luck. Our list of best dog food for yeast infections includes The Honest Kitchen a US brand that provides 100% human-grade dog food.

The Honest Kitchens company is made up of pet lovers who promise to nurture your pups health by giving them all-natural and whole foods. As proof, they came up with this grain-free dry dog food.

This one is loaded with pounds of cage-free turkey, so youre guaranteed that your dogs are eating top-notch meat. A bunch of spinach, a handful of cranberries, and tons of other vitamins are included to give your BFF a complete and balanced diet.

And oh, did I mention that this is also free of grains, GMOs, preservatives, and by-products. This makes this formula another rightful contender in our list of best dog food for yeast problems despite having dehydrated potatoes in the first five ingredients.


  • Helped dogs with food allergies, ear infections, and gut problems. A good number of dog owners were all praises for its health benefits.
  • Easy prep. Preparing this can be done in a jiffy. Just add water, stir well, wait for 3 minutes, and its all set.
  • Dogs of various breeds cant get over its turkey taste. This one got the votes of many pups for its heavenly flavor.


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Dietary Requirements For Dogs With Yeast Infections

Since yeast infections can be a problem for many dogs, it is important for owners to select a food that has been uniquely formulated to assist with skin and stomach sensitivities which can be related to yeast. The primary determining factor in the best food for dogs with yeast infections is the absence of ingredients rich in sugar and starch.

Unfortunately, it can be very challenging to find a dog food that is completely free from starchy foods since items such as potatoes and rice are commonly used to help fuse kibble pieces together. Grain-free foods are often the best choice but even these diets can contain ingredients that can prove problematic for dogs plagued by yeast.

As a general rule of thumb, avoid foods that contain wheat, corn, rice, potatoes, and sweet potatoes whenever possible. Select a diet that contains as many whole and natural foods as possible and that includes a high-quality animal protein and a healthy serving of optimal animal-based fats.

Since fiber is also very important for dogs suffering from yeast infections, it is important to boost digestive health through fiber-rich, low-sugar/starch foods. Other important helps include the addition of probiotics and digestive enzymes to encourage healthy gut flora to flourish.

Here is a list of things to avoid in any food for dogs suffering from yeast infections:

  • Processed foods
  • Starchy grains such as corn, rice, or wheat
  • Starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes and white potatoes

Zignature Kangaroo Limited Ingredient Formula Grain

Image courtesy Chewy

Zignature is a company that believes in producing the safest and most nutritious dog food. Their kangaroo recipe is limited ingredient and grain-free to ensure that your pup’s tummy can digest it easily.

This formula contains no potatoes, chicken, duck, wheat, soy, dairy, or artificial preservatives. Instead, it is packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from kangaroo, chickpeas, peas, flaxseed meal, and more.

Zignature’s kangaroo recipe is perfect for dogs with allergies or sensitivities as it is free of the most common allergens.

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How To Treat Your Dogs Bacterial Skin Infection

Bacterial skin infections in dogs often result from an underlying immune disorder. The most common predisposing causes include allergies . Hormonal conditions such as hypothyroidism or Cushings Disease of the adrenal gland, and diseases such as liver disease, kidney disease, and even cancer may predispose many dogs to bacterial skin infections. Symptoms of skin infections include scaling, crustiness, hair loss, and the development of papules, pustules, and pus/discharge on the skin. Your veterinarian can diagnosis pyoderma by visual exam however, definitive diagnosis may require examination of hair and discharge, and skin cultures of the lesions. Follow the steps below to treat your dogs bacterial skin infection:

Most dogs with bacterial skin infections should have the affected areas flushed and cleaned as often as possible. In cases where the hair is matted, it may be necessary to have the hair clipped in order to allow air to access to the areas and give the infection ample opportunity to heal. Topical antibacterial soaps and shampoos can help such as KetoChlor Shampoo or Malapet Shampoo. It is often necessary to shampoo pets once to twice a week, while also using any prescribed antibiotic therapy for maximal chances of recovery.

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Best Ways To Treat Ear Infection In Dogs

Top 7 Common Summer Health Problems In Dogs | Skin infection in dogs I

Once youve detected the problem, you should take your dog to a vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. The vet will clean the infected ear for further examination and prescribe oral antibiotics or topical medication for direct application. The vet may also suggest pain killers to help reduce the discomfort and ease the inflammation.

Usually, infections are treated with medication. Surgery is only indicated in server cases. In addition to keeping an eye on your dogs ear health, you should also take note of their diet. If your dog is sensitive to certain ingredients, an unsuitable diet could lead to various health problems, including ear infections.

Heres some important information that you should remember when choosing the best dog foods for ear infections.

Choosing the right diet can help prevent infections in the future, as well.

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Brothers Complete Dry Dog Food

Our rating: 4.5Top ingredients: Lamb meal, Dried whole eggs, Turkey mealType: Dry

Best-suited for dogs with advanced allergies or for dogs whose immune system needs a boost. This high-quality dog food comes in pellets instead of the common kibble.

A low carb and low glycemic choice which is high in amino acids, and for highly active dogs that require some assistance in the digestive department.


  • Includes digestive enzymes and both pre-and probiotics
  • Natural preservatives are used in this wholesome dog food free from artificial fillers that may cause health issues


Symptoms Of Bacterial Infection Of The Skin In Dogs

Signs can range from mild irritation to severe and painful infection. See your veterinarian if you notice any of the following signs.

  • Pimple-like pustules on the skin
  • Dry patches of flaking skin
  • Seeping of blood or pus
  • Swelling or ulcerated skin

Veterinarians use several different terms to define types of pyoderma.

  • Simple a one-time response
  • Complex infections that are recurrent or associated with an underlying disease
  • Focal infection developing in a specific area
  • Generalized covering the entire body
  • Superficial infection of the epidermis and hair follicles
  • Deep more severe infection involving the dermis

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What Are The Most Common Allergens In Dog Food

When dogs eat something theyre allergic to, their immune system can respond with symptoms such as itchy skin, sneezing, and a sensitive stomach. If you think your dog is having an allergic reaction and youve ruled out other common causes, testing them for dog food allergies is a good first step. With some data in hand, your vet or a veterinary nutritionist can help you figure out how to make your dog feel better.

Food allergies and intolerances in dogs are most often genetic, passed down from parents to pups. Dogs with food allergies arent able to digest certain proteins . Once you know what proteins your dog is allergic to, you can choose a hypoallergenic dog food that excludes those proteinsputting an end to your pups symptoms.

When it comes to allergies, these are the most common problem foods for dogs:

Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Grain

Turmeric (Jiang Huang) for Dogs

Top Ingredients: Salmon, Salmon Meal, Dried Potatoes, Lentils, Chickpeas, Dried Sweet Potato, Canola Oil

  • A limited-ingredient diet for sensitive dogs
  • Salmon-based protein
  • Boasts minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Grain-free, corn-free, soy-free

Nutro is another highly trusted brand offering only the best and high-quality food for your canine buddies. The grain-free recipe includes only ten ingredients or less, carefully picked with sensitive or allergic dogs in mind. Similar to other top choices in the list, this is a grain-free formula that boasts the best quality ingredients and natural flavors.

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Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food Salmon & Potato

Understanding the importance of removing allergens from a dogs diet, Wellness Simples Natural series features limited ingredients and a salmon and potato formula. A limited ingredient diet is more easily digestible since it has fewer ingredients ideal for dogs with food sensitivities, allergies or ingredient intolerances whilst still providing sufficient nutrients to keep them healthy and happy. It is suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes.

Ingredients & Nutritional Benefits

Wellness Simple contains a single source protein from real high quality salmon, mixed with easily digestible carbohydrates such as potatoes, peas and ground flaxseed for complete, balanced nutrition. Flaxseed helps to nourish healthy skin, as do rosemary extract and green tea extract, and salmon is rich in essential fatty acids for the skin and coat.

It also has salmon meal, tomato pomace, canola oil, chicory root extract and natural fish flavour, in addition to supplementary vitamins A, E, riboflavin, D3, B12, bet-carotine, C, biotin and minerals such as zinc, manganese and calcium for strong bones and muscles. The product is free from gluten, wheat, fillers, artificial additives as well as corn, dairy and eggs. Meanwhile, dried probiotics help to maintain good bacteria in the gut.

Safety & Quality

Value & Convenience


How To Get The Best Antibiotic For Staph

A agar plate showing an antibiotic susceptibility test.

One of the best ways to make sure you get the best antibiotic is by getting a susceptibility test . This test will determine what antibiotics actually work against your particular type of Staph infection and it will guide your doctor to the best antibiotic choice.

Many doctors will prescribe a drug based on their clinical experience, standard protocol or by trial and error, not by actual testing you to see what type of bacteria is causing your infection. This often leads to failure of the drug to work.

If you have a history of recurring Staph, of if your treatments are not working, getting tested can be even more important. Staph can progress into a MRSA infection, which will not respond to common antibiotics.

Mild to severe Staph: What to expect

Antibiotics for Staph can be taken orally, topically or intravenously , depending on the type of antibiotic. IV antibiotics can be administered for six weeks or more depending on the infection. Intravenous antibiotics may also be used to treat Staph infections around the eyes or on other parts of the face. More serious and life-threatening infections may require using intravenous antibiotics such as Vancomycin.

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Best Personalized Dog Food For Allergies: Ollie

Weve chosen Ollie, a company that delivers personalized fresh dog food right to your door, as the best wet dog food for allergies. Their all-natural meals contain fresh, whole-food ingredients with no soy, corn, or wheat. Ollie can customize ingredients based on your dogs specific allergy issues you can let them know about your pups allergies when you fill out your dogs profile on their website.

Ollie offers four vet-formulated recipes . Each includes high-quality proteins, fresh produce, and healthy oils, vitamins, and minerals, with no artificial preservatives or ingredients. They ship in bulk every four or eight weeks, so youll need plenty of freezer room.


  • Smaller dogs start at $2.50/day. The following price* is based on a mixed-breed male profile, one-year-old, 38 pounds, healthy size, neutered, no health problems, or allergies.
  • Full plan: $46.13*/week

Moisturizing Ingredients Good For Dry Skin

Yeasty Dog? Try This DIY Yeast Diet For Dogs

Fortunately, there are many foods and supplements that can help your dogs skin. Some favorites include:

  • Essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids like omega-3 and their close relatives omega 6 fatty acids can help moisturize your pets skin and coat, lower cholesterol, and benefit your pets overall health. Often called the good fats, omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 are necessary for health

Omega-3s include alpha-linolenic acid eicosapentaenoic acid docosahexaenoic acid . Omega-6 fatty acids include linoleic acid , arachidonic acid , gamma-linolenic , and conjugated linoleic acid

Dont worry. This isnt a chemistry class. The important thing is to make sure your dogs diet includes plenty of essential fatty acids.

Antioxidant-rich foods like avocados, salmon, salmon oil, and olive oil are rich sources of omega-3s that your pup can eat. Just dont let your dog have the avocado pit as theyre toxic for dogs. Chicken and sunflower oil is a good source of omega-6 fatty acids.

You can find supplements meant for dogs like fish oil that make it easy to give your pup a daily dose of healthy omega-3s because you can just add them to the food. You can also try flaxseed oil instead of fish oil if you like.

You can also find a dog food that promises to relieve dry skin. Usually, it has one protein source, omega-3s, and another ingredient like sweet potatoes.

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